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Wu Ni and Ji Tingyu were indeed not back at Flood Martial City yet, and the city lord residence was in a state of mess. There was a beauty that was grief-stricken and crying in the inner courtyard, and she was accompanied by a youth with a cold expression by the side. When he saw that the woman wasn't going to stop her crying, he slammed the table with frustration and anger while saying, "Cry, cry, cry, you just know how to cry. Ying'er, your younger brother isn't going to die so easily. I have already sent out men to rescue him, and your crying isn't going to help!"

The woman was rather good-looking, and her tear-stained face made people feel pitiful when looking at her. She shook her head and said with a sobbing voice, "I don't care, I don't care. If something happens to my younger brother, I will not live as well. How am I going to explain to my King Father?"

"Do you think you are the only one that needs to explain? Don't I have to explain as well?"

The youth glared at Wu Ying'er and spoke with a gloomy expression, "Jiang Yi—this b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually could sneak into the East Imperial Continent? Have the Wu Clan fed all the people in the intelligence department for nothing? If someone happens to Wu Ni on my side, my City Lord's position will be toast! b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jiang Yi, if he lands in my hands, I will make him beg for death!"

"Jiang Yi, this d.a.m.nable b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Wu Ying'er's eyes revealed a trace of hatred and clenched her teeth while saying, "This Sin Island's renegade actually dares to make our Wu Clan his enemy. This time, I will definitely make him die a horrible death…"


Before Wu Ying'er could finish speaking, she felt the surface of the ground trembling suddenly. The entire house was shaking vigorously, and her delicate body staggered and sat on the ground.

She blinked her dazzled eyes which were at a loss and looked at her husband Hong Po, only to see the latter's face without a trace of blood, and his eyes were filled with terror!

Wu Ying'er's strength was pa.s.sable and was at the peak stage of the Vajra Realm. When she scanned outside with her divine senses, she quickly exclaimed, "The city's barrier is destroyed. What is going on? Ah? Someone is attacking the city!"


It wasn't only Wu Ying'er; everyone in the city was stunned. Just a moment earlier, there was a figure in the sky above the city. That person was wearing worn-out battle armor, and he was covered in blood. Under that fiery-red helmet, there was a delicate face that was also stained with blood, and his eyes were fresh red like a demon's eyes.

He appeared in the high alt.i.tude and abruptly sent a few palm strikes, causing the barrier to glisten with radiance and shake vigorously before getting ruptured!

The extremely horrific killing aura instantly enveloped the entire city, and many weak commoners felt as though a demon had descended. That evil and icy-cold aura presence made countless people paralyzed with fear, and they couldn't even breathe!


The one who appeared in the sky was Jiang Yi, and as soon as he appeared, he executed the astral wind blades to attack. Before the guards of the city could even react, he had forcefully blasted at the city.

Flood Martial City was a large city, and it originally had a very powerful barrier, but it wasn't activated. After all, this place was the North Thearch's Wu Clan's territory, and all those who dared to attack Wu Clan's cities in history had already perished. Thus, the city seldom activated that powerful barrier. The more powerful the barrier, the more celestial stones it would consume.


After Jiang Yi destroyed the city's barrier, he flew rapidly in the direction of the city lord residence. The astral wind barrier had been formed outside his body, and the Black Iron Sword appeared in his hand which he brandished it frenziedly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the Black Iron Sword brandished, the winds, clouds, thunderbolts in the Nine Heavens above were surging. White thunderbolts the thickness of an arm struck down and blasted at those peak-stage Heaven Monarch experts that flew out from the city lord residence.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Countless experts in the city finally reacted, and numerous major and minor Clan Heads flew up and prepared to obstruct this invader and protect City Lord Hong Po.

"I am Jiang Yi. Today, I am only coming for the Wu Clan's people. To whoever dares to move recklessly, I will slaughter Flood Martial City. Once I activate my Thunder Fire Divine Shield, everyone in the city will die. If you don't believe it… you can try!"

There was a cold burst of yells which halted those Clan Heads who were all soaring rapidly. At this moment, a few more thunderbolts cleaved down from the Nine Heavens, and one of them quickly realized it and shouted, "This is the Fury of Thunder. That person had just come over with the Heaven Evasion. This person really is Jiang Yi!"

"Jiang Yi?"

