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Qian w.a.n.guan, Zhan Wushuang, Yun Fei, and the Qian Clansmen lit up their eyes at the same time. No one was sure of winning the fight, but this didn't include Jiang Yi. If Jiang Yi became serious and let out his Ma.s.sacre Intent. n.o.body here could survive—they all had to die!

Therefore, they didn't worry about Jiang Yi at all. Instead, the group got all worked up and waited for a good show. Since Jiang Yi had decided to fight—naturally, he had the battle in his hand.

Xiao Ming twitched his mouth again, and the scar was wriggling. Sneering, he looked at Jiang Yi. "I won't kill a n.o.body. Boy, give me your name!"

Stunned, but Jiang Yi quickly came up with something. Smiling politely, he replied, "My name is Qian Daye—the commander of Qian Clan's slaughterhouse 1 !"

"Qian Daye? The commander of slaughterhouse?"

Xiao Ming murmured doubtfully. Qian Clan even owned a slaughterhouse? There was a commander of a slaughterhouse?"


Many bright young mistresses swiftly laughed. Xia Feiyu was the first to get the joke. She laughed so hard that the two jade melons at her chest were jumping up and down rhythmically. Many young masters stared at her bosoms and reveled in them.

"Qian Daye? Lord Qian! Do you want to die?!"

Xiao Ming realized the joke only after he found out that everyone was giggling. Enraged, when he saw Jiang Yi was not moving, he stomped on the ground and took off like a cannonball. Then, he shot the shimmering iron hook violently towards Jiang Yi, sweeping the cold wind along with the hook.

Jiang Yi stood still. His face had regained calmness. He had already enhanced his eyesight and hearing with black essence forces. The Wen Fight did not permit using essence forces, but he didn't use essence forces for the attack and only circulated them inside his body. There was no Vajra Realm martial expert now. Without using divine senses, who would find out this?

He had long released his divine senses secretly. That was why he dared to accept the challenge!

His divine senses could explore everything, and so he would act proactively. Even now, he could sense that Xiao Ming was gathering the Thunder power in Heaven and Earth. Traces of Thunder power in his body flowed towards his hand. As soon as the iron hook in his hand touched Jiang Yi or Jiang Yi's weapon, the Thunder power would instantly injure him.

Jiang Yi had many methods to kill Xiao Ming, but he didn't want to expose his ident.i.ty. Thus, he couldn't use Ma.s.sacre Intent, Earth Fire, Fire Spirit Pearl, Fire Dragon Sword, Instant Shift, or Binding of Wind.

The only move he could use was Wind Myriad dao pattern!

This dao pattern had been known to the outsiders. If he didn't rely on the Fire Dragon Sword to release the dao pattern, they couldn't possibly find out his ident.i.ty. Of course… if he didn't wield the Fire Dragon Sword, he had to use his essence force.


Xiao Ming had already attacked. That iron hook was glistened with brilliance, like the scythe of death. Once it touched Jiang Yi, thunderbolts would immediately shoot out. Everyone held their breath to see how Jiang Yi was going to dodge.

Still, Jiang Yi didn't move. However, at this moment, the surrounding wind started to flow; and his body became paler. An image was suddenly congealed in front of him. As Xiao Ming was rushing toward him, he hit Jiang Yi's image as expected.

Myriad Clone!

Jiang Yi had yet to gain any insight into this sorcery skill. So far, he could only congeal one image, and he was unable to control the movement of this image.

Still, when this image appeared all of a sudden, Xiao Ming was startled. Anyone who was sprinting forward would be surprised and avoid immediately if an image came out of nowhere.

This was human instincts, not to mention the image appeared in front of Xiao Ming was identical to Jiang Yi's appearance at this moment. What if this was some kind of powerful attack?

Thus, he quickly slid aside and swung the iron hook to the front, pouring out the stored Thunder power. His Thunder power turned into an electrical snake and bolted towards Jiang Yi's image.


The real Jiang Yi laughed. The image in front of him suddenly vanished, and he dashed forward like a ferocious tiger. One hand turned into a sharp claw and was about to clutch Xiao Ming.


