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Embracing the lovely boy who sat on his knees, Che Stuart took out the cellphone and pressed a string of numbers deftly. The moment when it was connected, he smiled wickedly,

“If I’m right, you must be looking for your brother like mad.”

The other end--

“You’ve got Jiabao?”

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“Well, since dying in your hands is my brother's ultimate fate, he'll have to resign himself to his fate, and by the way, communicate my condolences to him!” then, Jingyou Jane hung up the phone immediately, which was far beyond the expectation of Che Stuart.

He stared blankly first at the phone in his hand, and then at Jiabao Jane in his arms.

“Is this woman an idiot? I caught her folk as the hostage, but she doesn’t care at all...”

Jiabao looked at him as if looking at an idiot and then speechlessly supported own forehead with a hand. “I have to tell you that you have unfortunately become a victim of that woman's machination.”

Che Stuart was stunned slightly, “What’s your meaning?”

“It's been her dream for years to get rid of me, and now you've just made it come true.”

Hearing the kid's words, Che Stuart could not help but frown. He shook the phone in disbelief. “What a fallacy! She must be joking. At least I thought...”

“Boss Stuart, you'd better send me back in the way you take me here. It's the best way for you to punish that woman for being indifferent to you.”

His detestable mum abandoned him heartlessly. She knew the boy wouldn't admit the fact that he was the man’s son, so she left the difficult situation to him to deal with. Humph! He wouldn't have that woman feel that easy though she was his mother.

“You're really a smart kid. But do you think I'll send you back to your sister even though you say that?” Che Stuart reached out his hands to squeeze his cheeks, “I will not fall into the trap of you two.”

“Well, then you can continue to imprison me,” little Jiabao rubbed his squeezed cheeks, and then looked up at Che Stuart earnestly. “Do you like Youyou?”

Che Stuart was in a daze when the little boy guessed his mind, then took a deep breath, and nodded, “I just can't reconcile myself to her att.i.tude. Why has she always been that arrogant?”

“So what do you want?" Jiabao asked gingerly.

With a firm expression on his face, the proud Che Stuart said, “Get her body first, and then her heart.”

“If...” Jiabao coughed slightly, “you get her child accidentally?”

The words stunned Che Stuart slightly. Jiabao waved both hands immediately and smiled, “I mean, what would you do if you seduce her successfully and then impregnate her by accident?”

Jingyou Jane and he... had a kid?

He had never imagined such a scene, but he was looking forward to it.

“Marry her and groom our kid as the future successor of Cosmos Group. My kid must be the happiest in the world.”

At this point, Jiabao Jane's face turned gloomy at once, since Che Stuart’s thoughts were exactly the same as what Jiabao had guessed. It seemed that the plan of admitting father shouldn’t be carried out until N years later. If he told his dad their relationship when he could start his own business and make some great achievements, would it be too cruel for his dad?

However, the premise was that he needed to acc.u.mulate more money for his future career. Now that mum had dumped him relentlessly, it seemed...

Jiabao Jane's eyes twinkled. He sat ingratiatingly on the man’s knees, with a wicked smile on his sweet little face.

“Boss Stuart, since you like my Youyou so much, can you extend the love to me by the way? Well, it happens that my school gives us a summer vacation recently; for you are not hated by me so much, I, known as a super smart little handsome boy in the universe, decided to hire you as my personal boss.”

“Ah?” Che Stuart found it laughable when he looked at the cute appearance of this little boy who was like a small adult. He leaned on the sofa comfortably with his head pillowed on his hands, looking at the little boy kneeling on his legs.

“Your personal boss?”

“That's right!” Jiabao nodded in dead earnest. “I can help clean your office, serve drinks, deliver doc.u.ments, run errands and be your personal entertainer. I'm a good singer and dancer. Since you are my Youyou’s boss, I just charge you 1,000 yuan everyday.”

In the end, Jiabao showed a face as if he had done Che Stuart a great favor.

“If my memory serves me right, you are still my hostage now,” Che Stuart patted the boy on the forehead lovingly. “Whose hostage put on airs like you who even want me to pay you?”

“Hey, you need to know that just for the sake of my Youyou, I give you a chance to be my boss, the other people are not blessed with that.” Since he couldn’t get any venture capital from his mum, what he could do was to target his father. Who said children's IQ was low? He was right an exception.

Looking at the child’s arrogant look, Che Stuart found that he liked the naughty boy more and more, and it should not be a very boring thing to keep him around.

Jingyou Jane, I couldn't get you, so I had to start from your brother.

On Monday, an earth-shattering event took place within the Cosmos Group-- boss Che Stuart, who was feared by all the staff, brought a short little boy into his office and appointed the little kid his personal secretary. It was really jaw-dropping. The big boss was not a childish man, but he had done such a childish thing.

Jiabao Jane was a clever little thing and a very good flatterer. All the morning he served Che Stuart --his father and boss well. Besides, Jiabao told Che Stuart the details of his life with his mother, which made Stuart laugh heartily.

It never occurred to him that Jingyou Jane was so lovely in daily life. She pretended to faint N times for his brother asked her to pay the debt, and it seemed the child was a real genius.

Near noon, Jingyou Jane, who kept printing statements and reports outside and was about to die of fatigue, knocked the door of the office open with a big pile of doc.u.ments in her arms and saw the two men sitting together and talking about something in high spirits. Seeing them getting along so well, she could not help but sigh how strong the nature between father and son was.

When she came in, Jiabao Jane raised his short and tender arm warmly with a big smile, “Hi, Youyou!”

Jingyou Jane glared at his son, walked into the office and put a pile of doc.u.ments on the desk, “Here are the files you asked for. All of them are done.”

Instead of checking the doc.u.ments on the desk, Che Stuart suddenly pulled Jiabao into his own arm.

“Jingyou Jane, you are really cruel! Your brother had been caught as hostage by me, but you don’t seem to care about him at all.”

She put on a careless smile, “Anyway, this boy who is always cheating me of my money will only waste food in my home. Now you take over the job and help me feed him. That’s just what I want.”

With her slender and tall body leaning forward slightly, Jingyou Jane blinked her eyes to her son in the arm of Che Stuart. “Jiabao, you are always saying how nice that comic book - Inuyasha is, aren’t you? Not long before, you asked me to buy Mickey schoolbag and Nike shoes for you. Your sister is poor, but your sister's boss is a rich man. If you have any need, just go to please him. Boss Stuart will meet your every need.”

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