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This kind of undisguised gaze made the heart of Jingyou Jane jolt. She felt that all the people present turned their eyes to her face.

At that moment, Che Stuart was walking towards her, as graceful as a model. He was looking Jingyou Jane up and down unscrupulously with his captivating eyes.

A girl with five feet and seven inches was still slightly short compared with westerners. Her long straight black hair was just like a masterpiece created by a j.a.panese animator. In his eyes, this oriental girl was not that beautiful and he could simply use two words, namely “immature” and “pure”, to describe her completely. However, a face like that aroused the interest of haughty Che Stuart.

“We met again,” he walked straight up to her. A s.e.xy and arrogant smile was outlined by his beautiful lips.

Seeing him at short range, Jingyou Jane found that her heart that had been sealed for many years was beating wildly. She was looking up at him. This handsome and cool boy was a head taller than her, which brought her a strong sense of pressure. Instinctively, she took a small step backwards.

“Do I know you before?” She tried to maintain herself calm. This dangerous guy seemed to be mastering a kind of domineering hypnotism. It was enough to make people’s mind confused with just a glance.

She was trying to warn herself not to be deluded by him while a warm big hand with pleasant smell was approaching her chin. His strength was neither too great nor small, but it was enough to make her raise her head to look up at him.

“There's no need to pretend that you don't know me. As for those who have offended, irritated, or disobeyed me and even those people who made me feel bad, my memory system is often more accurate than a computer.”

“I think you should not forget me,” he suddenly leaned forward to her. His young and handsome face just was two centimeters away from her face.

“So, in your memory system, which type I should belong to?” Jingyou Jane looked up at his dangerous handsome face without any fear and she avoided his slender fingers which held her chin without trace.

“It seems that you have involved yourself in all situations I said above. So, what are you going to do?” He suddenly put one hand on her shoulder while playing with her delicate cheek with the other beautiful big hand, and then he said to her, “I found that I started to have an interest in you.”

“It’s none of my business, bye,” she pushed away him without any trace again.

“You wanna get my attention in this way? You made it!” Her wrist was caught by him when she was turning around to leave.

“Are you a paranoid? Are you thinking that all the girls want to lie prostrate at the feet of you?” Jingyou Jane couldn’t help giving him a wry smile.

“Alright, just as you wish,” she suddenly turned to look at the crowd with a prankish smile appearing on her little face.

“h.e.l.lo, everyone, I am Jingyou Jane, Chinese, 18 years old, a freshman from Cla.s.s A of Business School. The moment I enter this university, I see this boy who is as perfect as G.o.d. I am totally attracted by his charming temperament at first sight. Upon second sight, I have completely fallen under his spell. At third sight, I fall in love with him.”

And then, Jingyou Jane nodded gracefully to Che Stuart and said to him,” Handsome boy, have you decided to develop a relationship with me?”

“Are you kidding me?” A flash of anger came over Che Stuart’s handsome face.

“So…” Jingyou Jane pretended to feel helpless and show a sad expression, and said, “You reject me. I am almost depressed to death.”

“I am crossed in love now and will suffer the pain with a broken heart for years, just like the senior blonde who was just rejected by you. Are you satisfied with this?” She laughed in a wild way.

The n.o.ble and cool Che Stuart had never thought that the one who made him feel frustrated for the first time in his life was a cynical little girl.

He swaggeringly restrained his anger that would burst out soon. And an arrogant evil smile appeared on his handsome face again.

Suddenly, he scooped her into his arms. The campus was filled with the loudest excited shouts when the two bodies collided together.

“Jingyou Jane, please remember what I said today. Don’t challenge my endurance. Today, you have offended me, which means that your future days are doomed to be no longer peaceful.”

Che Stuart said that like he swore on something. Then, a sudden kiss fell on Jane’s rosy lips without any warning.

“Ahh…” unprecedented screams filled the air, at the campus again.

Errr, Jingyou Jane opened her eyes wide and helplessly saw him put his soft lips on her own. At that moment, it seemed that the heaven and earth were rotating and all the things in the world were changing quickly at the speed of light.

Oh, my G.o.d. What the h.e.l.l happened? How dare this bad boy…

She could still hear her heart beating violently when the warm breath was away from her face.

Such arrogant expression was shown on his beautiful face again. Now the proud Stuart Ce was like a prince who had got the victory wreath, turned his presumptuous eyes to the spectators.

“Wait and see! Within half a month, I will make you climb on my ‘dragon bed’ on your own initiative!”

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