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Jiang Yi sat alone on the lion chair and poured a cup of tea. He then let out a long breath of pent-up stress in his heart while his eyes flickered as he tried to calm himself. He was thinking if there were any other methods for him to obtain celestial stones.

"Selling of treasures? After eliminating the Black Wind Legion, Young Master Hong, and the others, I did obtain plenty of treasures. These treasures might be extremely expensive if I am to buy them, but they would be awfully cheap if I am to sell them. They might attract attention easily as well. If Young Master Hong's and the others' treasures have some special imprint, it would surely be troublesome."

Treasures must not be sold, and even if he sold them, it wouldn't be worth much. Unless he was to sell a pseudo-divine artifact. Jiang Yi pondered and couldn't find any method for making money. He felt as though he had returned to the situation when he was in Stellarsky Continent's Skyplume City, where he was troubled by the lack of wealth. Back then, he nearly went crazy because of ten taels of purple gold.

"Skyplume City?"

His eyes suddenly lit up as he thought of something and slapped his legs. "That's right… I can refine elixirs and sell them to earn celestial stones. My essence force is able to increase the quality of elixirs, and I can refine a huge quant.i.ty to earn ma.s.sive profits!"

His essence force was very special and could remelt any type of elixir before turning it into higher quality. Back when he was at Spirit Beast City, he and Qian w.a.n.guan did huge business and earned a ma.s.sive amount of purple gold to purchase the two special spirit herbs which were meant for Jiang Xiaonu's treatment.

"Something isn't right."

Jiang Yi's eyes dimmed quickly. This wasn't the Stellarsky Continent, and purple gold wasn't celestial stones. The elixirs of the outside world were utterly worthless. Purple gold was a currency for normal people as a single celestial stone would be worth 100 or 200 million purple gold. Even a peak-grade elixir would only be worth a few thousand celestial stones.

He muttered for a moment and still felt unresigned as he asked Feng Luan, "Feng'er, is there any special and precious elixirs? Any elixir which can be sold for a few million celestial stones?"

"I don't think I have heard of any." Feng Luan shook her head and knitted her brows while replying, "Even if there was any, it would be a unique recipe. Young Master should know that apart from recuperation and expelling of poison, elixirs cannot be used for cultivation. Of course… we do not have much information for such things, and there might be some miraculous elixirs out there."


Jiang Yi was a little disappointed as he wasn't very knowledgeable about refining elixirs. He only knew how to re-refine the elixirs with his essence force and increase the quality of the elixirs. Right now, the elixirs that he knew of weren't expensive, and even if he increased their quality, it wouldn't be able to fetch a good amount of celestial stones.

A pity. My essence force is so special, but it is useless apart from martial applications. Not right… essence force, essence force!

Jiang Yi let out a faint sigh before his body suddenly froze as his mind felt as though it was struck by lightning. He stood up abruptly and walked towards the square table in the main hall.

He reached out and grabbed the brush before entering the Union of Heaven and Man state. He started to paint quickly, but this time, his hands were glowing with red light as he enveloped his hands with essence force. He had put in all his concentration to produce this painting.

"My G.o.d…"

Feng Luan's delicate body shook. She covered her cherry lips while her startled eyes were glistening like the stars. Her eyes slowly turned misty while her charming face was filled with excitement, and her delicate body was shaking nonstop.

Brush stopping, ink drying!

The scenery of the thunder mountains took form again, and this time, it was very clear as it was easily recognized for anyone that visited the Sky Thunder Island. When Qing Yu took a glance, she also felt her soul spirit throbbing slightly as though this painting had an indescribable grace and attracted her.

"Heaven Painting. Young Master, you drew another Heaven Painting!"

Feng Luan was very excited as Jiang Yi had painted another Heaven Painting. It didn't just mean that they would have an endless supply of celestial stones, but most importantly, she loved calligraphy, painting, and art. She was always filled with admiration and worship for experts in this line. Now, Jiang Yi had produced two Heaven Paintings; and although his painting skills still weren't as good, it could be practiced. There might be a chance that Jiang Yi could become an Art Emperor in the future.

"Art Emperor!"

When thinking of her beloved man actually becoming the legendary Art Emperor, Feng Luan's heart was getting even more aroused. She looked at Jiang Yi with eyes of extreme pa.s.sion while her breathing got erratic, and her delicate body turned soft like a kitten in heat.

