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Zacks was surprised. The fact that Qian Jin didn’t need to prepare and can enter battle mode instantly meant he wasn’t someone who was just obsessed with warrior power.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Qian Jin stepped on the ground three times, and every step broke the ground and made soil fly in all directions in the shape of lotuses.

Zacks didn’t seem to be afraid of this ferocious attack, excitement flashed in his eyes as his warrior power was fully unleashed. The ground he was standing on suddenly exploded, and he appeared to be two inches shorter. His warrior power was used by his feet, and the ground under him collapsed by two inches.

Zacks was confident that he only need to use the strength of level 1 Demon Capturer to beat Qian Jin, after all, he believed that his techniques and experiences were both superior to Qian Jin. He wanted to teach this young man a lesson, he wanted Qian Jin to know that there is a huge difference between two warriors of the same rank.

The ground in the military cam was already very firm since the soldiers trained and stepped on it numerous times. The ground was so hard that it was equivalent to stone. A regular person could only get the dust off of this ground with a stick and not the soil.

Zacks shook his shoulders as he formed two fists. With warrior power strengthening his ankle, he leaped into the air with his arms thrusting towards Qian Jin like a huge lance. The huge impulse caused the ground to explode as the Iron Ape Fighting Technique was used.

This wasn’t the simple Demon Beast Fighting Technique that one could learn in academies. This was the technique that was refined by the user on the Human-Demon Battlefront numerous times, it was more than a hundred times more powerful!

Qian Jin’s eyes saw the fists, and his face already felt the wind created by them. Excitement flashed through his squinted eyes. His ankles shook, and his waist twisted and turned. His shoulders suddenly lowered as his entire body dodge the trajectory of this attack and continued his charge like a mud worm or a snake.

"What?" Zacks was surprised. "What is this fighting technique? Not really snake or mud worm..."

There wasn’t much time for Zacks to be surprised. He suddenly stood still and empowered his arms with his warrior power. He swung his arms like two iron wipe and smacked forward like raindrops in a storm. Although his arm was several feet away from the ground, all the dust was blown into the air. Clapping noises were a result of this, and the wind that caused by this was forceful as well.

Qian Jin lightly looked up at the two arms as he shook his shoulders. He placed both of his hands together and a sharp sensation came out of it. Zacks felt like he was no longer facing Qian Jin, but rather more than a hundred demon soldiers!

Qian Jin thrust his hands forward, and the s.p.a.ce in between them seemed to be cut open as a crisp swishing noise sounded – Level 4 [Land Tearing Chop].

The attack created a huge ear-piercing noise as the metal like power exploded. Zacks gasped as he thought, "What technique is this? Where did he learn this from?"

He instantly raised his power level from level 1 Demon Capturer to level 2! He no longer wanted to beat Qian Jin with the level 1 strength. Anyone who had a brain knew the angle Qian Jin took was just too critical, and Qian Jin was so confident in his strike that he had no plans of backing off. Anyone who was facing this strike would feel Qian Jin’s willpower – Forward, forward, and forward!

Zacks smashed onto Qian Jin’s arms, and it made a huge sound. Like iron whips that hit a charging cavalier, his arms were pushed away. Zacks arms felt sore as Qian Jin’s Land Tearing Chop struck towards him!

"Can’t stop it? How? What level of explosive power is this?" Zacks backed off rapidly. It wasn’t a battle that he could win by standing still!

As he backed off, he raised his right knee and swung it far in front of him. This blocked Qian Jin’s attack. When Qian Jin’s hand clashed onto the knee, Qian Jin looked up and roared. His hands separated as the two arms turned into two blades. The sharp sensation came off the arms as Qian Jin chopped forward continuously.

Zacks felt like he was dizzy just by looking at the arms. Qian Jin’s arms looked like two battle blades, and Qian Jin no longer looked like a person to him, but rather a Mantis! An iron backed mantis that could chop through metal in many legends!

Wind and Cloud warrior power mimicked [Dividing Metal Multi-Chops] and released an unprecedented force. The wind created by the attack was strong enough to bend metal, and this wind made Zacks’ face felt a pain as the actual attack landed on Zacks’ iron leg protective armor.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

The attack chopped on the armor more than a dozen times like a storm and pushed the blocking right leg aside. The attack followed onto the metal protective armor on Zacks’ arm...

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

Zacks backed off continuously as he tried to raise his arms to block the attack. Every attack he blocked with his arms cause severe pain to his bones, and he backed off for more than 15 meters before he stared at the arm that was on his neck.


