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Before Ray Zhen finished shouting, a huge ax chopped down at him and forced him to shut up. Marc Gavin didn't even give him the opportunity to ignite his soul power.

Almost at the same time, six warriors from Ray Family chose six different directions to escape. There was no way that they would win against Marc Gavin and the mayor, so they knew that their best bet was to head back to the Ray Family and try to use the various magic arrays and formations of warriors and mages to defend themselves. With numerous years of acc.u.mulation, even the three forces would suffer a great loss if they wanted to get into the Ray Family.

"Want to go?" York Leigh roared as his sword and he became one. Together, a huge sword power dashed towards the warrior that ran the fastest.

Clean and without hesitation. Leigh knew that since he chose to help Qian Jin, he shouldn't be lazy. After all, his future was in Qian Jin's hands.

One of the warriors who was escaping suddenly turned around and struck towards Qian Jin's waist and another warrior who was backing away jumped into the air and struck downwards at Qian Jin's head.

It was just too sudden.

Leigh didn't expect the warriors of the Ray Family would risk it all and try to kill Qian Jin when the Ray Family was about to be destroyed. Was this the mentality of everyone in the Ray Family?

Level 1 Demon Extinguisher – Flash of Lightning.

The blades flowed through the air and were aimed at Qian Jin's vital spots.

Qian Jin who was standing there weakly lightly turned the third Warrior-Heart in between his brows. Also, his first Warrior-Heart was also pulled and started to rotate as well. There was some kind of special connection between the two. Each warrior heart only offered 100,000 cycle speed, but they got faster and faster under each other's influence... 100,000 ... 200,000 ... 300,000...

The surging warrior power was like iron needles and they instantly cleansed Qian Jin's blood vessels and pores. Qian Jin looked cleaner now. His two legs that weren't injured stepped forward, and his right hand that wasn't injured as much grabbed onto a Zhanmadao.

"I never provoked you, but you guys tried to kill me one try after another. I don't back off, I only fight!" Anger filled Qian Jin's mind as Seven b.l.o.o.d.y Combat Strikes were merged into one as it hit the Flash of Lightning.

The two blades met each other and loud metal-colliding noises sounded. The blade made for the Ray Family broke in half, and the Zhanmadao cut towards his opponent's body. That warrior stomped his feet on the ground and backed off rapidly as he made a lot of fake movement to trick Qian Jin in thinking where he would be going next.

While a light shone on the Zhanmadao, a ton of b.u.t.terfly-like shadows appeared. Every strike was a b.u.t.terfly and touched the warrior that was trying to dodge everything. From that warrior's perspective, b.u.t.terflies filled his vision...

Dividing Metal Multi-Chop –

The Zhanmadao moved a dozen times and Qian Jin stopped waving the blade as he sensed the pain in his arm. The warrior from the Ray Family was turned into a pile of flesh.

Another warrior who wanted to continue the attack was scared by Qian Jin's cruelness. His steps slowed down for half a second and when he wanted to move again, he realized that he was seized by a big hand. Without looking back, he knew he was captured by the king of the underworld who stepped through blood and corpses.

"Attacking an injured warrior, your Ray Family really deserves a round of applause."

Jun Wudo said as he clenched the back of this warrior's neck tightly. The thick neck that looked like it would break tree as so weak that the warrior fainted right away.

"Injured warrior?" All other warriors of Ray Family swore secretly. "You have seen an injured Demon Slayer that chopped a level 1 Demon Extinguisher who had a Golden Warrior-Heart into pieces?" They thought.

Using the blade as a cane, Qian Jin stood there and recalled what happened during the battle.

This first Warrior-Heart was from all the live reservoirs and connections in his body and the second Warrior-Heart was from all the dead reservoirs and connections. So the first one represented life and the second one represented death. Then what about the third one?"

Uncle Blade or Enlak?

Qian realized that only those two masters in the Endless World could answer his questions. Although Marc Gavin was like an uncle to him, he probably can't explain what happened to him as well.

Among Humans, Demons, and Barbarians, it was commonly agreed that the dead reservoirs and connections couldn't be used for practicing warrior power, but the Heart of Earthly Fire did exist.

In a short time…..

