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They had a happy talk during the ride. When getting off his sport car, Jingyou Jane suddenly felt a gust of coldness towards her back. As she instinctively turned around, she surprisingly found Che Stuart standing nearby like a Dark Angel. His face darkened when he saw Jingyou Jane got off a man’s car.

When Shaoyang Qi saw Che Stuart, Qi in the driver’s seat smiled at him politely, “Che, long time no see.”

Walking slowly to the car, Che Stuart rested his hand on the car and lowered his head, “I was wondering who was in the car. Now I see Young Master of the Qi’s.”

“You have a good memory. You still remember me after such a long time. What about a dinner someday? My treat.”

“You can afford?” his cold voice made people shiver. Jingyou Jane who just got off the car couldn’t understand it. It was not her business, so she didn’t want to involve.

“I guess nothing is more expensive than a Manchu-Han Imperial Feast. If you, Che Stuart, would give me this opportunity, I will reserve the whole Regent Peninsula Restaurant.” Shaoyang Qi maintained his polite smile in the car.

Che Stuart who had already straightened up couldn’t help sneering, “I am afraid you will spoil my appet.i.te if you sit with me. For my health’s sake, don’t mention it again.”

As he was saying, his arm suddenly hooked around Jane’s shoulders and he intimately nestled his head against her shoulder.

“Dear You, it’s my fault for not taking you to work today. Tomorrow I will make sure you don’t need to touch other man’s car seat.”

His suggestive words caused Jane considerable discomfort, and even Shaoyang Qi couldn’t help but frown in the car, “Sorry, I didn’t know Miss Jane is your girlfriend.”


Before she started to talk, Che Stuart overbearingly kissed her on the s.e.xy lips, “Sweetie, didn’t you tell him our relationship?”

“Che Stuart…”

“How many times did I tell you to call me Che or Honey if we are outside the company. You are such a forgetful little idiot.” He touched the tip of her nose with his finger as he said, “Do you remember you really liked to call me Che when we were students in New Dersey College.”

Jingyou Jane was on the verge of nervous breakdown. With a depressed expression, she looked at Shaoyang Qi, and wanted to say something, but Che Stuart was so imperious that she didn’t have any chance to explain.

“Young Master Qi, thank you for taking my girlfriend to work. Your mission has been accomplished. I suggest you get out of here, now! Bye!”

It was an obvious order to expel Qi. Shaoyang Qi had no reason to stay here; he cast his eyes on Jingyou Jane, and then smiled gently, “Anyway, I have to say SORRY to you again. See you next time. Bye!”

After saying that, he drove the white sport car away in front of them. Che Stuart, who was hugging her, suddenly pinched her chin, “Are you very familiar with him?” he said as if he was her jealous husband.

“I just made the acquaintance of him. If that is accounted familiar in your eyes, then you are right!” The b.a.s.t.a.r.d changed his att.i.tude so quick; he was tender just now, but now he was so vicious.

“Humph! The first acquaintance, uh-huh?” he squinted his eyes in disbelief. “If you just met, why he drove you to company? Didn’t you have legs?”

Jingyou Jane shook his restraining hand off and stared at him angrily because of the pains in her chin, “Well, in fact we are very familiar, since we eat together, and sleep together. Are you happy now?”

Che Stuart was furious when hearing what she just said. He closely followed her as she walked to the company.

“Jingyou Jane, you really like to p.i.s.s me off, right? …”

“As you’ve got a fertile imagination, I just fulfilled your desire,” she walked directly in the building and it had already been in business time. The two female receptionists gave Che Stuart a 90-degree-angle bow with extreme politeness when they saw him.

Jingyou Jane swiped her card on the attendance machine, and the time on the screen read 9:15 a.m.. It was 15 minutes late for work.

Che Stuart who followed behind her glanced at his watch, and then his handsome lips revealed an evil smile, “Miss Jane, you are caught late for work today by your boss. You should know very well the punishment for latecomers.”

His handsome face darkened, “Your bonus for this month is gone, and you need to write a 5,000-word report of self-examination and deliver it to my office. If you don’t give me an adequate explanation for being late today in the report, I will punish you by demanding another 10,000-word report, and so on. Understand?”

Smiled evilly at her, he then turned around and walked into his private elevator. Jane rubbed her forehead helplessly.

What a naive moron! She had had enough of him!

Che Stuart couldn’t think of any other thing but Jingyou Jane and Shaoyang Qi. What kind of relationship did they have? How did they come to know each other? That b.a.s.t.a.r.d even gave the girl he first fell in love with a ride. Did they…

d.a.m.n it! He rudely pushed the doc.u.ments aside, he was so jealous that he just couldn’t focus on work. And he couldn’t bear to see her walk together with other men; the pressure on his chest was considerable so that he almost couldn’t breathe. 

He walked out of the office, feeling uneasy, and pressed the b.u.t.ton of elevator to the floor of the Planning Department. When he arrived at the 16th floor, he saw a boy of 7 or 8 years old in clean jeans. Wearing a cute peaked cap, the boy was looking all around.

Even though he had met many kids in America, he was still attracted by such a cute and good-looking oriental boy who was like an elf. His little face was very familiar to him. He believed that he had met the boy before. The more Che watched the boy, the more strongly Che was attracted by something in him.

As the boy was looking around, Che Stuart slowly walked towards him, and then couldn’t help pat the boy on the round head with one of his big hands.

“Who is your parent? Why did you come here?”

Raising his head, Jiabao Jane looked at this super handsome man who was two times taller than him. Jiabao Jane winked his big eyes, and put on an adorable smile.

“Please let me introduce myself. My surname is Jane, and my first name is Jiabao; I am 8 years old, a second-grade student in Star Primary School. A woman called Jingyou Jane working with this company owes me a large sum of money, and I asked a sister in the reception about where she is, so I came to this floor. I will not leave before I get my money!” he seriously said.

The boy’s words almost made Che Stuart laugh, so Che squatted on his heels to look at boy’s eyes. To his surprise, the boy was exactly like Jingyou Jane. He was shocked in the heart to realize the boy might...

“What’s the relationship between Jingyou Jane and you?”

“Let’s say we are lineal relatives,” since the day Jiabao learned to speak, he liked to call his beautiful mother Youyou. Her dazzling beauty was surely capable of seducing a bunch of handsome men who could be his step-father.

Jiabao Jane, Jingyou Jane… lineal relatives… So, the boy was her younger brother?

A thought quickly crossed his mind. Eh? He didn’t know Jingyou Jane had a little brother.

As Che was looking the boy up and down, the boy was also curiously looking at this tall handsome man.

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