Jiang Yi's claw was flared with white light and instantly transformed into hundreds of images. Every one of the images looked so authentic. All the Soul Travel Realm Experts here contracted their pupils. No one could tell which one of the claws was real. Xiao Tianhu signed silently. Eyes flashing with a murderous look, he clenched his fists in fury. He knew… Xiao Ming was over!

Xiao Ming had just released the Thunder power and didn't even have the time to congeal it. He was startled by the image just now. When seeing hundreds of images of claws, he was frightened to the extent—that his face turned pale and his mouth twitched involuntarily.

He quickly moved backward and waved the iron hook randomly in a bit to stop Jiang Yi's attack.

The problem was… they were so close to each other. Jiang Yi's physical strength was already so powerful. Even without essence force, he moved as fast as a shadow. How would Xiao Ming dodge the attack?


The hundreds of claw images disappeared from the sky. Jiang Yi effortlessly thrust his claw into Xiao Ming's lower abdomen. He was even crueler and directly burst Xiao Ming's dantian.


There was a sound of a watermelon bursting. Intense essence force was released from Xiao Ming's lower abdomen, shocking everyone. Xiao Ming opened his eyes and was in a state of frenzy. He swung the iron hook hysterically and wanted to take Jiang Yi down with him. However, Jiang Yi struck the other hand on Xiao Ming's wrist, easily released his weapon, and elbowed him out.

With divine senses, he could easily predict Xiao Ming's next attack. Without dao pattern attacks, Xiao Ming was like a dancing monkey. For two martial artists of similar strength—if one knew the other's next move in advance, how could the latter fight back?

Therefore, even though Jiang Yi's physical strength still lagged behind the peak stage of the Soul Travel Realm, he could easily kick Xiao Ming out when Xiao Ming was hurt. This leveled out the differences between the two.

The martial skills released from Wind Myriad are not bad. It's a pity that all are just images—unlike the concrete attack released by Fire Dragon Sword.

Jiang Yi signed slightly. He was somewhat happy about this result. He had reached the phenomenal stage for Wind Myriad. This was a mid-grade dao pattern. A casual martial skill released from it was rather daunting.


Slamming down the square table, Xiao Tianhu stood up in rage. He looked at Jiang Yi murderously and said, "You have got some b.a.l.l.s! How dare you to cripple Xiao Ming in combat? If I don't kill you today, I am not worth being a man. Qian w.a.n.guan, are you going to do it, or do you need our help?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


A dozen of people behind Xiao Tianhu all drew out their weapons. They looked indignant. Dao Zhan from the Northern Mang Kingdom and his group got up in chagrin, too.

Two of the Qian Clansmen were severely wounded, but the Xiao Clansmen showed mercy to both. They neither kill them nor disable them. Even if almost all of Qian Tie's inner organs were damaged, Xiao Ming didn't destroy his Dantian. After a year or two, Qian Tie would recover.

Now, Jiang Yi directly smashed Xiao Ming's Dantian, which was equivalent of totally trashing him for good. This cost Xiao Clan a martial expert. Jiang Yi was indeed out of line this time. There were very few incidents like this in the history of Wen Fight.

"That's right. Qian w.a.n.guan, you broke the rule…"

"Hem! Nothing can be accomplished without rules. Young Master Qian, if you act like this, who else dares to deal with your family in the future?"

"Brother Tianhu. Don't waste your words. Kill him now!"

Many young masters and young mistresses had been aiming at Qian w.a.n.guan and his group for they were friends of Jiang Yi's. After such incident, naturally many spoke up for the Xiao Clan. Then, the cabin was lifeless. The atmosphere was extremely oppressive. Any sparkle could lead to a brawl.


Grinning, Qian w.a.n.guan showed no sign of panic on his round face. Instead, he shrugged and said, "You are the ones picking a fight with us. At such a decent banquet, you have to start a fight. Now, when something goes wrong, you are blaming my clansmen? Do you really think our Qian Clan is an easy target? Old Liu, signal for more people! If they want to play, I will accompany them to the end. Today, I'm going to risk it all. If anyone dares to hurt Qian Daye, I'll risk my life to fight with him!"

… In Chinese, 'Daye' means lord.

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