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This dirty idea made her blush. At this time, Che Stuart seemed so handsome that every inch of his skin attracted her. She swallowed hard and hated herself for the strong desire from her body.

He sat down beside her cynically, touched her soft hair with a big hand and slowly lowered his face. He laughed in an unscrupulous way.

“I guess...” his voice was full of magnetism. “You must want me now.”

In the face of his conceited evil face, Jane tried hard to control the irresistible desire in her body. She glared at him with knitted eyebrows, “What manner of place is this? What do you want?”

Elegantly resting his slender body on the leather headboard, Che Stuart crossed his long legs in a devil-may-care way. “Now the question is what you what, not what I want,” his head pillowed on his arms and a charming smile appeared on his face. “I give you the chance to climb on my dragon bed, Jingyou Jane. If you don't take the initiative any more, I'm afraid your body will not be able to stand it.”

“You...” she clenched her teeth in bitter hatred and resisted the impulse in her body instinctively. “You drugged me, didn't you?”

d.a.m.n! The more cynical he was, the more she wanted him. The boy who boasted fatal attraction was now devouring her soul like a drug. She clenched her fists, and her nails even stuck into her skin.

“It's better to surrender to me now than stand it there alone. You know that the s.e.xual intercourse of Adam and Eve is natural. It's foolish to be a saintess in bed, Jingyou Jane.”

Che Stuart showed a more horrible smile. Since he was publicly humiliated by the unyielding girl, the word “revenge” had taken root and sprouted in his heart. In this world, no matter what he wanted, he would get it even by despicable means.

The dryness of her throat and the irrepressible evil desire in her body almost controlled Jane’s mind. She wanted to pounce on him and kiss him desperately. But she resisted the pain with all her strength. When her fine nails stuck into her skin, bright red blood leaked out.

Seeing this, the cynical Che Stuart began to worry. If this silly girl continued to suppress her desire, that powerful drug might kill her.

“h.e.l.l! Is obeying me so difficult for you? Jingyou Jane, please carefully look at the face in front of you. I don't think there is any aspect in which I can't match up to you!” he was going to be mad.

Jane stared at him, tightly biting and puncturing her lips. The blood on her lips hurt Che Stuart’s heart. He picked her up, pulled her hands over her head and pressed her body under him.

“I beg you; please don't be self-willed,” his voice was slightly magnetic. Jane still stared at him and tried to endure the pain. She could even feel her breathing became rapid because of his gaze.

“What the f.u.c.k! I was so naive that I thought you would surrender to my violence. It's enough, Jingyou Jane. Don't restrain yourself any more…”

He couldn't help kissing her bleeding lips, and her blood tasted sweet. Then he brutally tore off her clothes. Jane had completely lost any resistance to Che Stuart and she made trembling responses to his barbaric and tyrannical kisses. She really felt that she was about to suffer a nervous breakdown in this atmosphere.

When the two naked bodies intertwined, everything seemed to be no longer important.

Suddenly, a salty taste from the lips shocked him.

He was stunned and slowly stopped his crazy movements. Jane’s tears lashed his heart like whips.


“Don't stop!” her low hoa.r.s.e voice was full of enchantment. She put her hand around his neck, forcing his handsome face to be closer to her body.

“h.e.l.l! I said ‘don't stop’!” Jane emitted a sharp roar since she had fully entered the peak state of l.u.s.t.

“May I?” At this moment, Che Stuart was like a careful child waiting for an adult to give an answer.

Closing her eyes tightly, Jane suddenly pressed him to her naked chest. This domineering force seemed to give Che Stuart unlimited courage. He lowered his head again and could no longer restrain his desire. They were biting and kissing each other crazily. The atmosphere became unprecedentedly hot...

When everything was done, the clock on the wall showed that it had been 11 o'clock in the middle of the night. Che Stuart was exhausted, lying down on the bed and panting, while Jane sat on the bed, clutching the quilt, with her arms clasping round knees, without uttering any word.

Turning over his body, Che Stuart looked at Jane. She suddenly became dispirited after the madness from drug effect. She was covered with long hair and her pale little face was stained with loss and helplessness. This made he feel a kind of instinctive worry.

“If you want to hate me, I won't blame you.” The quiet Jane made he felt guilty from the bottom of his heart.

“You won at last,” she looked at him with an expressionless face, and there was almost no emotion in her eyes. Her voice was emotionless, as if it come from the distant horizon.

Her words astonished Che Stuart. He stared at her fiercely. There was frightening quiet in the room and only the clock's ticking could be heard.

Jane turned her confused eyes to his handsome face, and a hint of faint mockery flashed across her lips, “The aristocratic boys like you can get anything you want. Maybe I... have made you have a sense of frustration, so...”

Jane raised her head, “You use this unscrupulous way to achieve your goal; in any case, the final outcome is your win.” She laughed at herself, “Che Stuart, I give up! I candidly admit defeat! Now that you have achieved your goal, don't hara.s.s me from now on. I just want to graduate from college quietly. OK?”

Che Stuart was shocked. This dialogue was not what he had imagined. He had childishly hoped that after this, she would beg him to take responsibility for her loss, but...

He sat on his knee in front of her, with his big hand pressing on the wall over her head, “What kind of girl are you? Are you really not interested in a boy like me?”

He did not reconcile himself to such a situation! With his family background and charming appearance, he did not believe that he could not win the heart of an ordinary girl. How could she be so proud to refuse him again and again? In Che Stuart’s opinion, he was omnipotent!

Jane looked at him calmly without any expression on her face. She dashed his big hand aside and stubbornly turned her chin away, “I have no interest in a beast in human clothing.”


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