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Chapter 32

Nangong Yulian is inexplicably excited, staring at the mysterious mask and his heroic figure. 

She can't help but imagine that if one day, she can stand by the owner of Tongtiange and stand with him, what kind of beautiful picture will it be? 

Only such a mysterious and powerful man is worth her. The n.o.ble and qualified Jia Princess. 

    If Nangong Yulian breath remind people of spring water and the eyes are like peach apricots. Which cause all to see her feel comfortable and awed. A look at the cold mask of Tongtiange, seemingly makes one forget the time and forget themselves. 

    In the eyes of Feng Xingying, there was a trace of doubts. The mysterious Tongtiange master gave her the sense of oppression and danger, so familiar! 

   Makes her think of the night of the temple waterhole, Qin Molin that day gave her such a high bloodthirsty feeling that she would be able to do it at any time. 

    And Feng Xingying always believes in her instincts. To this end, she couldn't help but want to see the owner of Tongtiange. 

    His gaze is like a knife. At this time, his glance also fell on the face of Feng Xingying. The invisible pressure is so tight that she couldn't breathe. 

    In this way, the enthusiasm in her bones was provoked and the body-spirit could not be mobilized. 

    Feng Yue was behind Feng Xingying. but at this time there was a sinister blackmail in his eyes. In her eyes, Feng Xingying is probably fascinated by the temperament of Tongtiange, and how he was not a flower idiot. 

(flower idiot - reminder the author referred to Feng Yue as a white lotus which is a flower. Probably referring to the idea of him seeing through Feng Yue’s lies)  - s...o...b..ll

    Now is the best time. 

    Feng Yue looked at the timing and slammed into Feng XingYing’s behind. 

    Feng Xingying did not observe for a while, and it was difficult for the body to maintain balance and fell to the front. 

   After the parting of the crowd, Feng Xingying stood at the forefront of the team and was closest to the gate of Tongtiange. 

    When the owner of Tongtiange appeared, the mysterious lord walked two more steps forward, not far from Feng xingying.

    Feng Xingying fell so much that the whole body was uncontrollably pounced towards the Tong Tianzhu pavilion. 

    The owner of Tongtiange was obviously stunned, and then his eyes were suddenly cold, and Feng Xingying was lifted in one hand. Like a kitten then he turned and left. 

Poor Feng Xingying - s...o...b..ll

    The door of the Tongtian Pavilion was closed with a bang. 

    Only the people who face each other. 

    "Good heavens!" 

    "She is a courting death?" 

    "At this time she still dares to flirt?" 

    "She did not know the taboos?" 

    "Beauty, really think there is any use? Want to seduce Tongtiange?" 

    " This time she is dead." 

    There was a burst of arguments in the crowd. 

    Feng Yue’s face floated with a smug smile. 

    Feng Xingying, are you still not dead? 

    Waiting for your sulky face to die completely, then the heart of the prince will really be mine forever. He will only have eyes for me.

    Only when Feng Xingying dies, will I be able to stand by his side, and I will be the queen of Jia. 

    The whole Jia Country, who does not know that the main character of Tongtiange is quirky and has many taboos. The most serious one is that no one can marry him, especially a woman. 

    Once someone is banned, they will die! 

    How many beautiful people once, taking advantage of their own beauty, like to seduce the Tongtiange master, fluttering in his arms in various situations, and finally turned into a red powder. 

    The owner of the Tongtian Pavilion obviously does not know what pity is. 

    There are even people who suspect that he may be a woman, so he is not lured by women at all. 

   The new wave of gossip sent a group of people to their deaths. After a wave of beautiful men died, no one dared to approach the Tongtiange master in this vulgar way.

    And Feng Xingying, obviously committed a terrible taboo. 

    Even if she is innocent, can the Master let you go? 

    If he is reasonable, is he still the owner of Tongtiange?

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