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“Youyou, it is said that our big boss Stuart is only twenty-seven years old this year, and he is still single at present. All the people with eyes in the whole company can see that he is a real handsome guy. That day you were handpicked and invited into his private office, wasn’t..." Song Min’er winked at Jane in a meaningful way with quick-witted eyes . “Wasn’t there anything in your mind?”

Jingyou Jane got goose b.u.mps, meeting Song’s quick-witted gaze, and then shook her head priggishly, “No!”

“Come on!” others all sneered. “Who would believe that? You dare make him embarra.s.sed in public, but the big boss did not fire you directly. It caused people to think deep about the reason...”

“Right,” another female clerk also echoed this sentiment. “The American Cosmos Group is a jaw-dropping conglomerate, and few people in business circles don't want to attach themselves to the Stuarts. Our new boss is not only handsome, but also rich and young, which makes him eligible to be the best idol for women.”

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There was a short silence in the tea room, Jingyou Jane gently touched the tea leaves that leaned over the cup with her long finger, “See, what I said made you suddenly be enlightened...”

At the same time, she saw several female employees winking at her. The clever Jingyou Jane immediately realized that there must be an enemy behind her, she did not turn around, but took another elegant sip of tea.

“Of course...” she gave a mock cough, “my opinion is sometimes not so accurate, I don't really know our future boss that well. Maybe... Perhaps he is really an extremely good boss who is great, wise and wonderful. It is normal that such a handsome man is worshiped by everyone.”

She suddenly raised her right hand above her head. “Everyone shouts with me. Long live Che Stuart...”

There was an awkward silence in the room. Jingyou Jane forced herself to turn around and saw the tall and handsome man standing at the door of the tea room and staring at her with a sullen look on his face. She symbolically showed her eight white teeth, waving V-sign with her right hand.

“Hi, morning, president!”

Che Stuart, whose handsome face was sulky, really wanted to strangle this hateful woman for a moment. With his eyes filled with dangerous violence, he stared at Jingyou Jane, “Come over!”

The two words made the shoulders of these office girls who were about to worship him tighten, while Jingyou Jane, who was stared at by him now pretended to be looking around and said, “Min’er, Mr. Stuart wants you to come over.”

“No... He is not calling me...” Song Min’er's voice was trembling.

"May, the big boss is calling you..."



“Jingyou Jane, I'm calling you!” Detestable! That detestable woman! The only woman in the world, who could trigger his violent emotions, had been really hard to deal with for eight years.

Jingyou Jane called in public could not shirk the responsibility any longer, so she had to walk slowly to him. “Mr. Stuart, if you want to increase my salary because I've just been secretly worshipping you, you can just transfer the money to my bank account...”

Before she finished her words, her slender wrist had been grasped by Che Stuart.

“Well, I'm going to give you a raise today. Follow me!” then, he dragged the hand of Jingyou Jane and strode out of the Planning Department without caring the crowd’s gaze of amazement and sympathy.

“Begad! Will our Youyou be thrown into the sea by the boss to feed sharks?”

"How terrible the expression in the boss’s eyes is! Poor Youyou..."

"I sympathize with her..."

Jingyou Jane didn’t expect that Che Stuart, the arrogant guy, dragged her to a cafe near the company in front of so many employees.

“Blue Mountain!” in the face of the waiter’s hospitality, Che Stuart with a cold face spoke the two words severely.

Jingyou Jane threw a charming smile at the startled waiter like an angel with a halo above her head, “Cappuccino without sugar, thank you!”

When the waiter left, a dangerous expression finally emerged on Che Stuart’s cold and handsome face. “Am I, in your mind, only a domineering sort of spendthrift relying on family?” he had never imagined that in Jingyou Jane’s mind he was such a useless man.

“Did I say that?” Jingyou Jane winked her big eyes innocently. “Mr. Stuart, You must have misheard me. Actually..."

Before she finished her words, Che Stuart’s handsome face had been black enough to make people feel terror; she could not help but cough secretly, “I mean, I have never thought you are such a person, and people like Mr. Stuart...”

“Why did you leave the United States eight years ago?” he interrupted abruptly, and his face wore uncompromising hardness. “I said you were lucky last time, for I didn't have time to torture you, but you can't get away with it this time.”

Playing with the pot for cube sugar on the table, Jingyou Jane was clearly aware that the man wouldn’t give up until he attained his goal, so she kept a lady's smile on her pretty face, “The headmaster of New Dersey said that my grades were not as good as he thought, so the grant was called off. I couldn't afford to go to that n.o.ble college, so I dropped out of my own accord.”

Che Stuart could easily tell from her face that she was lying, trying his best to constrain the anger, “Do you know who is the real decision maker of New Dersey College?" He leaned forward impolitely, getting close to the little face of Jingyou Jane, "That school is one of the Stuarts’ businesses. How come I don't even know that you were evicted from the school?”

“Er... This...” Jingyou Jane’s big eyes rolled after she was seen through. “I think the headmaster may think that there is no need to disturb the big boss on the backstage with such a small affair. After all, Jingyou Jane is just a n.o.body.” Holy cats! How could the New Dersey College be related with the Stuarts? Depressing!

Che Stuart, looking at her like teasing a funny kitten, revealed a touch of playful smile from his s.e.xy mouth. "As far as I know, when you were a student of K Senior School in Los Angeles, you got the highest grade in the school. There is no reason for New Dersey to turn you away. Any college pays much attention to the cultivation of talents, so does New Dersey.”

"Ha ha, so you also know I used to study in K Senior School,” Jingyou Jane took the coffee from the waiter and pretended to sip it. "Wow~ This Cappuccino really tastes good! Huh? Do you like the taste of Blue Mountain?”

“Jingyou Jane, don’t change the topic of conversation.” Couldn’t this woman be a bit more normal? He found talking with her was really tiring, since she was so slippery like a loach that n.o.body could hold her. Rudely glaring at Jingyou Jane opposite, who was acting a part all the time, he put on a sulky expression.

“Keep your cynicism up, and you'll never have a good day in this company again.” Humph! He didn't mind being a villain. Now he found the woman. Even if he had to use his status of being her boss to oppress her, this time he would certainly conquer her heart; otherwise, he would dishonor the name - Che Stuart.

Savoring the fragrant liquid in the cup elegantly, Jingyou Jane shrugged her shoulders unconcernedly, "You seem to warn me that it is better to keep away from the place where I am apt to get into trouble. Mr. Stuart, take it easy. I will deliver my resignation to your desk after returning to the company.”

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