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Chapter 442: [Thousand Warriors]
"What?" Qian Jin was shocked by what he saw. In the records, there would only be one Second Warrior Body, but how did Enlak manage to have 100? It even seemed like he could create more.
"These are not my second warrior body." Enlak smiled as he shook his fingers. "This is my special technique – [Thousand Warriors]."
"[Thousand Warriors]" Qian Jin shivered. If he would create a thousand warriors on his own, he would form a legion of his own. However, it seemed like this fighting technique wasn't useful.
When two warriors of similar strength battled, doing this would be lowered one's strength to create weaker warriors. This was only useful when the difference between the strength was big.
In terms of actual war, a powerful warrior was always more useful than hundreds of weaker warriors.
Qian Jin didn't know why this fighting technique was created.
"You wonder why I created this technique?" Enlak said as if he could see through Qian Jin's thoughts. "You will quickly understand why."
As soon as he finished, the hundred warriors roared in unison. The loud sound waved almost tore the roof off of the building. A hundred left feet also stepped into the ground, and the Qian Jin clearly felt that the ground was shaking.
Murderous Spirit! It almost solidified into a weapon made from ice. For a moment, Qian Jin felt like he wasn't facing a hundred warriors, but rather a thousand if not ten thousand demon warriors with b.l.o.o.d.y spears.
More than a hundred level 9 Demon Slayers with a warrior heart each... Qian Jin gasped. "Where did he get these many warrior hearts?"
Enlak on the other side sat on at a corner as he waved his hand and said in a playful tone, "Beat his a.s.s!"
A hundred level 9 Demon Slayer instantly attacked Qian Jin from all directions. The pressure instantly made Qian Jin focus, he had no time to think about the warrior hearts anymore.
[Innumerable Shadow].
At the

location where Qian Jin disappeared from, three weapons struck the ground, a blade, a spear, and a hammer. The wooden floor didn't stand a chance against the weapons and warrior power. It didn't even chip, it simply disappeared.
"Kid, I will let you borrow this blade."
The Zhanmadao in Blake's yard found the perfect opportunity to go through the small slit and flew towards Qian Jin from Enlak's hands.
Before Qian Jin could strike back after getting the weapon, four weapons flew towards him from different directions. What was most annoying was that one of them was an arrow that drew a beautiful trajectory in the air.
"Making a curve in the air under such short distaince?" The skin on Qian Jin's head tightened as he was forced to move using [Innumerable Shadow] again. However, there was a blade chopping down at him when he stopped.
[Innumerable Shadow] wasn't invincible. When Qian Jin moved in a crowd of a hundred warriors who had similar strength as him, he could dodge two rounds of attacks in a roll, but not the third.
A spear was turned into a dragon as it dashed towards him.
Qian Jin who was moving fast already didn't slow down at all. He knew that if he slowed down, numerous strikes would land on him. This spear wasn't here to strike him, but rather to slow him.
Qian Jin's pupils contracted as he knew that humans and Demon Beasts were alike. During battle, some were in charge of distracting the prey, some were in charge of attacking, and some were hidden in the dark for the lethal sneak attacks.
Before the spear get close to him, he would have to disrupt the plan and strategy of his opponents.
At the critical moment, various options appeared in his mind subconsciously. He didn't dare to mix all Seven b.l.o.o.d.y Combat Strikes into one. That mixed strike dealt a ton of damage, but it would leave his opponents a short gap to attack

