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He turned around, pa.s.sed Jingyou Jane and a group of shocked people, and walked slowly toward the teaching building with the most elegant step, as if all the noises on the scene had nothing to do with him.

The protagonist Jane, who was threatened in public, was surrounded by groups of people at the next moment until the bell of the first cla.s.s rang...

The most astonishing courtship rituals in the history of New Dersey College kicked off since the day!

Since Che Stuart this handsome man, who, as the No.1 Prince Charming in second grade of Business School, was worshiped by all the girls in our university, announced publicly that he would make Jane his girl in half a month that day, he indeed begun to take actions.

On the first day, a bunch of red roses, 99 in total, was sent to Cla.s.s A of Grade One, Business School, by a flower shop, but the bunch of roses ended up in a garbage can, in a mess.

The next day, the university's homepage was full of Che Stuart’s confident and irrejectable remarks of wooing Jane, but she seemed indifferent to them.

On the third day, a guard of Che Stuart ran to the door of Cla.s.s A and invited Jane to the luxurious feast that Stuart had carefully prepared for her. Finally, Jane disdainfully raised her chin and refused him in front of the cla.s.s.

On the fourth day...

This day, after driving a bunch of Stuart’s henchmen who came to send gifts away from Cla.s.s A's cla.s.sroom again, Jane calmly sat in her seat, tidying up her desk. Next cla.s.s was for self-study. When the bell rang, she got up and walked out of the cla.s.sroom.

Jennifer, who had sat behind Jane, hurried to catch up with her and asked, “Jane, where are you going?”

“Bathroom,” Jane answered and her voice was flat as if nothing had happened.

“But there are so many valuable and beautiful gifts in the cla.s.sroom. Don't you want to open them and see what they are?”

“I'm not interested in what's going to be sent to the trash can.”

“Jane,” Jennifer couldn’t help crying out, “please don't be so arrogant. He is the well-known Che Stuart! The handsome boy who is regarded as an idol by all the girls in our university! He is the incarnation of G.o.d, the proud son of heaven, the dominator of mankind...”

“I hope to win the jackpot in the lottery,” Jane who was walking in front of Jennifer suddenly turned to look at Jennifer and said very seriously.

“What?” Jennifer was in a daze and looked at Jane’s delicate face, with a confused expression, asking, “Lottery?”

“Didn't you say that man is the dominator of mankind, the proud son of heaven, and the incarnation of G.o.d? If he could bless me to win the jackpot in the lottery, I would decide to fawn on him. What do you think?”

Jennifer’s eyes opened wide with surprise when she heard Jane’s words, and for a moment Jennifer hardly knew how to answer.

“So...” Jane shrugged innocently, “Since he does not have possessed such supernatural powers, it proves that the he is not worthy of those h.e.l.l t.i.tles, such as the dominator of … and the incarnation of …”

After giving Jennifer a lovely smile, she turned towards the bathroom.

Jennifer suddenly understood Jane’s words and rolled her eyes helplessly toward the ceiling. She continued to follow Jane. “Jane, if you could have a rich boyfriend like Che Stuart, who cares about that d.a.m.n lottery? Are you silly? How many dollars is the jackpot in the lottery?”

“Enough for my life.” It was not a sin that Jane wanted to win the jackpot in the lottery. It might be the dream of every ordinary person. Jane thought with self-comfort that she could also be divided into the ranks of the ordinary.

“You're an idiot. Having a boyfriend like Che Stuart is like owning a permanent meal ticket for VIP...” Jennifer trotted along behind Jane, with a mysterious look on her face, “You know, his father is Ao Stuart, one of the top 50 Chinese businessmen in the United States. His company – Cosmos Group is located in a 49-story office building in a busy section of Wall Street, New York. It’s said that Che Stuart will inherit the company from her father in the future. I heard that the private a.s.sets of his family have reached exceeded $10 billion.”

Jane was slightly shocked. Although she did not know what $10 billion really represents, she hadn’t expected that the arrogant handsome boy had such a huge background. No wonder he was so arrogant and was so crazy to spend so much money on those valuable gifts.

She could not help responding with a sneer at the habitual tricks of playboys from rich families. “So, it’s an honor to be loved by such a gentleman. Should I hide in the quilt and laugh secretly, shouldn't I?”

“Jane, you mock me.”

“No.” Jane laughed cynically. When she was about to turn into the corridor, a tall man blocked her way. Instinctively, she looked up and saw a handsome man leaning gracefully against the window lattice of the corridor. It was Che Stuart, the permanent meal ticket that Jennifer kept boasting about.

Even though he was wearing an ordinary school uniform, his inherent deterrent aura still made people tense. He looked at Jane without expression in his handsome face. No one knew whether he was happy or angry at this point and he seemed to have been standing here for a long time in this gesture. So, the conversation with Jennifer might be heard...

He stared at Jane and tightened his s.e.xy lips with a hint of overbearing evil. When Jennifer saw the handsome man, her face became burning. Jane had been in a daze for three seconds, then looked away from him, pa.s.sed him and went on walking forward.

A big hand tightly grabbed Jane’s small hand, which made Jane stumble. She almost fell to the ground. With his arms being wrapped around her slender waist, Che Stuart bent directly to approach her small face.

“Don't you want to say something, seeing your admirer?”

Jane was forced to look up. She swallowed hard. “h.e.l.lo,” seeing he raise his brows, she continued, “nice to meet you; good-bye!”

Che Stuart couldn't help laughing, “It's too early to say goodbye!”

He rudely grabbed Jane’s wrist and took her out of the corridor with Jennifer's screams. He dragged Jane all the way. Jane almost could not keep up with him. Soon he kicked open the door of the broadcasting room, pulled her into the room and then shut the door with another kick. Che Stuart pressed her body directly onto the table of the broadcaster.

“You're very c.o.c.ky. You know?” His voice was deep and magnetic and the heat from his lips blew directly onto her face. “No girl dares to ignore my enthusiasm since my childhood, Jingyou Jane!” He called out the name that he soon found out from the other people after meeting her the first time, “Your sanctimonious att.i.tude makes me very unhappy.”

“Sorry.” Jane leaned slightly backward with her back against the hard broadcasting table. Che Stuart’s chest was almost completely on hers so that she could not help but breathe deeply in this intimate gesture. She said, “I haven’t noticed that you are so vulnerable emotionally. If I had predicted that my presence could hurt your self-esteem, I would have minimized the chance to stimulate you.”

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