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Chapter 17: Is Your s.e.xual Orientation Ordinary?

In short, this wind magic array was, without speaking, destroyed.

No one noticed that inside the office of the vice-princ.i.p.al on the top floor of the tallest building in Carles, a stunning woman stood up and faced the admissions office near the academy gates. She was wearing simple white wizard robes because she wanted to conceal her n.o.ble background.

Her inky black eyes followed Chu Ye walking around on the ground, her gaze containing repressed happiness and excitement.

The others didn’t see how the dazzling cyan light suddenly disappeared, but she could see it clearly – the wind elements in the entire magic array were all absorbed into Chu Ye’s body in an instant.

This was not strange for Chu Ye because when she was first able to sense the wind elements in Lu Village, her body automatically absorbed the wind elements, and this was no different from the previous case.

But in the eyes of the woman, it was already an incredibly shocking thing.

One should know that special ability of elemental wizards is to summon and control the elements in the air, but Chu Ye was able to absorb and take it in.

These were two completely opposite concepts.

How many years had it been since she encountered such an exceptional talent?

Just now, when she saw Murong Chang, who possessed a Sacred Body, the woman wasn’t even slightly moved (because she herself possessed the extremely rare Immortal Body and can gather the wind, water, and fire elements), but at this moment, she faintly laughed, echoing throughout the whole room.

“The G.o.dly Body… has finally appeared in this world!” The woman murmured in a low tone, her eyes, which were as dark as the night, grew increasingly darker.


What was the first thing you do to enter school?

Needless to say, it is, of course, paying the tuition fee.

The tuition fee of Carles made Chu Ye, who had previously always treated money like dirt, can’t help but burst into curses. It was actually… 999 coins. Such a large amount of money was only the tuition for one semester.

After paying the tuition fee, Chu Ye was so poor, she only had one gold coin left.

Playing with the last gold coin in her hand, Chu Ye’s brains whirled. If she didn’t have money when she was in this aristocratic school, she would become a joke in the eyes of others.

Where can she go to get more money? This was a big problem.

Since today was only for admission procedures, she went and paid for the tuition, and after knowing her cla.s.ses and dormitory, she was not at all hesitant to leave Carles.

“Chu Ye!” Just as she stepped outside Carles’ main doors, a woman’s tender voice called out from her left side.

Chu Ye twisted her head to look, her eyes showing no sign of surprise nor happiness. “Is something the matter?”

Ming Yuexin, who originally had a smile on her face, suddenly felt awkward and shook her head. “There’s nothing.”

Chu Ye gently let out an “oh” sound and then walked straight ahead, not bothering to give out a superfluous greeting.

Chu Ye was not unable to understand Ming Yuexin’s eyes which showed her intention to approach her and act friendly, but she had previously always been unsociable and liked to continue in her own path, never needing any friends. And what the past life was like, was also the same with his life.

“Wait for me.” Ming Yuexin’s delicate and pet.i.te face had a slightly mischevious smile, once again catching up with Chu Ye’s footsteps. “Do you want to go back home?’


“Then where are you going?”

“Haven’t thought about it yet.”

“So it’s like this. Why don’t we go shopping?”

“No money.”

“Ah…then. I’ll lend to you.”

“Don’t want.”


“Don’t want to.”

“Why don’t you want to?”

“No reason?”

“Why no reason?”

“…” Chu Ye couldn’t stand it and stopped. Ming Yuexin also immediately stopped.

“Miss, are you bored? But I’m not bored, I still have many things to do. Please, don’t follow me again.” Chu Ye seriously threw out these words and raised her feet, wanting to walk away.

Who knew that Ming Yuexin wouldn’t say anything further, but would once again keep up with her.

Chu Ye felt somewhat defeated and stopped again. When she lined up just a moment ago, how didn’t she find out that this little la.s.s was actually a b.u.m beetle who liked to stick to strangers?

Slowly turning around, Chu Ye clasped her shoulders with both hands and sized Ming Yuexin up with imperceptibly squinted eyes and light gaze, the corners of her lips perked up in a consoling smirk. She said, “I’ll ask you a personal question.”

Looking at Chu Ye’s smirk, Ming Yuexin’s flower heart [1] violently trembled, subconsciously warning her. “What question?”

“Is your s.e.xual orientation normal?”

“Hah?” Ming Yuexin’s large and beautiful eyes looked puzzled, and she curiously asked, “What is s.e.xual orientation?”

Chu Ye seemed to have figured that she would ask this, and her smirk grew even worse. She explained with extremely rare patience. “The so-called s.e.xual orientation, also known as s.e.xual preference or s.e.xual tendencies. The cla.s.sifications of s.e.xual orientation are: heteros.e.xuality, h.o.m.os.e.xuality, bis.e.xuality, as.e.xuality…”

Even though Ming Yuexin was quite slow-witted, she understood what Chu Ye meant, and her face instantly grew swollen and red until she bled.

“You can understand this kind of explanation, right?” Chu Ye ignored the other people’s embarra.s.sed expressions, proceeding on. “If you still don’t understand, I don’t mind explaining the details again. I can even give you a demonstration of what h.o.m.os.e.xuality is. Of course, this would require a beauty to cooperate with you.”

“Ah…” Eventually, Ming Yuexin could no longer bear to listen anymore. After all, she was still a young lady who hasn’t experienced s.e.xual matters. Holding her ears and stamping her feet, she screamed, “You’re shameless! Who wants to experience h.o.m.os.e.xuality with you! People… people already have someone they like and wouldn’t pay attention to you…”

After speaking, she ran away.

Halfway back, she turned back her head. As a result, she saw Chu Ye’s motionless figure still staring at her at the same spot and immediately ran faster from fright, almost falling down several times.

“Hahaha!” Seeing Ming Yuexin frightened and running away, Chu Ye laughed for the first time since arriving in this world.

She could immediately recall what Ming Yuexin’s last sentence was: People already have someone they like. The person she liked could be referring to… Lanxi Liuhua?

Thinking of this, her smiling expression faded away. Perhaps even she herself didn’t know this.


Hanging around Bian City’s bustling streets, Chu Ye once again broke her brains thinking about money.

Even in this situation, Chu Ye still didn’t regret not acknowledging Boling Canglan.

Yes, if Chu Ye’s current talents were to go back to the Boling family, she could naturally grab Boling Canglan’s attention. How much money she wanted in the future would simply be a matter of asking for it, but at the same time, there would be losses.

What she would lose was the freedom to follow her heart’s desires.

Just like Boling Chenzhu, he was accepted by Boling Canglan as his heir because of his outstanding talent. Behind this sight envied by everyone was all sorts of suffocating restrictions and prohibitions.

Otherwise, with Boling Chenzhu who was fond of sticking to Chu Ye, how could he not show up in Carles Wizard Academy to act as Chu Ye’s guide?

Needless to say, it was forbidden by Boling Canglan or Boling Feiwu.

Translator’s Notes:

[1] flower heart – a woman’s heart

Ohoho, is that vinegar I smell?

If you guys didn’t know, vinegar is like a metaphor for jealousy in Chinese.

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