attack him freely.
A technique that was useful in this scenario? Qian Jin thought as he blocked the spear with his blade. He glided his blade through the spear as he cut towards this opponent's hands.
Tink! This opponent twisted his wrist, and he shot out the spear like an arrow. At the same time, he backed off quickly.
An opportunity! Qian Jin saw the opportunity to move up as soon as this warrior backed off. He stepped forward as he slashed his blade against the blades that was coming at him from his right. A ton of lights were reflected off of his blade, but his opponents all backed off when the blades met each other.
"Not going to face me directly?" Qian Jin was confused, but four blades chopped down at him from four directions with a devastating presence.
Qian Jin quickly raised his blade, and the ear-piercing metal colliding noise sounded as the five blades struck each other. Qian Jin felt like the bones in both of his hands were about to break. After all, the impact of taking on four warriors who all had the cycle speed of 100,000...
Puff! Without any hesitation, Qian Jin opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. The wooden floor turned into dust and both of his feet went deep into ground.
The strong impact force almost made Qin Jin lose his grip on the blade. However, Qian Jin let go of the blade out of instinct as both of his arms tore through the s.p.a.ce and created a devastating roar.
Faster than ever before! Qian Jin didn't expect his mastery of the Dividing Metal Multi-Chop had reached this level. When he was battling the Gorilla Bloodline Warrior, he hadn't achieved it.
Before two warriors could react, the chops struck them on their arms. The sound of warrior power colliding sounded worse than the metal colliding. A series of bone cracking noise sounded, and those arms that were as hard as iron looked

iron looked like soft tofu under the strike of Dividing Metal Multi-Chop.
The technique was effective! Qian Jin grabbed onto the Zhanmdao again as he swung it out to force several warriors to back off.
"Why are you guys going easy on him? This is what a real battle in a war look like? Go all out on him."
Enlak snapped his finger and the temperament of the hundred warriors changed. The pressure coming from them felt like an iron plate falling down from the sky. Qian Jin felt like his shoulders were struck by this and he got smashed into the ground and couldn't move.
The hundred opponent with the murderous spirit of Enlak was almost a tangible attack.
Blades, spears, hammers, shields, and arrows.
These weapons came at Qian Jin all at once from all direction. These attack truly blocked all the places where Qian Jin would move to using [Innumerable Shadow]. Maybe the real [Innumerable Shadow] was able to put him at safe spot, but since he hadn't really master this technique yet, he couldn't make it out safely.
The thick murderous spirit was provoking every single cell in Qian Jin's body. His Warrior-Heart was already running at full speed and the lights on the Zhanmadao already were sucked into the blade as if every single drop of power had contracted, waiting for the perfect opportunity to explode.
At that moment, Qian Jin's body turned into a bullet train, and he had almost become one with the Zhanmadao. The air-piercing sound mixed with the metal colliding noise resonated in the hall, and four to five broken blades flew into the air. Three warriors were chopped in half as they turned into streams of warrior power and went back to Enlak's body.
Since there was no way out, then Qian Jin would use the blade in his hands to make a b.l.o.o.d.y path for himself. Anyone in his way had to be chopped down.
Long long ago, Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline Warriors chose to charge chose to charge towards the Demon General when facing numerous Demon Soldiers.
Many years after, Qian Jin was able to see that scene at Ancient Desert Sea.
Now when he was surrounded by a hundred powerful warriors, he was put into the same situation. There was no way out, battle was the only way.
Compared to earlier in the day when he was fighting the Gorilla Bloodline Warrior, he felt like he was merged into the scene more.
When facing these warriors, Qian Jin felt like he was just like one of the Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline Warriors who was charging into numerous Demon soldiers.
All Seven b.l.o.o.d.y Combat Strikes were merged into one. Right after that, Dividing Metal Multi-Chop perfectly connected with the previous strike and was used while using Zhanmadao to fight and roar against all other weapons around Qian Jin.
Fighting techniques, spirits, and presences were all elevated to a new level. With all of these mixed into the Zhanmadao, every strike by Qian Jin would break a weapon and chop through a warrior.
Also, Qian Jin would spurt out a mouthful of blood without noticing it during each impact.
One, two, three, four... five... eight... ten... twelve...
Qian Jin forgot that this was only a challenge, and he forgot what his opponents were made from Enlak's Warrior Power. In his eyes, everything was his enemy.
Six spears pierced through Qian Jin's body, and the brutal twisting and tearing expanded the wounds on Qian Jin's body, and blood spurted out like fountains.
Zhanmadao fell to the ground powerlessly, and Qian Jin's vision started to twist and darken.
Ah! Qian Jin suddenly sat up from his bed as he subconsciously tried to wipe the sweat off of his forehead. That was caused by the pain when the spears penetrated his body.
Pain! Qian Jin rubbed the areas on his body that got pierced through. Although his skins and bones weren't really pierced through, the pain was real!

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