Everyone didn't dare to move, and when they recalled Jiang Yi's words, their backs immediately emitted with cold aura.

That's right!

If Jiang Yi really released the Thunder Fire Divine Shield, all the commoners in the city would be instantly burnt to death. Many people on the East Imperial Continent knew about Jiang Yi's Thunder Fire Divine Shield which could incinerate ordinary Heaven Monarchs with ease.

Jiang Yi was attacking the city lord residence, and not many of those experts that emerged from the city lord residence were left. If they didn't provide a.s.sistance, City Lord Hong Po and Wu Ying'er were definitely going to die. When that happened, they wouldn't be able to escape deaths either!


If they were to make a move and if Jiang Yi released the Thunder Fire Divine Shield, more than half of the people in the city would be killed. Their clansmen, sons, and grandsons would all be dead. Thus, they paused for a moment, ultimately gritted their teeth, and returned.

Of course, the most important factor was Jiang Yi's name that provided a huge deterrence! This maniac actually dared to attack the North Thearch Wu Clan's city, and this had frightened everyone. This was a fight among immortals, and it was best for them mortals to not get involved.


After Jiang Yi released the Fury of Thunder and blasted those peak-stage Heaven Monarchs, his other hand struck out astral winds which condensed into astral wind blades and turned hundreds of people; and those peak-stage Heaven Monarchs into blood mist. He then roared out again, "Get lost, or all of you shall die!"

Swish! Swish! Swish!

There were only a few experts left in the city lord residence, but there were thousands of ordinary Heaven Monarch soldiers. When these thousands of people heard Jiang Yi's yelling, they didn't stop as they flew out rapidly one after the other in a frenzy.

Their responsibility was to protect the city lord residence and to protect Hong Po and Wu Ying'er. They naturally couldn't see by and watch as Jiang Yi killed Hong Po and Wu Ying'er.

Chi! Chi!

Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom!

A few thousand attacks were released at the same time, but Jiang Yi's Astral Wind Divine Shield was too powerful. Not even the six-star dao pattern 'Judgment Wind Blade' could destroy it, let alone the attacks from these low-stage Heaven Monarchs.


Since this group of people didn't fear death, Jiang Yi wasn't going to reserve himself either; and he was never merciful when facing against his enemies. He abruptly struck a few palms and condensed the astral wind blades which swept across. Those Heaven Monarch's divine shields were shattered, and they were all instantly killed like rice straws getting cut apart. The Flood Martial City Lord residence had been turned into a purgatory.


Jiang Yi's body rushed like a violent dragon towards a luxurious castle in the inner courtyard of the city lord residence. There was a handsome young master inside and also a beautiful young madam. The young madam looked alike to Wu Ni, and right now, many guards were rushing towards the castle. It was needless to say that these two individuals were Wu Ni's elder sister and elder brother-in-law.

"The two of you, don't resist. Jiang n.o.body needs to use both of you to exchange for a person. If you cooperate with me, I guarantee that I will not harm you. Otherwise, don't blame Jiang n.o.body for being ruthless!"

Jiang Yi's cold voice echoed and under the horrific Ma.s.sacre Intent, Wu Ying'er was completely immobilized, and so were the maidservants inside the castle. Just as Hong Po wanted to roar out with rage, a flexible sword appeared in Jiang Yi's hand; and he released the Divine Sound Heaven Skill. Hong Po immediately held his head and rolled on the floor, so did the rest of the people in the castle who were holding their heads and yelled out in pain.

Chi! Chi!

Jiang Yi's flexible sword thrust into Hong Po's abdomen and destroyed his dantian. He then took out the Thearch Palace to put Hong Po and Wu Ying'er inside.

He didn't hesitate and immediately executed the Heaven Evasion while leaving behind a statement. "Send a message to Wu Ni. If he wants Wu Ying'er back safe and sound, then ask him to let Ji Tingyu bring out Su Ruoxue. If Su Ruoxue suffered even a hint of harm, then ask him to prepare and receive Wu Ying'er's corpse and my Jiang Yi's frantic revenge!"

Chi! Chi!

After Jiang Yi left using the Heaven Evasion, the various Clan Heads finally dared to rush into the city lord residence. When they saw the floor littered with corpses, they took a deep cold breath. Jiang Yi had truly gone overboard this time.

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