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Chapter 335: The Most Outstanding Madam

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Liu Li appeared as though he had died internally. His expression had fallen while he was being dragged outside. His boss's words helped him to understand his offence. All of a sudden, he began shouting at Fang Xinxin. “Madam, please save me! If you save me, I'll sing praises about you every single day. But if I really die, when I become a ghost, I…”

Won't let you off.

Before he could continue speaking, he received his boss's stern, warning gaze. He immediately gave in and changed his words. “Uu… I will continue praying for you sincerely.”

Fang Xinxin remained unmoved. She appeared not to have heard anything.

Liu Li began an endless stream of praises for her. “Madam, you are as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers. Your figure is outstanding and your talent is unmatched in this world. You possess amazing charisma. You're attractive in every possible way…”

The two bodyguards were after all Liu Li's colleagues. They held him down at the living room entrance and waited to see if he had any chance for survival.

Fang Xinxin scanned the enormous living room but did not find any other women. “Where's this so-called Madam?”

“Miss Fang, it's you.” Liu Li immediately flattered her. “You are Madam. The most outstanding Madam!”

“Did you get the wrong person?” Fang Xinxin appeared confused as she returned his words to him. “With my horrific appearance, your boss won't even be able to eat me.” She shook her head, sighed and waved her hand in dismissal. “How could I possibly be the so-called outstanding Madam you described!”

Liu Li went against his conscience fearing the consequences. “I was blind. You are definitely a diamond in disguise.”

Bai Qinghao's expression darkened. He spoke up coldly in reprimand. “What do you mean by diamond in disguise… she is clearly a bright, shining diamond!” She was constantly drawing him in.

When Liu Li heard the first few words, he a.s.sumed that his boss had finally taken a proper look at Fang Xinxin's ugly appearance. However, when he heard the remaining part of the sentence, he could only nod in heartache. “Boss sees it the most clearly.”

He clasped his fingers together and made a begging gesture. “Kind Madam, won't you let me off? As long as you ask Boss for mercy, this little one will be able to survive.”

“Although I'm reluctant, I'll give it a shot.” Fang Xinxin naturally understood that Liu Li, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, was being untruthful. Although he was praising her on the outside, internally, he must be insulting her thoroughly.

Nevermind! In the future, she would definitely impress him.

In their past life, Liu Li eventually died whilst protecting Bai Qinghao.

It wasn't time for him to die yet. He still needed to live in order to protect Bai Qinghao.

Thus, for the sake of her beloved man, Fang Xinxin could only begrudgingly say, “Bai Qinghao, why don't you spare Eunuch Liu's life?”

This time, Liu Li was the one who was confused. “May I know where the eunuch came from?”

Several other people, who were present, had yet to react. Bai Qinghao's lips twitched. Even the smoke that escaped his lips in wispy circles appeared to be amused.

His fiancée was truly becoming more and more interesting!

Fang Xinxin pointed at Liu Li and appeared as though it made perfect sense. “You. Didn't you say that, if your boss wishes for your death, you have no choice but to die? You're the eunuch working by the King's side. It was the hormonal imbalances in your body that led to your mistake of offending the King's wife. This is understandable. Your mistake doesn't deserve death.”

She explained especially well and appeared to make a lot of sense. Butler Zhao and the remaining two butlers could not conceal the smile in their eyes.

Liu Li was a hardened man. How could he possibly accept this injustice? He resisted it with all his might. “I'm not Eunuch Liu!” If rumours of this incident spread, how was he supposed to go on living?

Fang Xinxin abruptly understood. “Oh yes, I made a mistake. Court Eunuch Liu.”


Liu Li had no counterargument to offer. His little life was still in her hands. His youthful face had turned red as he gritted his teeth and endured his anger.

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