Zacks looked at Qian Jin who was only a level 1 Demon Capturer, and all the other nine warriors witnessed the whole event with their mouths wide open. If Qian Jin didn’t go easy on Zacks, Zacks would have died under the attack more than ten times.

"How can Qian Jin be this powerful? Is he only a level 1 Demon Capturer? How can he get through Zacks’ defense? That slimy movement technique can instantly turn into such a direct and forceful movement technique! It seems like if Qian Jin didn’t want to test out the following chops, he could have won instantly."

Qian Jin moved his arm away from Zacks’ neck and stretched his arms. He tried to get rid of the pain in his arms since he felt like more than a thousand needles were poking his muscles. The Dividing Metal Multi Chop was powerful when powered by Wind and Cloud warrior power, but the pain couldn’t be eliminated. On the contrary, as his attack got more powerful, the pain got severer.

This was only the first few attacks. If he mimicked the attacks that were more powerful such as {Break Water Rip Tides}, [Crack Land], or even [Tear Ocean], his arms might be destroyed before he hit his enemy.

"Ditch it?" Qian Jin shook his head. "How? This set of techniques are considered Divine Fighting Techniques in Endless World, and the wind created by this attack even had damages. If this technique was powered by the bloodline, the wind might even be able to chop people into pieces.

"I have to find a way! A way to train and not harm my body..." Qian Jin thought. If he didn’t have Wind and Cloud Golden Body, he wouldn’t be able to use Dividing Metal Multi Chop, on the contrary, Land Tear Chop which was also a Divine Fighting Technique didn’t cause any pain.

"If... I can combine Land Tearing Chop with Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline’ fighting techniques... maybe the power will increase and I won’t feel any pain." Qian Jin rubbed his temple as he continued. "It’s hard to perfect one technique, and both of these techniques were created by geniuses who spent their whole life on it. Combine them? It’s impossible..."

"I..." After a moment of silence, Zacks murmured bitterly: "Lost..."

Lost! Zacks didn’t know how he lost. A level 2 Demon Capturer lost to a level 1. In theory, the warrior power of a level is superior in both the purity and firmness. Under the same level of cycles, a level 2 Demon Capturer should be able to easily destroy a level 1.

Level 2 Demon Capturer’s warrior power should have faster cycle speed and better quality!

Zacks couldn’t figure it out. If Qian Jin won in terms of techniques, he could accept it. But when Qian Jin was about to win by technique, he ditched it and went back to using his warrior power directly. However, it didn’t matter how hard Zacks unleashed his warrior power, it was easily shattered by Qian Jin’s...

Strange... too strange! Zacks shook his head as he placed his hands around his waist.

"Level 2 Demon Capturer..." Qian Jin thought as he held his fists. "If all level 2 Demon Capturers were like Zacks, then I should be able to beat them."

Forging Breathing Technique was a warrior power purifier. Didn’t matter if it was the energy from Energy Cores or his own level 9 Demon Fighter warrior power, their quality was much higher than Zacks’ after the high heat energy burnt through them.

"Just like... just like..." Qian Jin thought carefully. As if his warrior power was completely melted by Forging Breathing Technique, and was reforged by a Forge Master to get rid of all the impurities. His warrior power was like a Purified Iron, and Zacks’ was a level 3 Refined Iron.

Fanta Kunge opened his eyes wide as well. "A level 1 Demon Capturer beat a level 2 Demon Capturer? By using brutal force, the level 1 Demon Capturer completely destroyed the level 2... Is Qian Jin really an ordinary warrior? Out of all the genius at Fanta Family, none of them can come close to him... He is so ferocious and violent!"

Qian Jin’s fighting style made people’s blood boil just by watching, there was only one theme: Forward, forward, and forward!"

Fabredis rested his head on his palm as he opened his mouth and asked: "Qian Jin, what is your cycle speed?"


"What?" Zacks shouted as he jumped into the air, "What did you say?"

"Could it be faster than a normal level 1 Demon Capturer?" Qian Jin frowned as he thought: "Would they be that surprised if it’s a little faster."


Tink... tink...

A series of metal colliding noise sounded as the weapons in the warrior’s hands dropped to the ground.

They all stared at Qian Jin with a dull expression, and Zacks asked again while gasping: "1...10,000? You said 10,000?"

Qian Jin nodded and asked back, "Is it a little faster than normal?"

"A little?" Zacks wanted to laugh, but he didn’t have to strength to do so. "Do you know the peak cycle speed for a normal level 1 Demon Capturer? 4,500! That is the peak! The peak for a level 2 Demon Capturer is 6,000! 6,000!"

