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Chapter 591: Iron Chain Bridge

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios


A white light shone in front of Jiang Yi. The world in his eyes changed again. The field of vision was extremely wide, and the terrain was very unusual. Anyone would be shaken by just one look.

Right now, he was standing on a boulder, in front of a huge canyon abyss which was at least five kilometers wide. Red lights below illuminated the skies. It was all rolling magma down there. Should one fell, there absolutely wouldn't be anything left of him. Although the magma was 30 kilometers away from the ground, the scorching heat waves rose up from time to time, making it hard to breathe.

There were three iron chain bridges across the canyon. The bridge was only one meter wide, covered with black slates in the middle. Two iron chains that were made up of black iron glittered coldly. The heat waves were rolling underneath, but the iron chains and slates gleamed with chill and history.

“Em? There is a lot of people over there! No, Wu Ni is on that side, and Tu Long should be there, too.”

Jiang Yi didn't pay much attention to the iron chain bridges or the end of the iron chain bridges. He was attracted by two iron chain bridges on the right, and he looked grave. There were hundreds of people on those two bridges. On the iron chain bridge in the middle, Jiang Yi clearly saw Yin Ruobing, Ling Shiya, Ling Qijian, She Fei, Sword Thearch's grandson, and the others.

He had never met Tu Long before, but he had seen Wu Ni. His four Heaven Monarch maidservants were beside him, which was quite noticeable. However, after a few glances, the panic in his heart was replaced by doubts.

As the people on those two iron chain bridges acted very strangely. Instead of flying, most were staggering slowly—as though every step was immensely difficult. Many people were unable to stand upright and struggled to support their body. Moreover, a few people even used both their hands and feet to crawl on the floor.

“What's happening?”

Jiang Yi was confused. He didn't know the exact strength of Ling Qijian, She Fei, and the group, but surely, many of the descendants of prominent clans here had reached the Heaven Monarch Realm. Even a Vajra Realm martial expert could fly as he pleased; if a Heaven Monarch chose to fly over the five-kilometer distance, they would cross the bridge in a blink of an eye. Why were they walking so slowly?

However, Jiang Yi was slightly relieved. The iron chain bridges were three kilometers away from each other. It was already so difficult for them to just walk; they should never be able to fly over there. So far, Jiang Yi was still safe.

As Jiang Yi was observing the people on the other side, those on the other two iron chain bridges noticed him, too. Three kilometers were not very far. People who were able to come inside were at least at the Vajra Realm and had very good eyesight. They easily saw Jiang Yi.


Jiang Yi's appearance even caused a small-scale disturbance, but peace was restored readily. Everyone looked at Jiang Yi with sneer and pity.

“What's the situation?”

Jiang Yi was confused upon seeing Yin Ruobing and Ling Shiya also glanced at him sympathetically. After just a look, they stopped paying any attention to him. Yin Ruobing was still in bare feet and slowly walked forward step by step. Although she was slow, her back was as straight as a sword, and her expression was very leisurely.

Ling Shiya was standing with a handsome young man. Jiang Yi had seen this man before: he was Ling Qijian who flew on a sword. Ling Shiya looked a bit exhausted; she could hardly remain steadily if not for Ling Qijian who was holding her with one hand.

To Jiang Yi's surprise, the seven- or eight-year-old child—the Sword Thearch's grandson—was walking very steadily. His pace was also very slow, but he looked effortless and glanced at Jiang Yi from time to time.

In front of the kid, it was Wu Ni who was also walking very easily. Instead, his four maidservants were as slow as snails. Wu Ni looked at Jiang Yi just now. His eyes flashed with mockery, but he didn't care about him in particular, which was a huge relief to Jiang Yi.

This Young Hall Master of the Martial Arts Hall probably had not received his information, or he had yet reached the point that warranted attention from the Martial Arts Hall Young Master.