Ray Guamin couldn't believe that the Ray Family that was still strong and everyone had to be aware of a day ago was now suffering so much loss because of Qian Jin's dominating words.

The old leader of the Ray Family who just reclaimed the position was defeated by Marc Gavin, York Leigh, and Jun Wudo.

All of Ray Zhen's limbs were crippled and he could only stare at Qian Jin now. The leader of the Ray Family that could shake up Yulee by stomping his feet had to face three Soul-Power Warriors after he was injured.

"Ray Zhen." Qian Jin walked up and said, "I will still ask the Ray Family for the compensation, but you probably won't get the chance to pick your grave."

Ray Zhen saw Qian Jin raising his leg up and the world in the Ray Zhen's eyes got darker and darker as if a dark cloud was falling on him.


Ray Guamin saw Qian Jin break Ray Zhen's neck with one step. Ray Zhen's head rolled around on the ground and blood spurted out. Ray Guamin suddenly felt like a warm stream of water was flowing down his pants. Also, a stinky smell appeared as the warm liquid got all over the ground.

Terrifying! Ray Guamin had seen people getting killed before and he even killed people himself. However, he had never seen someone who did it like Qian Jin. Qian Jin's expression was so calm after he broke and killed Ray Zhen that it felt like he only killed an ant.

A few blacksmiths who had never see any killing before feeling sick. They turned around and started to puke.

Chun Zensheng felt his body was cold as he peeked at Qian Jin. "So the leader of the Ray Family is done for." He thought.

That cruel kick made him think of the blade on the guillotine. Chun Zensheng was too scared to look Qian Jin in the eyes. It wasn't a pair of eyes that were filled with murderous spirit and it wasn't a pair of eyes filled with anger. Rather, it was a pair of eyes that had seen much death.

He would not only overlook others' death, but he would also overlook his own death.

"The Ray Family..." Chen Motu slowly closed his eyes and said, "Is done for..."

"The Ray Family is done?" Ray Guamin stared at Chen Motu angrily. The Ray Family was still very powerful and had a ton of resources. The Family was still safe unless the Torrent Battle Fort, the mayor, and Wudo Group were willing to lose a lot of men.

"The Ray Family..." Yunxing Huisheng sighed, "Is really done."

Ray Guamin looked at his master in surprise. Although his master was only a blacksmith, he was really far-sighted. He was even better than strategists in terms of determining the outcome of a war. If Yunxing Huisheng said that Ray Family was done...

"No...no..." Ray Guamin shook his head and murmured, "No….. We still have strength..."

"It is useless." Yunxing Huisheng told his disciple calmly. "After losing two leaders because of Qian Jin, do you think you are still brave enough to go against him?"

"Courage?" Ray Guamin lowered his head. "There is no courage. I don't even dare to look at Qian Jin directly in the eyes."

"You are the vice-president of Blacksmith Union and yet you don't have the courage to face him. What about the others?"

Yunxing Huisheng patted Ray Guamin's shoulder before he quietly walked to aside. Although Qian Jin might not be the strongest warrior here, he was able to gather forces together and use it as if it was his own without realizing it.

"This ability..." Yunxing Huisheng thought about it. "Except for bloodline warriors, this only appeared on a regular warrior which was Dragon Zence, the first emperor of Zence."

Ray Guamin shivered. If he didn't even have the courage to go against Qian Jin, then the people in the Ray Family would lose the desire to fight back if they heard that the leader was killed and three forces at Yulee were here to wipe them out.

"Master... I ..."

Yunxing Huisheng turned to Ray Guamin who was looking at him with a begging expression. He had this disciple for a long time and there were real relationships and connects. However, as the master, he knew this disciple well. If Yunxing Huisheng saved him from Qian Jin today, he would probably try to cause trouble for Qian Jin in the future.

Qian Jin looked at Ray Guamin in silence. Although this man was a member of the Ray Family and he needed to kill him according to the Warrior Code in order to get rid of all threats. But after all, he was the disciple of Yunxing Huisheng for many years.

The relationship between master and disciple was something beyond family. If one-day Yunxing Huisheng returned to the stars, Ray Guamin would protect his master's coffin and tomb.

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