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Chapter 446: Rebels
Forge Masters need more concentration when forging items. It would be easier for them to not get disturbed if they were separated.
The deeper the workshop was in the union, the higher the status of the blacksmith.
The president was in the eleventh yard. It wasn't a big yard, but it was much bigger than Blake's. A lot of forging hammers were hanging on the walls.
Lee Torte observed this yard out of curiosity. He had been here for some time now, but he had never been here before. The president's yard wasn't as glamorous as he expected, it was just like another blacksmith's workshop.
Yunxing Huisheng was carefully forging a shield and Qian Jin stopped Lee Torte from making any sound. Qian Jin then wondered around into a room beside the workshop.
There were a few simple shelves with books on forging.
Qian Jin picked out a book and flipped through it. It was always good to read the notes of others to gain some inspiration.
Lee Torte stood by Qian Jin quietly as he looked at Qian Jin's face. "This man dares to write in Master Yunxing's notes?"
He was shocked when he saw Qian Jin taking out a pen from his Warrior Dimension and writing on the notes habitually. This was the habit that he got from being an administrator in the Qian Family's Library.
"Huh? Forging stopped?" Lee Torte looked back and saw Yunxing Huisheng walking into the room. He wanted to bow to the president, but he saw the president making a sign telling him not to make a sound. Then, the president walked towards Qian Jin quietly.
After seeing the changes Qian Jin made onto his notes, he thought, "This... this kid... he is able to spot the errors after my numerous years of study and research? Who is his master?"
"President Yunxing." Qian Jin quickly closed the note and turned around after he sensed someone was approaching.
The president looked at Qian Jin and asked, "You were

dressed by Marc Gavin, right?"
Qian Jin nodded awkwardly. "Looks like Uncle Gavin is known for his taste in fashion." He thought.
"Why is Lee Torte here?"
Yunxing Huisheng looked at the young man who had a lot of potentials.
"I brought him in here." Qian Jin laughed. "I saw him in the second yard, and he was being taught wrongly by someone, so..."
"You are afraid that his talent would be ruined?" The president sighed. "I told those kids many times that blacksmiths need to use their imagination and not do things robotically."
Qian Jin nodded to that. Although this president was far inferior to Uncle Blake in terms of forging, he still had good vision.
"Why, are you interested?" Yunxing Huisheng asked Qian Jin. "You want to take him in as a disciple?"
Qian Jin sighed. "Yeah, but it seems like he wants to be your disciple more."
"My disciple?"
Yunxing Huisheng looked at Lee Torte and said, "If it was before last night, I would do it. But now, I won't"
Lee Torte got nervous, he didn't know that he lost the opportunity to become the disciple of the president unknowingly. He couldn't help but ask, "Why is that?"
"Because..." Yunxing Huisheng pointed at Qian Jin and said, "The new president is much better at forging than me."
"New president?" Lee Torte's mouth opened so wide that he almost couldn't close it. He looked at Qian Jin and thought, "How old is he? Even if he is good at forging, the president..."
"Torte, if you want to become a great Forge Master, he is a better master than me." Yunxing Huisheng patted Lee Torte's shoulder as he said, "When I first met you, I wanted to take you in as a disciple. However, I was afraid that you would become someone like Guamin. That was why I wanted to let you experience the base life a bit more, but I didn't expect you to meet President Qian."
"President..." Lee Torte shuddered. "You are saying… saying

saying that he is ..."
Yunxing Huisheng looked at Lee Torte and nodded. "Otherwise, why would he be here dressed like this?" He said.
Qian Jin blushed again. Marc Gavin's taste of clothes...
"Ok." Yunxing Huisheng waved his hands and said, "Since you are here, and President Qian is interested in taking you in as a disciple..."
Lee Torte lightly shook his head as he bit his lips. This news was just too shocking. His goal since he was a little boy was to become the disciple of President Yunxing. Even if the young man in front of him was the new president, that wasn't what he wanted.
Qian Jin smiled, he didn't mind it. If he was in Lee Torte's shoes, he would react the same way.
"You... you don't know what is luck." Yunxing Huisheng sighed as he said, "Whatever, go and summon the vice-presidents, and also notify all the people at the union now, tell them to gather up in the conference room."
Lee Torte walked out of the yard. Before he left, he turned around and looked at Qian Jin again. "Is this young man really the new president? Is he that good at forging?" He thought.
"Hehe..." Yunxing Huisheng looked the direction where Lee Torte disappeared and laughed. "That young man has never seen real forging techniques, but he is talented."
"I know that." Qian Jin said calmly with hands behind his back. "It is not too late when he thinks I have the qualifications to be his master."
Yunxing Huisheng looked at Qian Jin with more admiration when he heard that. This young man wasn't hurt and didn't get angry when he was ignored and even looked down by another talented young man. This calm and easy-going att.i.tude could only be seen in people who were more mature.
"Oh, right. Do you think my notes have some mistakes?"
"Ah, I only added some of my views."
"Really? Actually, I think..."
Yunxing Huisheng took some of his notes from the shelves as he started