What made Jiang Yi very surprised and extremely despondent was that he found no sign of Yi Chan. Her purple hair was too obvious, and she made quite an impression on Jiang Yi. However, after he swept across everyone, he still found nothing.


Since he was already here, and there was no way in the back, Jiang Yi had to try to go forward. In case that the Fei Clansmen followed him here and asked the Sword Thearch's grandson, Wu Ni, and the group for help to kill him, he would really be doomed.

Jiang Yi lifted his foot and stepped on the bridge in front of him. After taking two steps on the boulders on the cliff, he sensed no problem. He stepped on the iron chain bridge confusedly.


A mountainous pressure slammed down, which caught Jiang Yi off guard. His legs went soft, his entire body was pressed against the iron chain bridge by that immense pressure; his head even crashed heavily onto the ground.


Many people on the middle iron chain bridge saw Jiang Yi's horrified face and ungainly look and laughed. However, after laughing, their body immediately sank down, making them complain from the pain. However, many still showed derision.


Jiang Yi saw Yin Ruobing and Ling Shiya had a smile flash on their faces and couldn't help laughing, he felt pretty embarra.s.sed. He also understood why everyone acted in that way.

As expected, there was a catch in this canyon abyss. The gravity was so severe that people couldn't fly or go too fast. With one mistake, they might fall under the bridge and be burned into ashes!

Such horrible gravity!

Jiang Yi secretly sighed, but he still had some doubts in his heart. Though the gravity was a lot, he could still bear with it. By right, the Heaven Monarchs on the iron chain bridges over there should found it easier.

He struggled to stand up. Bones were creaking as if a giant mountain was on his back. He was reminded of the laugh of Yin Ruobing and Ling Shiya, which aroused the conceit in his heart. Clenching his teeth, he stood upright and lifted his legs to continue going forward.

One step, two steps, three steps!

Jiang Yi felt even stranger, he was able to withstand the gravity so why were the Heaven Monarch Realm Martial experts over there walking so slowly? At this speed, he would soon be able to surpa.s.s everyone.

Four steps, five steps!


Jiang Yi's legs went soft again. He stumbled and fell again. His whole body was thrown to the ground, with face pressed onto the black slates which were somewhat deformed from the pressure.



“Hha, is he f*cking trying to make us laugh?”

Although people were walking on the other two iron chain bridges with great difficulty, some still couldn't help but burst into laughter, including Yin Ruobing and Ling Shiya. Ling Shiya's pet.i.te body trembled; she could have fallen to the ground if not for Ling Qijian who was grabbing her.

“Haha. Ahhh—!”

A man on the third iron chain bridge on the right laughed, but he staggered and missed a step. He lost his balance and rolled down from the iron chain bridge. Soon, he fell into the rolling magma below and was burned to nothing.


The crowd didn't dare to continue laughing and focused on walking. On the third iron chain bridge, several people looked at Jiang Yi with hatred in their eyes. Obviously, they blamed Jiang Yi for the death of that man.

“d.a.m.n, the gravity suddenly increased!”

Jiang Yi arched his back in a grimace. Though the gravity didn't increase by a lot, it was very sudden and unpredictable.

He didn't risk being careless and slowly walked towards the front. As expected, after five steps, the gravity increased again. He was prepared this time. His legs only bent slightly, but he didn't fall.

He then understood why those Heaven Monarchs didn't have the audacity to go too fast. If they rushed, their body wouldn't be able to adapt to the sudden rise in gravity, and they would definitely fall off the iron chain bridge.

“d.a.m.n, is this iron chain bridge built for the human to cross?”

Only after one hundred steps, Jiang Yi felt that pressure on his shoulders had already been doubled. Despite gritting his teeth and trying his best, he would no longer keep his back straight.

This iron chain bridge wasn't considered to be very long and was only five kilometers long. The problem was—if the gravity continued to increase at this rate, even if he crawled on the floor, he would never be able to reach the middle of the bridge—let alone go to the end of it and enter the stone gate.

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