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Chapter 68: Empire’s Turmoil Arc 14 Exchanging Money

Side Quest: Marshall Family’s Magical Fairy Tales

Task One: Inquire into the Marshall Family’s repeated kidnappings


5000 exp

3000 gold

Part two open

Part two:

Option 1: Kidnap the Marshall family for the Kjell family.

Option 2: Prevent the Kjell family actions, guide the Marshall family members to the college.

Dumbly looking at the quest prompt I gave a bitter laugh.

Seriously! Where’s the choice? In the beginning I was already in one of the camps.

“So that is what’s happening. Do you know why they would want to kidnap the Marshall family?”

“That is……”

Looking at Michua’s expression, I nodded, took out 500 gold coins and set it in front of her.

Although I don’t know her asking price but 500 gold coins shouldn’t be a low price?

But I’m not hurting at all. When the quest was finished, the number of gold coins was increased by 3000. I’m not distressed at all to take out 500.

Michua picked up the bag. Testing its weight, her expression changed to surprise.

“You can earn a lot of money when you have a relationship with n.o.bles~”

“Well, remember to give me a receipt. When the time comes I will have the n.o.bles reimburse it.”

“Reimburse ?”

“It means pay with money.”

“Is that so. Master said reimburse was the same thing before. Master carried a box out a few days ago, she said she was going to find someone to reimburse their work.”

“That’s not it. I think you master meant something different…… well, the meaning is almost the same.”

I don’t know why, this girl’s t.i.tles are terrible, but when she talks for a while she is actually moe……

Is this a contrast moe? Yeah……

“All right, can you tell me the reason now?”

“Of course. I am very professional at business.”

Really? I can see your first t.i.tle is evil, but you can talk like a good person.

“Well, I just received this information this morning. Originally I thought it was a joke but then I went to look at the top of the bounty notices and saw the portraits of Marshall family’s young master and miss hanging there.

“Is that so? They seem to be very knowledgeable on the whereabouts of the Marshall family. They almost succeeded in kidnapping the Marshall family the first time.”

“Ha ha~ So then, it seems you saved their lives?”

“Pretty much. You can sell a n.o.ble favors or something. It’s a good bargain.”

“That’s also true~ Well~ I have had no such opportunity, otherwise master would have been able to expand the store and fly to even greater heights. There would be no need to cut organs out of corpses every day.”

“……Ah, that sounds really labor intensive.”

Corpses? Can the organs of the dead still be used?

Well, who knows. Perhaps that Doctor Muyu found some magical techniques.

“Ok, who accepted the quest?”

“I don’t know that. The reward is 10,000 gold after all, I think there wouldn’t be anyone not interested?”

“That’s so cheap. It’s about the same price as an aristocrat.”

“Ahaha, you aren’t going to help the Marshall family?”

Michua laughed.

“I’m just saying that. In all seriousness, the daily expenses of a n.o.ble could go up past hundreds of thousands of gold. That’s a small amount of money. The two from the Marshall family might be able to take that much out from pocket change, it wouldn’t necessarily smash to death the other party.”

“Smashed to death with money…… ha ha, that’s funny~ I guess that’s the reason the Queen let you out of the Elves’ territory? You know, she doesn’t like to kill people, but she is very fond of putting people in the dungeon and never letting them out.”

“Then I am really lucky to have gotten out, ha ha.”

The Queen actually had that sort of hobby? We had barely experienced the prison and didn’t experience the dungeon at all. So very lucky.

I might have had to do a ma.s.sive jailbreak otherwise.

Even if I was unable to escape it might have caused the Elf race to become completely hostile.

It really is a pity. I can’t legally watch elf like magical creatures, it really is a waste.

“Big brother, was it my imagination that you just thought of something strange?”

“What? Don’t be paranoid. I’m thinking of something serious.”

“Oh? What?”

Oyado looked at me, unsatisfied. I helplessly sighed.

Recently I’ve been feeling that Oyado has been getting more and more sensitive. Is it because her a.s.sa.s.sin skills have been getting better?

That’s terrible. If there’s a mind reading skill there is going to be a problem.

“All right, we are almost finished collecting intelligence. It seems like I’m going to have to bring my companion back to protect the Marshall family’s young master and miss. There are a lot of people waiting outside now waiting for the reward.”

“Ok, then my brother is staying~ Isn’t it going to be dangerous?”


I looked at Julian. He was being held in a very embarra.s.sing way.

I smiled and replied.

“All right, you are going to go with your sister first. I’ll come back to see you~”

“Yes, yes. Here is my terminal contact number. If there are any information or organs you need you can contact me~”

Then she handed a card to me.

This……it’s really professional……

I took the card. It had her name and a string of weird numbers on it.

Have you been able to chat at the terminals lately? Is QQ installed? Facebook? Or is Skype?

Just kidding. How could that be? It’s just an ordinary communication device.

“Okay, see you later~”

Leaving her small shop, I smiled at Oyado.

“All right, let’s go~ We’ll go look for Ms. Mari.”

“Big brother, when are you going to hold me like Julian’s sister Michua held him?”


I thought about it and just put Oyado on my shoulder.

“Oh, big brother…… this……”

“Now should we go home so I can make it up to you?”

“I…..am not too heavy?”

“No. Don’t worry, Oyado is very light.”

Even though I said that I had all ready used strength increasing skills to stand up.

“Come on.”


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