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After cla.s.s in the afternoon, Che Stuart walked to the parking lot in the campus with the keys in his hand. He saw a slender figure leaning against the bonnet of his car. It was Jane who was folding her arms over her chest gracefully, with her long hair dancing in the wind. Her comely and charming face hardly expressed her great joy or rage. The girl was full of mystery, like a fairy descending to the world from the heaven.

As he approached her, a s.e.xy smile rose on his handsome face. “It’s rare that you would come to me on your own initiative,” he deliberately concealed the ecstasy in his heart and showed a careless expression.

“The incident that Jon Cage of Art School was seriously injured for no reason and sent to the hospital for emergency treatment has shocked the whole university. Don't you want to say anything about it, Che Stuart?”

With a cold chuckle, Che Stuart walked up to her and looked down at her, “Some people deserve a good spanking, and he need to have a lesson about how to stop offending others by rude remarks in the future.”

“So, you are really the a.s.sailant?” Jane looked up at his frightening face calmly but her voice showed her irrepressible shock.

“I did it, so what?” Che Stuart said, and did not worry at all.

“You should not be so impulsive. He's not worth it.”

“He shouldn't say that to you. I won't tolerate anyone to blaspheme my favorite girl. It's my kindness not to kill him directly,” Che Stuart raised his arrogant chin. “That's the result of offending me."

Jane was touched by his words for a moment. What a domineering boy he was! Che Stuart bashed Jon up just because he said some improper words to her?

Che Stuart suddenly stroked Jane’s delicate cheek with his big hand, and looked down at her calm and beautiful face, “I don’t mind your hatred. I just want you to remember one thing. I will fight for whatever I want. What I used to want is your body. But now, what I want is your heart, Jingyou Jane. You can be prepared to refuse me, but I don't mind telling you one thing that the more challenging tasks are for me, the more I want to accomplish them.”

He drooped his head gently and kissed her on the forehead, “You are destined to belong to me, and I am destined to be the only man in your life. Wait and see.”

After that, he let go of her body, opened the car's door and stepped into his car. Suddenly, he raised his handsome and charming face.

“Honey, if you don't want anybody to be beaten up by me because of you, I suggest you keep a low profile from now on. I really mind that you are coveted by other boys, so I can't guarantee that there will not be a second Jon in the future.”

Jane, who was teased by him, reached out her hand to erase the kiss mark he had left on her forehead; then she put her hand on the door of his car, bent down and said, “Che Stuart, I won’t be grateful to you because of what you have done for me. Don’t you know it's foolish to do that? Hurting Jon doesn't do any good to you.”

Sitting in the driver's seat, Che Stuart chuckled carelessly, “I don't care about the consequences as long as you can vent your spleen!”

His domineering declaration made Jane's eyebrows wrinkled fiercely. This hateful boy was obviously arrogant, but her heart was beating faster uncontrollably. Did she fall in love with him? What kind of magic did this guy use to melt her heart which had been frozen for so many years?

Jane ignored the palpitations at the moment and pretended to be indifferent; suppressing the turbulence in her heart deliberately, she took a deep breath and said, “If you want others to shut up, you have to be self-disciplined. I began to doubt your IQ since you have used violence to solve problems.”

“If that makes you a little happy, I’m ok with that,” Che Stuart was indulgence for her words. “My girl is a real personality.”

“There is one thing you need to be clear...” she suddenly bent down and looked down at his conceited face. “Che Stuart, I will never like an arrogant and b.u.mptious boy like you,” she shouted against her will.

“It's your business whether you like me or not, but you can't stop me from liking you,” he laughed in a more intimate way and suddenly caught her little hand on the door of his car. “Besides, may I take it that you suddenly came to me today to thank me?”

“I'm sorry!” she jerked her little hand away politely. “I’m afraid you are going to feel disappointed. I just want to warn you not to do such mindless things again. If you are really arrested for intentional a.s.sault, don't say you do it because of me.”

“Oh, somebody was worried...” he elongated the words in an annoying voice.

“Yes, of course, I am worried that if I am implicated by you unfortunately, I will be more miserable in the rest of my life. I have to let you know that it is very unfortunate for me to know such a person as you.”

Che Stuart’s expression changed slightly and soon he regained his former arrogance, “Jingyou, the man you hate so much decides to have a date with you at 10 a.m. on this Sat.u.r.day. Let’s meet at the West Times Square!”

“You can wait there alone till the seas dry up and the rocks decay,” then, Jane turned away and left him alone in the parking lot.

He stared intently at her slender figure, “I believe you will come.”

Jane did not respond to him but quickened her step. She wouldn’t date with him. Go to h.e.l.l~

“I'll be there, waiting for you all the time,” behind her, Che Stuart’s self-confident voice came. Jane’s psychological defense mechanism began to crumble bit by bit because of his overbearing manner. This d.a.m.n feeling was a shame for her!

There was no cla.s.s on Sat.u.r.day. After getting up in the morning, Jane began to read the world-famous book "Orphan Twist" in her apartment. After a while, she couldn't help glancing at the alarm clock on the table. The pointers showed that it had been 9:50 a.m.

Che Stuart said that he would wait for her in the West Times Square today. Although she wanted to forget this date, as time approached 10 o'clock a.m., she found that her anxiety was growing stronger and stronger.

After half an hour, the book in her hands still remained at page 192. She seemed to have no idea what the meanings of those English words were. When the hands of clock pointed to 9:05, she couldn’t stand the torments anymore, so she put down the book in her hands and got up. She was just about to go out, but a knock at the door stopped her.

It was an unprecedented strange thing for her to have visitors at home. Her uncle was doing business outside the city, and she had just paid the rent, so it couldn’t be the landlord, either. Who would that be?

With curiosity, she opened the door of her apartment. A strange middle-aged man in his forties, with a unique aura of n.o.bility, wearing an expensive Armani suit which set his tall and thin figure off, stood in the doorway.

This strange man looked familiar; his face, including eyebrows and mouth, closely resembled that of the arrogant boy, Che Stuart. Maybe he was…

“Are you Miss Jane Jingyou?” the oriental man standing in the doorway took the lead in speaking. His voice was steady and vigorous, with powerful momentum.

Jane compulsively suppressed her curiosity. She nodded calmly, “Yes I am. You are…?”

The man asked with a smile, “Don't you ask me to come in and sit down?”

Jane slightly moved sideways and let him in. The man looked around the narrow apartment and found a clean place to sit down with ankle on knee. Then he looked up at the confused Jane.

“I am Ao Stuart, Che's father.”

Jane’s face was stiff for a moment and she raised her eyebrow, “So, you are President of Cosmos Group, G.o.dfather of Business in Wall Street?"

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