"Essence force! So the problem was with the essence force. Who exactly imparted the Nameless Divine Art to me? It is actually so mystical…"

Jiang Yi didn't bother about Feng Luan whose eyes were filled with bewilderment and shock. When he released his essence force during his painting process, there would be an ineffable feeling which allowed him to condense the dao presence in his mind into his brushstrokes, which would then imprint the mystical dao presence into his painting.

His black essence force could enhance his vision, hearing, and senses. It could also force elixir patterns in the elixirs. All of these were due to the Nameless Divine Art. Even the strange nine star spheres in his dantian were also automatically evolved by the Nameless Divine Art. It was needless to say that the Nameless Divine Art was a miraculous existence.

Right now, the Nameless Divine Art had made another contribution!

His random painting could actually produce a Heaven Painting. He swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva and forced himself to regain his composure. When he was completely calm, he entered the Union of Heaven and Man state again to continue painting.

"Another one!"

Feng Luan's delicate body shook even more intensively while Qing Yu's breathing got erratic as well. The two of them didn't dare to let out a single sound as they were afraid they might disrupt Jiang Yi's painting.

Jiang Yi continuously produced over a dozen paintings, but not all of them were Heaven Paintings. Out of all the paintings, only a third of them were finished artworks while the rest didn't have any dao presences and were just ordinary paintings.

Despite the case, Feng Luan and Qing Yu were extremely excited. These were all celestial stones, a steady flow of celestial stones. Now that Jiang Yi possessed this skill, they wouldn't have to worry about celestial stones in the future.

"This isn't right!"

Feng Luan suddenly recalled something as she spoke loudly and alerted Jiang Yi. She shook her head and said, "Young Master, you cannot continue drawing thunder mountains as they are too obvious. It would be fine if it was just one or two paintings, but if there were too many, the news would certainly spread out and would draw in the attention of Lu Lin and the others. Once they investigate over here, they would be able to find us."

"That's right!"

Jiang Yi nodded and said, "Then I shall paint other things?


Feng Luan nodded and said, "Moreover, we cannot sell them right away after you painted them. We will wait until you produce a few hundred to a thousand Heaven paintings before we head to the Purple Dragon City which would fetch a higher price. After we sold this batch of paintings, we have to ride the Heaven Fate Ship and depart for G.o.ds Bestow City immediately. During that period of time, all of us cannot show ourselves; and we should just let the Golden Flood Dragon do the selling."

Once more than one thousand Heaven Paintings were sold, the entire G.o.ds Bestow Tribe would in a huge sensation, and there would be countless people that would come and investigate. If everyone continued to stay in the Purple Dragon Archipelago, it would definitely be dangerous; and their only choice would be to depart immediately after the selling.

"Young Master, you continue painting. I will go have a discussion with w.a.n.guan."

Feng Luan thought about it and still felt some risk. She decided to finalize the details with Qian w.a.n.guan and do their best to not leave any clues behind and not to allow Lu Lin to find any traces of them.

"Alright! Qing Yu, grind the ink."

Jiang Yi waved his hand, grabbed the brush, and entered the Union of Heaven and Man state. His mind appeared with the volcano eruption in the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. He had already comprehended the Power of Fire dao pattern, and the scenery of the volcano eruption had a deep impression on his mind. Right now, his painting was still scribbling and was flowing naturally.

Soon enough, a magnificent painting of the volcano eruption in the sea was completed. A pity that this painting was just barely pa.s.sable, and there wasn't any dao presence in it.

Jiang Yi didn't feel discouraged and continued to concentrate on his painting. Second painting, third painting… fourth painting…

Gradually, all of Jiang Yi's painting was getting more impressive and imposing. When at the fourth painting, the dao presence had appeared; and even Qing Yu could feel it clearly.

"Young Master, you did it! Continue!"

Qing Yu exclaimed, and when she saw that Jiang Yi was a little exhausted, she leaned over and let out a lovely giggle and whispered in his ear, "Young Master, work harder. Today, if you can produce 30 Heaven Paintings. Tonight… we sisters will allow you to do whatever you want."


Jiang Yi's body shuddered as his eyes grew straight and had this instant rush of vigor. His brushed was brandished like dragons and snakes as he frenziedly painted.

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