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From the extension set came the voice of Stuart’s secretary, which made the handsome face of Che Stuart who was talking with a few subordinates about business tighten.

“Hang up.”

“Yes, sir!” the secretary hung up the phone and the meeting continued.

Jingyou Jane, sitting opposite Che Stuart, raised her head and peeked at the handsome man in front of her instinctively. She almost forgot that they had not seen each other for eight years, and that with his social status and irresistibly attractive appearance, the guy must have been surrounded by many women.

But why did she feel an unutterable depression rose in her heart? What the h.e.l.l was this feeling?

Just as she was thinking, the extension set on the desk rang again--

“Mr. Stuart, a lady named Isabel said she was your French girlfriend, and she said...”

"Hang up!" Stuart roared impatiently before his secretary finished.

“Sorry,” the secretary at the other end seemed quite frightened. "But Mr. Stuart, three minutes ago, a Korean girl named Han Huizi... "

"From now on, tell all the women who call me ‘I'm busy’,” with his handsome face turning black, Che Stuart unplugged the telephone rudely.

He looked coldly at his subordinates in the meeting and said, “Continue the meeting.”

Jingyou Jane, who sat with her long legs crossed, spun the pen with her fingertips gracefully, “Mr. Stuart, I think we’d better not talk about the investment case of Huayi Group any longer for the time being. In fact, I think you can set up a beauty display area in your office and put all your girlfriends from around the world together, so they won't have to make expensive long-distance phone calls during your meeting.”

Hearing her words, several senior managers held their breath and dare not say a word, while Che Stuart who was satirized by her also stared at her with a sullen face.

“Do you know what you're talking about?”

“Of course,” she smiled gracefully, and waved her slender arm in the office. “Look at the size of your office. It is commodious enough to set up such a section for Mr. Stuart to appreciate beauties in your spare time. I can be your designer. Since you are my boss, I will give you a 5% discount on the decoration fee.”

Bang! Che Stuart smacked his hand down on to the office desk. This move scared the crowd. Stuart stared at the cynical Jingyou Jane mercilessly, and opened his mouth, wanting to say something. However, just at his moment, he repressed his anger and glared at the others.

“It is enough for today’s meeting. a.s.sistant Jane stays here and the other people go out first.”

The several people dare not disobey the order of boss, stood up and left the office in succession. Jingyou Jane that was left alone put on an exasperating smile.

“Apparently, Mr. Stuart was impressed by my perfect proposal. Tell me, where are you going to set up the beauty display area?”

Che Stuart ignored her sarcasm in her mouth and there was a calm smile on his pretty face, “It's the first time that I've ever found how funny your expression is when you're jealous." He wickedly leaned to her.

“Youyou, I should have caught your expression just now on V8 camera, which is really worth remembering.”

Although Che Stuart hit what she thought, Jingyou Jane kept a straight face and stared at his handsome face suddenly approaching. "Are you serious? Jealous? What look on my face made you have that sort of narcissistic thinking?”

“Aren’t you jealous, really?" he laughed more wickedly. "I used to think it was only my own wishful thinking, but now... "

Che Stuart got up, bypa.s.sed the desk and walked to her. He hugged her sweetly from her back, with his s.e.xy lips coming near to her ear, "My dear, in fact, it should not be a very shameful thing to admit you like me.”

Jingyou Jane got goose b.u.mps all over by his exaggerated motions. The irresistible wicked aura of the man almost swallowed her up.

She struggled to maintain the original expression on her face, trying to resist desperately his s.e.xy seduction. "Please note our own ident.i.ties and positions. This is your office.”

"There's a private lounge in the office, and I think we can..."

Jingyou Jane couldn't stand him any longer and she stood up from the chair right off; her head collided heavily with his chin. The pain made Che Stuart cover his chin instinctively with a low cry and glare at the perpetrator accusingly.

"Would it be too much if I accused you of deliberately harming your boss?”

“Then I would accuse you of s.e.xually hara.s.sing your subordinate…”

“How have I hara.s.sed you?" let go of his hurt chin, suddenly, he trapped her in his arm, and playfully stroked her slender back. Jingyou Jane reddened at that, and an unprecedented shock penetrated her.

“Che Stuart, I am not your Chinese lover. If you want to sate your l.u.s.t, I suggest you send a private plane to pick up your international mistresses for your enjoyment.”

Although satirized by her, Che Stuart snickered, “I just like to see your jealous look.” The low and magnetic voice like the philter came to her ears. His palm slid straight into her blouse and wandered on her smooth back.

"Honey, your skin seems to be s.e.xier than eight years ago, soft and silky..."

Brazenly hara.s.sed by him, Jingyou Jane raised her right hand in anger, trying to slap his handsome face, but Che Stuart caught her little hand in midair, narrowed his eyes and looked at her wickedly.

"I don't like the women who use violence all the time. This n.o.ble face should be appreciated, not be beaten. I suggest you learn to comply and surrender and then our relationship may be better.”

“Che Stuart, what do you want on earth?” Jingyou Jane, whose whole body was tightly held by him without any possibility to move, was so helpless every time when she faced the aggressiveness of this man.

"You know what I want,” his wickedly raised her charming chin with one hand. "I swore it eight years ago that I would get not only your body, but also your heart, and if you don't want me to trouble you from now on, move in my house after work today. I decided to live together with you.”

“You're daydreaming!” she suddenly pushed him away from her forcefully, and a trace of anger appeared on her stubborn little face. "Don't equate me with the women who like to think with the lower part of the body in your life. If you want to find someone to live with, Childe Stuart, you just need to hook a finger, and thousands of women will wait in line to sign up.”

Pushed aside by her, Che Stuart staggered back a few steps. "You may refuse me, but...” a wicked smile suddenly appeared on the corners of his nice mouth, “I'll find a way to make you enter my house willingly, and you just wait and see.”

Just when Che Stuart stepped into the three-story villa he bought in Repulse Bay of Hong Kong, a bodyguard in black approached Stuart and pointed with his chin to the middle of the luxurious lobby.

"Childe, we have brought the boy here.”

Following his gaze, Che Stuart saw Jiabao Jane guarded by two men sitting in the couch in the living room, well-behaved. Che Stuart gave a sign with his eyes to the bodyguards at both sides of Jiabao, and they were judicious and retreated immediately.

“Are you scared?" Che walked to the little boy, then sat next to Jiabao, with long legs crossed, and threw his arm round the boy's delicate neck like an elder brother. “I suppose you must feel very strange to be invited to my house suddenly in such a way.”

With the little head nipped by the arm of his father, Jiabao Jane said with his little face stiff unhappily, “Can I charge you with kidnapping?”

“If your stupid sister give in to me, how do I need to ‘invite’ you here?” he didn’t mind being a villain. Che Stuart did believe that since the little guy was caught by him, Jingyou Jane would obediently send herself here.

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