Zacks pointed out six of his shaky fingers as he forced the words out of his teeth. "The peak for me is 6,000, and I heard that the peak for a level 3 Demon Capturer is 7,500. Level 4 is 9,000 and level 5, level 5 is 10,000! A little? Do you think that is a little? How can your body held under the speed of 10,000 cycles and not get tore apart?"

Zacks breathed heavily after he said that. Now he knew why he lost to Qian Jin. "This kid had the explosive power of 10,000 cycles! Only the quality of his warrior power is inferior to mine, but everything is better!"

Fabreidis rubbed his chin as he walked around Qian Jin and observed. As the warrior power grew, the warrior’s body would get stronger and tough to handle the explosive and concentrated force of it. Is wasn’t like there weren’t strange cases in the history; there was a warrior who achieved 3,300 cycle speed at the rank of a level 9 Demon Fighter.

The result... the warrior’s body couldn’t handle the pressure and force created by such rapid power. When he unleashed all of his power in a fighter, his body got torn into pieces by it.

10,000? Even Zacks’ body that was tough and got used to the cycle speed of a level 2 Demon Capturer couldn’t take that. Only bloodline warriors! The one who had awaken their bloodlines can handle that! Their bodies had been strengthened by their bloodline power, and they were able to take more pressure and forces compared to ordinary warriors.

However...10,000? Fabreidis was really unsure about the fact that a level 1 Demon Capturer’s body handling 10,000 cycle speed.

"What kind of Body Protection Fighting Technique did this kid learn to handle such an insane speed?" Fabreidis tapped his chin with his fingers as he thought: "The stronger a Body Protection Fighting Technique is, the more pain and higher cruelty would be experienced during the training process. It is impossible to get a higher return without making sacrifices. How did Qian Jin get through those cruel training?"

Qian Jin got Gooseb.u.mps as he sensed Fabreidis’ investigative stare. "Tear? Why would it tear?"

Zacks asked back, "When you fully unleash your power, you didn’t feel any pain? Like your body was about to be torn apart?"

Qian Jin shook his head, and Zacks rolled his eyes as he murmured, "A monster..."

"Not only the cycle speed..." Fabreidis shook his head and said, "Qian Jin, hit my palm with all your power. Don’t use any techniques, just your warrior power."

Qian Jin inhaled and smashed his palms toward Fabreidis’. Without any techniques, the warrior power of a level 1 Demon Capturer was powerful enough to make the wind cry.

The two palms met, and an explosion noise sounded as the air between their palms were compressed by great forces. Qian Jin felt like he smashed onto a thick iron board, so he was forced to back off a step due to the impulse. When he looked at Fabreidis, he saw Fabreidis’ shoulder shook a little.

Mr. Fabreidis’ shoulder shook! Torrent Ten Warriors opened their eyes big and wide. His soul power was purified and strengthened numerous times, and it shook a little when it got hit by Qian Jin’s warrior power? Also, Qian Jin only technically backed off half a step.

"Yeah, I was right. Your cycle speed has achieved 10,000, if I didn’t know that, I would have backed off too." Fabreidis looked at his palm and continued, "Also, not only is your cycle speed faster, your quality is also superior compared with Zacks’."

"How?" Zacks stepped forward and asked: "I’m a level 2 Demon Capturer."

"Yeah, you are a level 2 Demon Capturer." It was Fabreidis’ turn to rub his temples. With a perplexed expression he said, "In theory, every advancement in the rank would purify the warrior power once. But Qian Jin’s quality is far superior to yours. As if his was purified iron, and yours is only a refined iron."

"Training Scroll!" Zack’s eyes suddenly shone. "I know! It must be the training scrolls! Mine is 42 reservoir, how about yours?"

Qian Jin was little hesitant when he saw Zacks’ anxious expression. This warrior who could keep his cool on a battlefield had got beaten too many times, and Qian Jin didn’t want to beat him more. Although 42 reservoir training scroll wasn’t bad, it couldn’t compare with Wind and Cloud Training Scroll.

"How many?" Zacks asked with a hopeful face. He had to know why he lost; otherwise, he couldn’t sleep for a whole month.

Qian Jin pointed out one finger... Zacks opened his mouth: "No….. only 10?" He was stunned.

"No... a hundred..." Qian Jin scratched his head as he didn’t want to see Zacks’ destroyed expression. He murmured, "108 reservoirs..."

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