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“Brother, did anyone ever tell you that you look like Louis Koo? But your mouth is a little bit like Edison Chen’s. No no, it is more like Daniel Wu’s,” he rested his chin in his hands, thinking carefully, with knitted thin brows. “That’s strange. How can there be a good-looking brother like you in the world?”

Hearing his words, Che Stuart couldn’t help smiling charmingly. He did not know why the little boy in front of him made him feel an irresistible sense of intimacy. He suddenly lifted the little boy off the ground, “Well, let this brother take you to your debtor.”

While speaking, he stood up and carried the little boy into the business area of Planning Department. The staff who was busy working could not help looking surprised when they saw their big boss and the little boy in his arms. The scene was quite startling.

“Youyou!” Jiabao Jane who was held in the handsome guy’s arms shouted loudly. Jingyou Jane who was slowly typing up the letter of self-criticism in front of the computer was shocked instinctively. She turned to look back in a hurry and saw Che Stuart besides her son!

Oh, my G.o.d! The two people should embrace each other so closely. Suddenly, her heart shrank. She stood up gingerly and looked at her son with the same astonished expression as the other employees.

“Jiabao, why do you come here?”

“Of course, for the four hundred yuan you owed me,” Jiabao lifted his little chin confidently. “Our school gives a holiday. The teacher said that we could arrange the life during the vacation by ourselves. My cla.s.smate, Little Bo and I came to a comic book store and a comic book named Lnuyasha took our fancy, so…”

He stretched out his hand unreservedly, “Youyou, since you are threatened by the devil boss and have to stay in the company and continue to get your salary, I think you can repay the four hundred yuan you owed me.” Humph! It is fully justified that debts should be paid, isn’t it?

Holding the soft little guy, Che Stuart looked at Jingyou Jane in front of him, with a glint of mockery in his eyes, “I seemed to have heard ‘devil boss’ from the little boy just now…”

In the face of his wicked question, Jingyou Jane answered vaguely, “Mr. Che Stuart, you must have misheard?” She winked hard at Jiabao. And when Jiabao heard the name of Che Stuart, his little body was shocked suddenly.

Jiabao Jane looked back slowly and awkwardly stared at the tall handsome guy who was holding him, “So, your… your name is Che Stuart?”

Game over! He should accidentally find his biological dad. Although the handsome man looked very excellent, Jiabao felt terrible when realizing that he was this guy’s child and might be taken back to be an imprisoned childe of the upper cla.s.s.

He gingerly jumped out of Che Stuart’s arms and ran to Jingyou Jane, “Sister, the devil boss you mentioned is actually not as horrible as you said. He even held me in his arms to find you.”

Ha ha! Jiabao was very smart and knew that it was better to state the relationship between Youyou and him first. The sister-brother relationship would make the situation easier.

Jingyou Jane could not help laughing because her son called her sister. The boy was really more afraid that the man would know the truth than she was.

However, Che Stuart did not look very well. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Jingyou Jane, “You should have slander me in front of a little child?” He walked towards her impolitely, “I have not been even done with you for being late this morning. Now you speak ill of me behind my back…”

“Calling you a devil is not personal abuse. Moreover, …” Jingyou Jane held her son beside her with one hand and showed a fake smile, “in the heart of my Jiabao, the devil is equal to the G.o.d. Isn’t it, Jiabao?”

Looking at the twisted smile on his mother’s beautiful face, Jiabao Jane nodded very hard. He put on an extremely lovely smile, “Devil brother, by the way, I really admire you.”

The woman and the little boy’s great performances were an insult in Che Stuart’s eyes. Was he treated as an idiot? They were clearly making a show.

His handsome face turned cold and he held back the anger, “Since I have become the G.o.d in your hearts, in order to let Miss Jane get closer to the light of the G.o.d, I decide to transfer you to the top floor, being my personal a.s.sistant.” He showed a satanic smile, “The time of a.s.sumption of responsibility is now. Get ready for it.”

Hearing the big boss’s order, the staff in whole Planning Department was shocked. Jingyou Jane looked pale, and even Jiabao Jane beside her could not help widening his eyes.

“It seems that devil brother really has the demeanor of devil. Even the style of action is so distinctive. Youyou, remind me to sympathize with you.”

Che Stuart whose plot succeeded looked at Jingyou Jane in a wicked way, “What are you doing there? Hurry to pack your things. If I do not see you in the top-floor office area in ten minutes, think about how you will be punished.”

Then he turned around and left. But after less than five steps, he suddenly turned around curiously and rubbed his handsome chin thoughtfully.

“As I know, your parents pa.s.sed away when you were nine years old, so the so-called younger brother…”

In the face of his sudden question, Jingyou Jane and Jiabao Jane were in a daze at the same time. Jingyou Jane was more calm, “He is my uncle’s illegitimate son.”

The answer made Jiabao’s face darken. His mother’s lie was getting funnier and funnier.

Seeing Che Stuart was looking him up and down like studying a UFO, Jiabao Jane showed four teeth foolishly, “Don’t feel so sorry for my poor life. I will cry.” Dear dad, didn’t blame me for not acknowledging you. Your light was too bright. My mother and I only wanted to live a normal life. He whispered in his heart.

Che Stuart frowned skeptically. He wanted to say something, but did not know how to say it. He turned around and left Planning Department with a strange feeling. Jingyou Jane and Jiabao Jane breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

After three seconds, Jiabao suddenly stretched out his little hand to his mother cunningly, “Give me four hundred yuan.”

Jingyou Jane bent down gently and whispered in her son’s ear with a smile, “My bonus of this month was deducted by the devil for I was late this morning. If you continue to push me, I will make your true ident.i.ty known to the world…” “Stop!” Jiabao interrupted Jingyou Jane immediately. “I said nothing.”

“You are so lovely.”

She laughed like a demon. But Jiabao who was bullied was so depressed that he wanted to take his own life. He had a demon mother who was more terrible than the devil father. Alas!

Che Stuart’s words actually changed Jingyou Jane’s original status in the company. The a.s.sistant manager of Planning Department should become the a.s.sistant president, which became a piece of huge news of the company. Many people speculated privately. Why did the big boss like to take aim at an insignificant female clerk? Was there an intimate relationship between them?

Jingyou Jane, who was forced into the CEO’ office to be the personal a.s.sistant of the d.a.m.n man, now sat in the office and discussed a big tender case with a few senior managers.

Che Stuart was always serious about official business. Although his bad temper frightened all his subordinates, his proposals were always impressive. Jingyou Jane who sat opposite him did not deny that serious Che Stuart was really fascinating. “Manager Lee, if the other party sets the price at around 30 million yuan, our company can consider taking over the case.”

“Okay, Mr. Stuart. We will send people to deal with the case. And I will make a detailed form for you to show how much interest there is in this investment…”

While Manager Lee was talking seriously, the extension on Che Stuart’s office table rang. Che Stuart pressed the answer key.

“Mr. Stuart, a lady named Louise called from America. She said she was your girlfriend and had something important to tell you. Shall I transfer the call?”

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