he started to chitchat and discuss forging techniques with Qian Jin.
Lee Torte ran around in the union trying to find there the vice-presidents were. He finally went to the Roundtable Conference Room, that was where the executives of the union met. However, it seemed like Ray Guamin was hosting a meeting.
Standing in front of the door, Lee Torte was a little nervous. After being in the union for so long, it was his first time standing in front of this meeting room.
"What? Vice-President Ray, are you sure?"
A roar penetrated through the door, and it shocked Lee Torte so much that he even forgot to push the door opened.
"Of course." Ray Guamin looked at the fatty elder with white hair on his head. "Vice-President Chun Zensheng, why would I lie? Qian Jin is a warrior of the Torrent Battle Fort. If he becomes the president of this union..."
Chun Zensheng held onto the table with both his hands that had a ton of calluses. Torrent Battle Fort was one of the main sources of revenue for the Blacksmith Union. If someone from there became the president of the Blacksmith Union...
"So what?" Xian Qiang put his hands over the back of his head and said carelessly. "We are the Blacksmith Union, and we only care about forging skills."
"Forging skills?" Xian Qiang recalled Qian Jin's techniques, and an admiration appeared on his face. After all, he couldn't do what Qian Jin did, but the fact that President Yunxing gave his role to Qian Jin was a b.a.l.l.sy move.
"Forging Techniques?" The muscles around the corner of Ray Guamin's eyes twitched. Qian Jin was great at forging, but if he became the president of the Blacksmith Union, the Ray Family would slowly disappear in Yulee. He had to stop Qian Jin by gathering the vice-presidents. Otherwise, the old leader of Ray Family would try to kill Qian Jin on his own.
"Is it easy to kill Qian Jin?" Ray Guamin was sure that Marc Gavin would start Gavin would start a war against the Ray Family if he found out.
"Guamin, just try your best. Worse case, I will kill him myself. I'm old, so I can help the Ray Family with the time that I have left."
Ray Guamin shook his head as he tried to get rid of the words that Ray Zhen said tiredly with only the dark yellow candlelight.
That wasn't an act. As the former leader, Ray Zhen was ready to sacrifice himself to save the honor and glory of the family.
"Forging Techniques?" Ray Guamin bit his teeth as he said, "Even if he is good, how can he be better than Vice-President Chun Zensheng? Or Vice-President Chen Motu?"
Chun Zensheng felt very comfortable as he heard that. Although he had fought with Ray Guamin to become the next president, what Ray Guamin said made him feel good.
Chen Motu on the other hand hmphed. With disdain in his eyes, he knocked the table with his knuckles and said, "I don't care who is the new president. I would obey President Yunxing's command unlike some disciple disobeying his own master."
Ray Guamin closed his eyes to force himself to tolerate the attack. "This thin Chen Motu is really a henchman of the master. It would be hard to get him on my side. However, this is not the time to fight him." He thought.
"Motu, you shouldn't say that." Chun Zensheng stroked his goatee as he slowly stood up. He was really proud. Before he felt like he had zero chance of becoming the next president since Ray Guamin was the disciple of the current president, but now he had the chance.
"President Yunxing is honorable, but that doesn't mean the person he chose is honorable." Chun Zensheng looked around and said, "The Blacksmith Union of Yulee is President Yunxing's Union, it is..."
"This is President Yunxing's Union!" Chen Motu slapped the table as he shouted and stood up. "Without President Yunxing, do you think you could become who you are today?"

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