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“d.a.m.n!" he could not help muttering a curse, with his big hand crossing the gla.s.s table and gripping her wrist, “Jingyou Jane, if you dare hand in your resignation, I'll fire all the idiots in Planning Department.” After eight years, unexpectedly, she still wanted to stay away from him. He wished he could knock her out, brought her back to America and imprisoned her forever.

Jingyou Jane, suffering from a sharp pain out of his grasp, stared at his impulsive handsome face blankly, “Che Stuart, you shouldn’t make a big fuss for me, as I'm not worth it." The terrible man! His principles of deeds should be so shocking like before.

"You are worth it!” said Che Stuart stiffly, and then, the look on his handsome face became unnatural and soon became sullen. He breathed heavily, and his pressed lips squirmed for a few times. Suddenly, he looked up at her pretty little face.

"Tell me, over the years, what I - Che Stuart have been counted as in your mind," he looked as helpless as a dazed child trying desperately to gain an adult’s attention.

Jingyou Jane pressed down her sentiment which was gradually stirred up by him, slightly drooped her head, and filled her cynical face with ruthlessness, “You are a senior in school and a boss in the company, for me. That's all.”

Upon the callously determined answer, Che Stuart’s pupils shrank. He withdrew his big hand slowly and stared at her, with a gloomy expression, "So that is what it is. It seems that I have been under the hallucination that you also like me all the time.”

“Mr. Stuart, you really know yourself well enough,” she took up the cup and sipped at her coffee gracefully, while the false smile on her face was so offending. Don't blame her for her ruthlessness. Eight years ago, the man's father called at her apartment and made a sarcastic remark that she still remembered until now. Since she had decided not to have any relation with the family, there was no need for her to have emotional entanglement with him.

He rudely swept the untouched coffee cup to the floor, leaving all people in the cafe shocked by the loud noise. Che Stuart stood up all of a sudden and looked down at her like a cruel king.

“You’d better remember every word you said today, Jingyou Jane, and believe that I am a man who live up to my words. If you want to play sentimental games with me, I will be patient to accompany you to the end; in addition..."

He suddenly leaned forward with his hands pressing down on the desk in front of her, approaching her face, "If you think about leaving the company again, I will let you know how many innocent people will be ruthlessly driven away due to your willfulness. You are very smart, so I don't think you would do anything like that.”

After giving Jane a warning glare, he turned around and walked out of the cafe.

“Che Stuart!”

The soft voice arose behind him. He stopped instinctively, looked back and saw a lovely smile on Jingyou Jane’s beautiful face. "I left my bag in the office. Can you settle the bill before you leave?”

The next second, Che Stuart suffered a nervous breakdown completely!

Since Boya Group had been merged into Cosmos Group, the former staff was temporarily retained. Che Stuart was really a wizard in business circles, for not long after he took over the company, several cases which had been done perfectly made a lot of money for the company.

Although all the people were in fear of the cold boss, they also had to admire his unique leadership.

Early in the morning, Jingyou Jane took the subway to the company. It poured throughout the night. Not far before she stepped out of the subway station, a white BMW sports car brushed past her, splashing the water roadside all over her, so she cried instinctively in a low voice, and a screech of brakes came into her ears.

The owner of the car got out in a hurry and ran to her. “Sorry, lady, just now I didn't notice the puddle on the road...” looking at Jingyou Jane smeared with dirty water, he didn't know how to explain it at this point.

Jingyou Jane wiped her face with her hand at random, and then she casted a forgiving smile at the young man who was dressed like a gentleman, “Never mind. I happen not to wear eyes myself.” She took a tissue out of her bag and wiped the water from her arm. When she looked up and saw the young man still standing in front of her, she just could not help shrugging, “Nothing serious. You can just go away.”

“But your clothes are all dirty,” the young man looked at the woman in front of him and couldn’t believe it. Was she joking? He had caused her such big trouble, but the woman just told him it was nothing.

Jingyou Jane looked herself up and down and found her business suit stained and wet, and then she looked at the time on her watch, "I think there is still time for me to go to a clothing store and buy a new suit.”

“Miss," the young man suddenly stopped her as she was ready to leave, “since this is my fault, let me be responsible for it. My car is over there..."

“You don’t need to...” Jingyou Jane couldn't help but look at the man in front of her. He was twenty-seven or eight years old, with thick eyebrows and big eyes; both his n.o.ble temperament and the sports car showed that he had a powerful background.

“Are you afraid I am a bad man?” he smiled brightly.

“All right," with a polite smile, Jingyou Jane ambled to his sports car. Unexpectedly, the young man took her to a famous high-end clothing store in the city and chose an expensive business suit for her. The waiters seemed nervous upon the man's arrival. After dressing up Jingyou Jane was fresh with charming beauty, and she even received admiring glance from the young man.

They got out of the clothing store, and the man opened the door of his car for her, "I can drop you off at the place where you work.”

“The former Boya, namely the Hong Kong Branch of Cosmos Group now.”

“Oh?” a touch of surprise flashed across his handsome face, but soon he smiled again. “I know it. Please get in the car.”

On the road, Jingyou Jane, who was quiet as ever, kept a lady’s sitting position and looked at automobiles in an endless stream, while the man could not help but look at her charming side.

“Don't you want to ask me about the culprit’s name and resume?” the quietness of the woman aroused his immense curiosity, thus a desire to know her rose from his heart.

"You have compensated me by buying such an expensive suit, which can buy twenty sets of my old clothes.”

“You are so modest, Miss.”

“It’s you that are too kind.”

"You are really a special one among the girls I have known. At least in my former life, anyone of the opposite s.e.x I have ever had contact with wanted to know my name,” as he drove, he looked at her calm face every now and then. "My family name is Qi. I am Shaoyang Qi.”

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Qi,” Jingyou Jane felt a little familiar when hearing his name. All of a sudden, she thought of the headline news of a recent financial magazine, and it was that the young master of Qi's Group in Hong Kong went to j.a.pan last month to sign a contract worth $200 million, which shocked the whole business circles at the time.

Shaoyang Qi- he must be the young master of Qi's Group.

Seeing that she didn't ask any more questions, Shaoyang Qi couldn't help saying, “Qi’s Group used to have a lot of business transactions with Boya, but after my parents moved to j.a.pan, a lot of business with Boya ended.”

“Yeah, our former boss is ‘good’ enough to bring the company to the end of being taken over, and make insignificant clerks like me almost lose our jobs.”

“Aren't you shocked at all, Miss, by my ident.i.ty?” he had said so plainly, but the woman still seemed unmoved.

"You mean you are the young master of the Qi’s Group?" Jingyou Jane asked him amusingly.

Asked by her, Shaoyang Qi burst out laughing, "Interesting. You are indeed the most special girl that I know. Miss, don’t you mind telling me your name?”

“Jingyou! Jingyou Jane!” she said her name at leisure.

"Quiet and elegant (the connotation of Jingyou Jane’s name)… Matching Miss Jane's beautiful face and aura, it’s a fantastic name!”

“Thank you.”

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