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Her sarcastic remarks made the indulgence in the eyes of conceited Che Stuart vanish absolutely. “I hope you know one thing that it's no good annoying me. Instead of playing some silly and childish games here, you might as well obey me and climb on my bed. It will be more pleasant for you than facing my anger.”

Jane raised her beautiful eyebrows and threw him an elegant smile even though their present postures were very awkward. “From the day you were born, you've positioned your thinking in your private parts?”

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“I didn't know before, but now, I know; besides...” she slightly lifted herself up, “This is not your bed, so please don't press me so hard. I have some superfluous H₂O in my abdomen and I'm going to release them. Would it be convenient for you to get out of the way?”

Faced with her innocent and annoying expression, Che Stuart did not know whether to be angry or laugh. He stood up slowly and pulled her sloping body up, “Accompany me to dinner this evening after school.”

“I have to go home to do my homework after school,” Jane directly refused him politely. She was not interested in linking herself with such a high-ranking rich boy. But when she just got up and was about to leave the broadcasting room, Che Stuart got in the way again.

He stared at her with his head down, “I will not give you another chance to refuse me, Jingyou Jane. You know, you have showed too much of your personality in front of me, so I have a strong interest in you now. There is only one way to get rid of me - to fall in love with me. When I tire of you, I will naturally let you go. How do you think about this?”

What a shameless fellow! Jane gazed at his conceited expression with her sly eyes and there was a hint of mockery in her voice, “I wonder what minds of those girls who are so fascinated by you. Has the concept of love on campus changed now? How could a naive boy like you can be so popular?”

“Naive?” Che Stuart’s face turned cold and his tone turned dangerous in an instant, “Jingyou Jane, how dare you say I'm naive?”

“Or you have any better adjectives to describe yourself?” she blinked. “Such as, moronic, mentally handicapped, idiotic, r.e.t.a.r.ded...”

Seeing his handsome face get colder and colder, Jane suddenly swelled out her chest fearlessly and her sneer wavered and disappeared gradually, “Che Stuart, I know you do have your advantages and qualifications of being proud, but don't forget that not all the people who live in this world necessarily show respect for you. You think I should crawl at your feet like a puppy and be manipulated by you? Don't be naïve! I'm not interested in boys like you.”

“n.o.body dares to refuse me.” There was a flicker of obstinate conceit on his face.

“You can try to accept this reality and people always grow up after experiencing frustrations.”

Jane sneered, “Besides, I don't mind telling you that for your so-called ‘dragon bed’, let alone half a month, I have no interest in it in half a year, half a century or next century. Don't spend your parents' hard-earned cash on me anymore. It's a shame to chase girls with parents' money.”

Che Stuart was unexpected that things would develop to such a point. He thought that the pretentious girl had been playing tricks in order to attract his attention. He did not expect himself to be attracted by her, but... she did not want to continue to play the game.

Jingyou Jane seemed to be just a fledgeling young girl even without very attractive appearance. Why was she so arrogant?

His strong self-esteem was frustrated and he helplessly watched Jingyou Jane leave. When she opened the door of the broadcasting room, countless people who wanted to see the fun gathered outside.

The two people were blocked in the room. When Che Stuart fixed his eyes on the switch of the broadcaster, his handsome expression became fierce in an instant.

d.a.m.n it! Every satiric word and sentence from the wicked girl – Jingyou Jane echoed in every corner of New Dersey College through the broadcaster in the broadcasting room…

The fact that Che Stuart was dumped was well-known to all people on campus, which made he really humiliated and embarra.s.sed since he had always been popular in the eyes of the public.

Within three days, Che Stuart didn't send any more gifts to the cla.s.sroom, which made Jane’s life quiet. Jennifer called her a fool since she gave up a chance to approach the prince. The best boyfriend that all the girls in the university yearned for was ruthlessly dumped like a puppy by Jane.

Jane kept the mentality of a bystander to see the development of this affair. She came to New Dersey College to study rather than get into a relationship with someone. Besides, that attractive boy was not an ordinary person. She probably would be entangled in endless affaires of Che Stuart. Over the years, she had been accustomed to hiding herself and she’s only hope was to study quietly and graduate smoothly.

After school, Jane walked out of the school gate as usual. Because the rented apartment was not far from the university, she did not choose to live in school dormitory. Since her uncle no longer provided financial support to her, she took a part-time job at a fast food restaurant every night except for going to school. She checked the time by her watch. It was 5:15 p.m. and she was just less than 20 meters away from the school gate. There came out two tall men in black suddenly and Jane was in a daze when they directly rushed to Jane and grab her wrist without words. There was no time for her to scream, and a white handkerchief covered her head, which made her unconscious instantly.

A kind of intolerable pain tormented Jane and she opened her eyes hardly after a long time. What was reflected in her eyes was a dim light. She found herself lying in a king-sized bed and the decorations and luxury room she was in could only be seen in movies.

Her throat was so dry and her body was itchy like tens of millions of ants were crawling back and forth...

A tall and s.e.xy figure swayed before her eyes. With the dimly pink light, Jane recognized it was Che Stuart. He was wearing soft white silk pyjama trousers, naked to the waist in front of her. His hard and s.e.xy pectoral muscles were lethally attractive. He stepped barefoot on the soft carpet in the room. A few strands of hair fell across his forehead, and half of his handsome face was covered. There was a tempting evil smile on his face. As he slowly approached the bedside, Jane found that her body was bursting out an uncontrolled desire.

What the heck! She wanted him!

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