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Chapter 25: Please Don’t Shout Like A Mad Dog

“That’s simply the way it is, small me can meet the same mad dog twice in the same place.” Chu Ye indifferently smiled.

Murong Chang was faintly startled and didn't understand what Chu Ye’s words meant for a while.

On the left, the Lanxi Liuxing suddenly couldn’t help but ask Chu Ye, “Mad dog? Where is the mad dog?”

Chu Ye’s eyes roamed around and lightly swept over Murong Chang, the meaning of her words can be seen before their eyes and to the farthest horizons.

This time, Murong Chang finally realized that this mad dog referred to herself and instantly became furious, fiercely slapping the table and rising up.

Not waiting for her to send out a storm, Chu Ye already coldly yelled out in advance: “Murong Chang, you wish to cause trouble and fight? Don’t think that I will be afraid of you! But do you dare to have an impartial fight with me using only your ident.i.ty as a wind wizard, so as to show fairness? Of course, if you wish to rely on your ident.i.ty as a fifth-grade fire wizard in order to bully a first-grade wizard who has just entered the school, it is not unallowed, so long as you aren’t afraid of others’ ridicule in the future whenever the name Murong Chang is mentioned.”

The moment she saw Murong Chang enter the cla.s.sroom, Chu Ye just knew that conflict between her and herself was inevitable, so rather than pa.s.sively meeting her bullying in the future, it would be better to take the initiative to strike back in the present.

In her previous battle with Boling Huashan, Chu Ye clearly understood how terrifying the strength of the fifth-grade wizard was, so she deliberately gave Murong Chang a cover. Murong Chang believed herself to be infallible, so she will surely agree.

Sure enough, Murong Chang sharply stared and raised her eyebrow. She said, “Fine, I will fight with you as a wind wizard. If you lose, I want you to be my obedient dog from now on. If I tell you to stand, you can’t squat; if I tell you to eat p.o.o.p, you can’t drink urine!”

Chu Ye did not get angry and on the contrary, laughed. “Very good. If I lose, I will be at your disposal, but if I win… I will trouble you to not act like a mad dog who shouts, roars, and bites people everywhere ever again in the future. In addition, if you see me again, remember to take a detour because I never walk in the same path with a mad dog. Even if this mad dog has changed its face and doesn’t shout, roar, and bite people anymore, you should understand that mad dogs will always be mad dogs. They can change everything about themselves but they can’t change their p.o.o.p-eating nature.”

Hearing these words, the wide-eyed little children who have been watching the show suddenly laughed aloud in amus.e.m.e.nt. The most favorite thing for children is to watch something fun and then join in the fun. The greater the excitement, the more delighted they are.

Even the teacher who has been watching the two women's fight all this time couldn’t help but laugh. Chu Ye’s almost-curse didn't have obscene words, but it could be said to be deeply heartening. Although he didn’t go as far as to applaud, he nearly shouted: Overjoyed, really overjoyed ah!

It was necessary to know that Murong Chang had a tyrannical behavior inside the school over the past few years. No few teachers found her hard to watch over and handle. Even when they were walking to the cla.s.sroom, Murong Chang haughtily ignored him, as if he was not her teacher but her dispensable attendant. He was so angry, his teeth felt itchy [1].

“You…” Murong Chang's vicious gaze was directed at Chu Ye. She couldn't speak and could only tremble in her anger.

This kind of insulting words only usually came out from her mouth. Could she have thought that one day, she would also be this humiliated in public by other people? For a time, she had already hated Chu Ye in her heart. She wanted to kill her. Kill her, a crazed voice shouted in her heart.

Translator’s Notes:

[1]Teeth itching – Apparently, when one gets angry, the blood pressure around the gums increases, causing them becomes itchy. This can be seen when we grit or grind our teeth when we feel angry.

^^ From

Should the children even be watching this? But then, it’s a fantasy world… I mean, at Lanxi Liuxing’s bloodthirst.

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