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“So what?” she, obstinate and unruly, lifted her chin and looked at him coldly. “Do you want me to use harsher words to satirize you? You even used this kind of dirty trick. You are so good. You must feel extremely comfortable after releasing your dirty sperms from your body.”

She stared at him with gritted teeth and her eyes were filled with hatred, “Che Stuart, I do not want to see you such a sc.u.mbag anymore. If you do not want to be disdained by me, just get out of my world for good...”

She nearly roared at last. Her flushed face was full of hatred. Her virgin body should be violated by such a tyrannical savage.

Jingyou Jane hided all the despair in her heart. She got up, grabbed her clothes and put them on randomly. Che Stuart behind Jane scooped her into his arms with his big hand in an overbearing way. Che Stuart lowered his head and stared at her with dashing eyebrows knitted.

“What if I tell you that my love for you is real?” his tone was full of lowliness which made himself disgusted. However, he wanted to know her answer. d.a.m.n it! What the h.e.l.l was going on with him?

“Do you believe that the beast has a heart?”

“Jingyou Jane!” he called her name hatefully. ”My patience is limited.”

“This is what I am going to tell you...hmm...”

Jingyou Jane who was lying on his lap suddenly felt that her mouth was sealed by his forcefully. His kiss with punitiveness was unbridled and rude. The two people went crazy again. Jingyou Jane who was held tightly by him changed from initial struggle to final submission. The moment when Che Stuart shouted in his heart that she was finally conquered by him, he suddenly felt a salty smell was in his mouth. He was so shocked that he pushed her away quickly.

Seeing her delicate and pale face was wetted by two lines of tears, he felt a sudden pang in his chest. He should feel unbearable facing Jingyou Jane who was crying silently. He was frustrated and turned his handsome chin away, with a hint of helpless grimness on his face.

“Do you really hate me so much?” his voice was full of either despair or anger.

Jingyou Jane closed her eyes stubbornly and let tears flow randomly. She was wrong! Wrong from the beginning. If she hadn’t gone to pick up that d.a.m.n quarter, she and he could not have come to this.

Seeing her tears and look, Che Stuart clenched his fists. He pulled her up from the bed with one hand and put his other hand on the back of her head, “It is enough, Jingyou Jane. No need to be so. I, Che Stuart, am not a clinging man. If you want to be completely isolated from me all your life, I can help you.”

He pushed her aside rudely and turned his back to her, “You can leave now.”

After a silence, a fit of rustling, indicating she was putting on clothes, came from his back. Although a gush of unprecedented pain rose in his heart, his pride forced him not to look back at her.

When hearing the sound of opening the door, he frowned and suddenly turned his head to look at her determined figure. “Jingyou Jane, you’d better not regret,” he roared in a strained voice.

His words made her back stiff. After a pause of three seconds, she slammed the door and left without a word.

d.a.m.n it! Che Stuart swept the items on the bed to the floor.

d.a.m.n it! The woman really did not show respect for him.

Che Stuart looked at the clock, and it was already twelve o’clock at night. It was so late. She was a girl alone...

d.a.m.n it! He should be worried about her personal safety.

Che Stuart, what the h.e.l.l was going on with you?

After this incident, Che Stuart indeed kept his promise of not hara.s.sing her again.

Soon, it was said that Che Stuart was in love with the school beauty from Biology School. After a few days, there was gossip that they broke up and Che Stuart fell in love with the talented girl from the third grade of Business School. Just when the romance spread all over the campus, Che Stuart dumped the girl ruthlessly and paid attention to the beauty from the first grade of some school...

This kind of news emerged in an endless stream in campus. The name of Jingyou Jane was forgotten by people gradually. At least in other people’s views, she was only a name on Che Stuart’s list of hunting for beauties.

After lunch, Jennifer had a date with her new boyfriend from Biology School. Jingyou Jane carried a big stack of books to the library. Face to face, a blond boy stood in her way. Jingyou Jane who was holding books looked at him confusedly. She steered clear of the boy and continued to walk towards library.

“I heard that you are a freshman of Business School and your name is Jingyou Jane,” the blond boy stood in her way again. There was a scampish smile on his white face full of freckles. “I am Jon Cage from the first grade of Art School. You can call me Jon. Can we be friends?”

Jingyou Jane raised her head and looked at the tall teenager who was over a head taller than her. She blinked her big eyes. There was a kind smile on her delicate little face. “Nice to meet you,” she spoke gracefully.

“Then...” the blonde teenager put his hand on her shoulder and got close to her in an intimate way. ”Let’s date tonight.”

Facing the active and licentious tease of the strange boy, Jingyou Jane turned her pretty chin away calmly and raised her little face, “I don’t think we are familiar enough to date.”

His right corner of lips rose cynically, “On the basis of the status, wealth and power of Cages’ Family in America, it is your honor to be hooked by me, so you have no reason to say no.

“Very sorry!” Jingyou Jane hit his big hand on her shoulder away with a plastic smile. “I want to say ‘no’ to you now. Excuse me, bye!”

She turned around and continued to walk towards the library. But the ridicule of Jon behind her came, “Jingyou Jane, you don’t need to pretend to be a holy virgin. You have been f.u.c.ked. Do you think you are still a virgin?”

His words made Jingyou Jane ahead stop. With a sullen look, she turned around slightly and stared at rascally Jon. Although she did not speak, there was a hint of coldness in her shrunk pupils.

Jon shrugged his shoulders jeeringly, “Do you think that I don’t know what happened between you and Che Stuart? So, he can dally with you, while I can’t?” He approached her and pulled up her slender chin mockingly with his big hand, “I don’t mind wearing that guy’s ‘used shoes’. Why do you pretend to be so pure and lofty? In addition, …”

Before Jon finished speaking, his back was. .h.i.t by a blast of tremendous force suddenly and then he fell flat on his face. After turning around, he stared at the wrecker in horror. It should be Che Stuart with his face full of anger.

“I seemed to have just heard someone call my name,” Che Stuart who was cool and handsome put his foot on Jon’s chest and looked down at him. “Was it you?”

Jon who was trampled underfoot by Che Stuart looked up at Stuart defiantly, ”So what? Do you still want to stick up for the girl? Now all the people in the campus know that you two are no longer related. Che Stuart, everyone wants good things. Now I like the girl. I don’t care that you have f.u.c.ked her. Why do you come to hinder me…”

Bang! Lifting his foot, Che Stuart kicked Jon on his jaw with the toecap of the hard leather shoes rudely. Immediately, Jon was kicked into the air. Standing still superciliously, Che Stuart, like a king, narrowed his eyes and coldly stared at the boy who could not help screaming.

Jingyou Jane who was holding books cowered instinctively. The guy was really merciless. Upon this violent kick, Jon coughed a mouthful of blood. When did Che Stuart show up? Over half a month had pa.s.sed since the philter incident. There was no longer any connection between them after that night. She did not know how exactly she felt about him deep in her heart. Hatred or love?!

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