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After three months-

New Jersey College was full of people.

“Jane, do you know the influential prince of soph.o.m.ores?” Jennifer asked in excitement.

“Who?” Jane Jingyou glanced at her companion curiously.

Suddenly, screams of a group of girls came from the school gate.

A bright red Ferrari rushed in through the school gate and then pulled in after a perfect drift. The boy in the driver’s seat lifted his long leg and stepped out of the sports car in a cool manner. His face was incomparably handsome and charming.

“Oh, my G.o.d. He is Situ Che, the influential prince of soph.o.m.ores in Department of Business Studies!”

“Situ Che, we love you…”

Seeing the handsome boy show up, the group of girls uttered the craziest cries.

Suddenly, a blonde ran out of the crowd. She shyly walked up to the handsome boy and twiddled her thumbs nervously. The small white face reddened at the moment.

“Si…Situ Che, I am Jessica from Department of Biology, on the second grade now. I have admired you since I entered the university, so…so…please agree to be my boyfriend this semester, OK?”

“Wow…” Her words caused quite a stir among spectators. The people all turned their eyes to the handsome boy.

There was a mocking smile on his handsome face which was favored by the G.o.d, as if the blonde in front of him was a clown.

“Girlfriend? By what?” He raised his chin arrogantly, with evil ridicule and tease in his eyes.

“I…I…” The blonde looked awkward and flushed scarlet.

“My father is a very famous real estate tyc.o.o.n in America. My sister and my brother-in-law are both aristocracies of Washington, U.S….” She twisted the skirt of her school uniform nervously.

“So what?” Situ Che interrupted her flaunt unreservedly and a hint of disdain ran across his pupils, “Do you really think that just because you happen to have a pa.s.sable family background, you are qualified to be my girl?”

With a wild-looking evil smile, he raised his right hand. His beautiful and slender index finger gently held up the beauty’s chin and then his attractive face gradually approached the girl’s little face.

Suddenly, this scene caused a disturbance on the campus. The infatuated girls all waited to see what would happen…

“Although I really don’t want to harm your self-respect,…” the wicked smile reappeared on his handsome face, “I have to tell you that in my opinion, what you did is extremely stupid.”

“In addition, you can get the h.e.l.l out of my sight!” He finally let go of the beauty’s chin and completely ignored her sad expression.

In the crowd, some girls screamed, and some yelled something with excitement at the moment, but no one expressed any dissatisfaction with his impolite behavior.

Jane Jingyou who hided in the crowd and saw the fun was indifferent.

Unexpectedly, she saw the conceited guy again.

“As the rumors go, Situ Che is really the best of boys!” Jennifer was cheerful.

“Let’s go to cla.s.s!” Jane Jingyou had no intention to see the fun and tapped Jennifer on her shoulder.

“Jane, people are all looking at the handsome boy. Let’s stay for a while.” Although talking to Jane, Jennifer stared at the super handsome boy who caused a disturbance on the campus with her big eyes in a spoony way.

“In fact, I think the charm of English textbook is N times greater than the arrogant guy’s!”

Because of the reduction of the noises from the crowd, her words appeared to be a little abrupt on the playground.

Jane Jingyou who was turning around suddenly felt a hush falling over the crowd behind her. She turned to look back confusedly and only saw that with his sharp eyes, Situ Che, who was admired by the girls, was looking at her in a ferocious way.

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