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Che Stuart’s gaze which was originally cold suddenly became more horrible and dangerous when he heard Qi’s words. He stared at Shaoyang Qi ferociously with pupils narrowing, “Get the h.e.l.l out of my sight. I do not want to see you.”


“I said get the h.e.l.l out of my sight. Don’t you understand Chinese?” The guests in the restaurant were so shocked by the gruesome roar that they dared not to breathe hard. Jiabao who was held in his arms was also so shocked that his face turned pale. Such horrible Che Stuart was just like the homicidomania from the h.e.l.l.

Shaoyang Qi whom Che Stuart yelled at slightly wriggled his lips. He turned around and left reluctantly after smiling at Jingyou Jane awkwardly.

Jingyou Jane looked at the furious face of Che Stuart cautiously, “Although I don’t know what’s going on between you and young master of Qi’s Family, I can’t understand your att.i.tude in the situation. Whatever, Shaoyang Qi treated you with due respect from beginning to end…”

“You have no right to teach me a lesson,” Che Stuart who was very angry cut her off sharply. “Shut up if you don’t want to make me get angrier.”

Seeing all people in the restaurant look at her with sympathy, Jingyou Jane was surprisingly calm and took a deep breath, “Well, I will shut up!”

She turned around and left relentlessly. Looking at her back, Che Stuart called her off angrily, “Did I let you leave? What the h.e.l.l your att.i.tude is?”

Jingyou Jane paused for a moment, “If you want other people to be nice to you, should you review your own principle of being a human? For people who don’t deserve respect, I don’t have to look at his face.”

After finishing the powerful words, she finally left the restaurant. Che Stuart was so angry with her that he did not know what to say at the moment. Only Jiabao plucked up the courage to pat him on his shoulder, “Boss, according to years of observation, I think Youyou’s att.i.tude just now showed that she was very angry.”

Che Stuart gritted his teeth hard. He knew that he shouldn’t have vented his anger on innocent Jingyou Jane, but… d.a.m.n it! He could not control the anger in his body.

After the incident in the restaurant, Jingyou Jane, the little woman who was willful and stubborn should ignore him completely.

Che Stuart was angry. But the woman who was more aggressive than him was so dissatisfied with him that she even did not look at him.

The staff of the whole company were nervous because the big Boss was in a bad mood. In order to reconcile the rigid relationship between parents, Jiabao Jane who was very good at making people happy even tried with all his might. But he had an arrogant father and a stubborn mother.

Although he strained every nerve for a week, it turned out a hopeless case!

The company meeting was held in the morning of every Monday. The atmosphere of the large conference room became very tense because Che Stuart kept a straight face all the time.

“We have sent someone to negotiate about the land in Saigon. But over two thirds of the villagers are dissatisfied with the price we offer. The village head said, ‘if we don’t raise the price by 20 percent, they won’t make room for us…’”

Before some senior manager finished his words, a thump suddenly arose in the quiet conference room. Che Stuart who looked impatient smacked his hand down on to the table and glanced at the staff on both sides of the table swiftly and fiercely.

“If you, as a senior executive of the company, can’t handle such a small case, tell me why you deserve to stay here on such a high salary?”

“Sorry, president. We failed to handle the case well. I just want to ask for your opinion. If they really don’t agree to move, should we raise the price by a few percent?”

Holding his breath, the staff who was scolded acted like a helpless mouse seeing a cat.

“What do you think?” Che’s terrible gaze was full of satire. “Should I teach you how to take the money, how to spend the money and how to enjoy yourself by the way?”

The simple words made the staff flush. Jingyou Jane who was sitting on the side and taking the minutes all the time could not help looking up, “The price of land in Hong Kong has been rising in recent years, but the compensation offered by Mr. Stuart to the villagers is the price of last year. It is normal that they resist. If you want to gain that land smoothly, you’d better follow the public opinion. There is no need to vent your anger on your subordinates.”

“a.s.sistant Jane, do you know who you are talking with?” Why the fearless little woman was always the only person who dared to retort upon him in the large conference room?

Rolling the pen on her fingertips fairily and slightly, Jingyou Jane stared at his cold handsome face fearlessly, “Since Mr. Stuart sets up this weekly work summary meeting after taking office, I think your ultimate goal is hoping that staff of the company can discuss difficult and trivial matters in public. But your egotistical att.i.tude just now…” she stopped the pen in her hand and stared at Che Stuart, “…let me wonder if you, president, are expressing your personal spite in the name of having a meeting. As employees, if we are led by such a rude boss for a long time, I’m afraid I can’t stand it out of my poor psychological diathesis.”

“Then what do you want?” his voice was frighteningly cold.

After keeping silent for a few minutes, Jingyou Jane finally stood up and drooped her head, “I want to quit!”

She was an emotionally coward woman. She could not guarantee her sealed heart wouldn’t open for Che Stuart again if she continued to stay with him. She could hardly withstand what happened in recent days. She should care about Che Stuart’s att.i.tude to her.

Right! When he talked to her in that fierce tone, she found that her heart suffered a pain as if it was hurt by something. She was Jingyou Jane without desire or love, who was calm and even imperturbable in any situation.

But since Che Stuart appeared, she found that she could not control her own feelings any more. The man was affecting her body like a virus, corroding her soul. If she did not get away, she would surely come to a pitiful end.

When hearing she said she wanted to quit, Che Stuart felt so uncomfortable as if something exploded in his body. Looking at the woman who wanted to get away from him all the time, he really wanted to strangle her.

When they were at loggerheads, Che Stuart’s mobile phone on the conference table rang at the right time. He stared at Jingyou Jane warningly, then grabbed the phone impatiently and rudely pressed the answer key. After Che Stuart replied something in a low voice, his handsome face suddenly turned dark.

He was in a daze with the mobile phone in his hand. There was almost no human emotion in his rigid face.

Smack! The phone slipped from his palm in front of everyone and made a deafening noise when it fell on the conference table made of sandalwood.

Jingyou Jane who was not far away from him looked at his abnormal expression in surprise. Why could such Che Stuart make her feel a pain in heart and concern her without reason?

After a long time, Che Stuart looked at his subordinates with gla.s.sy eyes, “Today’s meeting is over here.”

After standing up, he strode out of the conference room. After a while, he suddenly turned around and looked at Jingyou Jane who was also looking at him at the same time. Before she could react, he suddenly grabbed her wrist without a word and took her out of the conference room directly.

“Che Stuart, where are you taking me?” Jingyou Jane had to trot all the way so as to follow him.

“Go to j.a.pan with me!”


Jingyou Jane never expected that Che Stuart should force her on to his private helicopter!

Looking at the high alt.i.tude where she was now, Jingyou Jane who took a private helicopter for the first time could not help sighing with emotion that money was really a good thing. It could satisfy people’s selfish desire at any place in any time. The wealth of Che Stuart really could not be estimated.

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