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Che Stuart gave the woman who was mocking him a black look, "Jingyou Jane, I'm not a private ATM of the little guy. If you continue to laugh at me, I decide to maltreat your dear brother with horrible torture."

He did not believe that the woman could really watch her brother be tortured by him.

However, man proposes, G.o.d disposes. His words did not frighten Jingyou Jane. She sat on his office table gracefully, folding her arms over her chest.

"Okay, welcome to torture my brother to death. If you can't think of advanced methods, I can teach you some for free, such as peeling off the skin, cutting him in two at the waist, boiling, rod punishment, sawing, breaking his vertebra, and pouring lead"

Her words made Jiabao's little face gradually grow sullen. He clenched his little fist in anger. "Hateful Youyou, is there any…" he just wanted to say the word "mother", but he stopped in time, "…any sister like you? You should incite others to harm the innocent and lovely me."

"Jiabao, it is your merits and virtues to indulge the abnormal hobby of other person," Jingyou Jane laughed like a demon.

Being angry with her, the father and son goggled at Jingyou Jane. Seeing this, she quickly withdrew her irritating look and waved her arms, "Well, well, I was just kidding. You two need not be too serious. Boss Stuart, please take care of my brother. I am going to work."

When she turned around and was about to leave, she was stopped by Che Stuart. He looked at the clock on the wall, "It is time for lunch. Shouldn't you treat me to a simple meal since I take care of the kid for you?"

"I have not forced you to take care of the kid for me."

"Jingyou Jane, you helped your brother to ask me to do so many things. I can satisfy all his needs. Will you go broke if you treat me to a meal?" How could this woman be so c.o.c.ky?

"Sorry, dear boss. My bonus of this month has been deducted by you for I was late for work in that morning. Except living costs, I need to pay utility bills and other expenses, so there is not enough money left to treat you to a meal," she laughed wickedly and Che Stuart was extremely annoyed.

Seeing that she was leaving coolly, Che Stuart who was holding Jiabao Jane in his arms could not help standing up, "Well, I will treat you to lunch today."

Why could the d.a.m.n woman make him tolerant every time?

He went around the office table with his son in his arms and strode up to her, "If you dare to refuse me again, I will convict you of disobedience to your boss and deduct your bonus of next month. You can try it if you do not believe."

Jiabao Jane nodded hard, desiring to see the chaos. He was fawningly put his arms around his dad's neck, "Boss, I support you in spirit to torture my Youyou casually."

The father and the son looked at each other and laughed like devils. Jingyou Jane who was threatened rolled her eyes helplessly. She reached out his hand to pat her son's head unreservedly, "Goblin, remember it."

During the lunch.

Biting off the delicious meat on chicken drumstick with difficulty, Jiabao Jane looked at Jingyou Jane on the left and then at Che Stuart on the right with his big black eyes.

"How about a psychological test for both of you?"


"No interest!"

"Don't be so humorless."

He managed to swallow the food in his mouth and lifted his little face, "If you walked in a desert and was dying of thirst, you suddenly found a bottle of clear water buried in the sand and it seemed to have been there for a long time, would you drink it?"

Che Stuart who was drinking wine looked at Jingyou Jane while Jingyou Jane who was drinking juice at the moment also raised her head and looked at him. There seemed to be countless dazzling sparks the moment when the two people's eyes contacted.

Jiabao Jane pulled their clothes and looked at them with his big and curious eyes, "Boss and Youyou, it is not time for you to exchange amorous glances. Answer my question quickly."

Jingyou Jane who came to herself covered up the sudden flush on her face in hurry and drooped her head slightly, "No one will be so foolish to die of thirst."

Che Stuart coughed slightly and drank all the wine in his bottle, "Surely drink it."

Jiabao Jane winked at the two people playfully, "If a couple who have gone through ups and downs choose to drink the bottle of water when they meet again many years later, the answer indicates they still have feelings for each other. Otherwise…"

He threw his little hands open and showed a face to have themselves guess.

"Nonsense," Jingyou Jane stared at her son. The awkward expression became more unnatural.

Che Stuart smiled smugly. He kicked Jingyou Jane with his long leg under the table, "If you feel embarra.s.sed because of admitting that you like me in front of the child, we can find a private place to discuss the matter."

Jingyou Jane kicked him hard under the table, "I'm sorry that I can't satisfy your mawkish delusion."

"Tut-tut! What a shabby-genteel little woman!" he put the meat on the fork in his mouth arrogantly. "You still desperately try to pretend not to care even though your face has been as red as a tomato. Youyou, falling in love with me won't reduce your personal value."

Jingyou Jane could not stand him any more. She grabbed a flower-like carrot and threw it directly at his head, "Which of your eyes see me blush like a tomato?"

"Left eye and right eye saw it at the same time," Che Stuart caught the carrot agilely and put it under his nose to sniff slightly. "Thanks for your gift," he laughed like a big devil.

"Since you like it so much, then I will satisfy you," Jingyou Jane grabbed the left vegetable leaves on the plate and threw them at him again. Che Stuart easily avoided the attacks and their conversation was full of intimacy. Jiabao Jane who had been attacked by vegetable leaves for three times in succession looked cold and pouted angrily.

"Excuse me! Please find a private place if you two want to flirt, Ok?"

Che Stuart and Jingyou Jane looked at him at the same time. Seeing two pieces of carrots hanging on his lovely little head, they suddenly laughed for his strange look.

The guests of the restaurant all cast envious glances at the family of three who were very cheerful. Just when Shaoyang Qi walked in the restaurant, he saw the warm scene. When he saw the appearance of the man and the woman clearly, he could not help feeling strange.

Jingyou Jane who was enjoying the horseplay caught a glimpse of Shaoyang Qi at the door incidentally. When she saw Shaoyang Qi, he nodded politely at her and walked towards her slowly. Shaoyang Qi was surprisingly calm and maintained the perfect gentility.

"What a coincidence, Miss Jane. I did not expect to meet you here."

"h.e.l.lo, Mr. Qi," Jingyou Jane also returned a polite smile.

He looked at Che Stuart whose handsome face suddenly turned cold, "Che, you are also here."

Che Stuart gave him an sullen glare, "Before going out, I should have checked the almanac to see if today is my black day. I should meet a bothersome person in this place."

Shaoyang Qi was not annoyed at his satire. He just kept his customarily polite smile. When he saw confused Jiabao Jane, he could not help looking puzzled and asked, "The child is..."

"He is my..."

Before Jingyou Jane said the word – "brother", Che Stuart suddenly held Jiabao in his arms and domineeringly put Jiabo on his thighs, "He is my son!"

The four short words not only shocked Shaoyang Qi, but also frightened Jingyou Jane and Jiabao Jane.

Che Stuart curled his lip complacently, "Shaoyang Qi, are you shocked? I have warned you not to bother my girl before. Now she has given birth to my son. If you are sensible, you'd better keep away from me as far as you can and not let me see you again."

Jingyou Jane just wanted to explain, but the atmosphere was frighteningly tense. Was there any dispute that could not be dealt with between Che Stuart and Shaoyang Qi?

"Che, I think you must misunderstand something. In fact, Miss Jane and I are only friends who met once..."

He paused and looked at Che Stuart seriously, "My mother...She has been in poor health recently. My father took her to j.a.pan for treatment for nearly three months, but there is still no improvement. She...she said she really wanted to see you..."

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