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While talking, the little boy stretched out his delicate white hand unreservedly in front of Jingyou Jane who was reclining on the sofa, eating snacks and reading a magazine. “According to the mathematical principle of rounding, give me four hundred yuan, thanks!”

Seeing the hand of the little guy who looked almost the same as herself, Jingyou Jane in a suit of pure white silk pajamas lifted her foot and kicked his little hand away, “Since it is a week’s work, I will pay you a week later.” Then, she turned and went on eating snacks and reading the magazine.

The little boy who was neglected by her immediately rested his arms on the hips with discontent. He unhappily stared at the exceedingly beautiful woman who was as lazy as a cat and said, “Youyou, you can’t be so unprincipled. Do you want to be an unreliable boss?”

Jingyou Jane lifted a pair of beautiful eyes from the magazine, turned over like a cat, crossed her long legs and sat in the sofa.

“If I tell you that your boss is almost down and out now, will you feel a little sympathy for me?”

The little boy stared at her pretty face like staring at an alien. After a long time, he shook his head with unusual firmness, “No!”

Jingyou Jane immediately put on a sulky expression and patted her son on the head with the magazine unhappily, saying, “The devil is really capable, and even the little devil created by him is so cold.”

“h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo-” Jiabao Jane who was beat stared at her with his round eyes unreservedly, “Ms Jane, it is not the time for us to talk about genes. OK? There is a saying that mother-son relationship is useless in gambling house. Don’t think that just because you are my biological mother, I will exempt you from your debts. Give me four hundred yuan. Otherwise, since tomorrow, don’t expect me to make breakfast, wash a piece of clothing or mop the floor for you any more…”

“However…” rolling his big eyes, Jiabao Jane sat by Jingyou Jane’s legs mysteriously, grabbed her arm and got close to the face which was ninety percent the same as his little face.

“Youyou, I heard several days ago that your company is currently in trouble. Is it…” his little hand made a sign across his neck, “that the company goes broke officially and insignificant staff members like you are…fired by the new boss?”

Jingyou Jane who was holding a snack bag and making a pig of herself smiled at her son appreciatively, “You have made a very close guess.”

“Oh?” he slightly raised his lovely eyebrows. “What is the difference between VERY CLOSE and EXACT?”

“The difference is…” Jingyou Jane hooked her arm around his son’s neck and continued, “the person who took over our company, namely the future boss of your biological mother, is the super ‘Devil’ called by you and me.”

Upon her words, a touch of horror flashed across the cute little guy’s face. He put his little fist in his mouth without aspiration. His beady eyes were full of surprise.

“Youyou, do you mean that the devil daddy who I have never met and is said to be a business tyc.o.o.n in America appears?”

Hearing the funny description of her son, Jingyou Jane could not help laughing out loud and patted her son on the head, “Ten points for correct answer.”

She should not be blamed for misguiding her son. She was accidentally with Che Stuart’s child eight years ago. At the age of eighteen, she was warned by the doctor that if she had an abortion, her const.i.tution might suffer lifelong infertility. Terrified at that time, she could only fly to Hong Kong and made a fresh start with the baby in her womb alone.

As their son grew up day by day, the curiosity of children made Jiabao wonder why everyone else had a tall and strong father but he did not. So after being bothered for N years, Jingyou Jane finally told the little guy the whole truth. She had thought that her son would be excited after knowing that he had a very rich father. However, the little guy was no less frightened than she.

Jingyou Jane knew later that the little guy had seen so many Hong Kong and Taiwan teleplays that he would like to stay at a respectful distance from rich and powerful families which had many rules. He said that he would rather start a business by himself when he grew to manhood than become a ready-made boss after being caught back.

So, he strove to make money by serving her for future operation. Look, her son was surely promising.

“Youyou, has the big devil known that you secretly gave birth to a cute little boy?” Jiabao Jane asked scrupulously.

“According to my observation, he is still in a state of chaos...”

“What are you going to do?”

“It seemed that he wanted to know my real motive of leaving Los Angeles eight years ago,” Jingyou Jane threw a soft sweet into her mouth, and the handsome and attractive face of Che Stuart came to her mind again. She could not forget his warning in the daytime. It seemed that she would have a difficult time from now on.

“So I decide to resign,” she swallowed the soft sweet and carefully nodded.

“Youyou, if you quit your job, what about the four hundred yuan you owe me?” he would not be gotten rid of so easily. It was an unquestionable moral truth that you should pay back what you owed. Even his mother could not renege on a debt.

Finding her son was so impartial and incorruptible, Jingyou Jane showed the whites of her eyes reluctantly, “Well, I decide to stay in the company and work hard to make money until the big devil finds that I secretly gave birth to his child who is eight years old now. And the child seems to be rather smart. Maybe he will decide to seize you by force and bring you back to the Stuarts in America to cultivate you carefully as the successor...”


Hearing this, Jiabao Jane interrupted his mother’s nonsensical imagination quickly. He looked sullen and dropped his little shoulders.

“As to the four hundred yuan, you can write an IOU to me. I support you mentally in handing your resignation in.”

Seeing her son’s cute little face, Jingyou Jane couldn’t help but wear a charming smile. She lifted her son up and made him sit on her lap, “So I’m right. My son is really unusual.”


She kissed the fair and full forehead of the little guy, “Sweetheart, I adore you.”

The little boy who was kissed brutally sighed helplessly, “I make a prior statement. If you dare to betray me, I will decide to look down upon you.”

“OK, just as you say.”

The main hall of original Boya Group of Hong Kong was carefully dressed up by the decoration company, and the Boya Group officially changed its name to Cosmos Group - Hong Kong Branch yesterday. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was very solemn. After knowing the great change in business circles, many business tyc.o.o.ns of Hong Kong brought gifts for congratulation. It seemed that Cosmos Group of America did have immense influence in business circles.

These days, the staff of original Boya Group was exhausted for being busy planning and preparing the ribbon-cutting ceremony for renaming. Especially the staff of Planning Department not only had to make plans, but also had to look for manpower. To make a good impression on the new boss, the manager of Planning Department almost tried to play up to the new boss.

After arriving at the company in the morning, Jingyou Jane went to the tea room and made a cup of green tea for herself. A few female colleagues led by Song Min’er were talking about something. Seeing her, they pulled Jingyou Jane nervously.

“We are exhausted these days. We have been wondering what you and Mr. Stuart talked about in his office last time.” The question of Song Min’er also aroused the curiosity of many female staff members.

Being caught, Jingyou Jane hold the tea which was just made and pretended to be dazed, “What else can the big boss talk with me in the office? Of course, it was the ideal clothes promotion scheme which I suggested.”

She wore a charming smile, “Ladies. It is time for work. Go back to your seats.”

When she turned around and was ready to leave, a few curious beauties stopped her in the tea room by force. Song Min’er gave a terrible laugh like the stepmother of Snow White.

“If you don’t answer my question, you can’t leave here today.”

“Min’er, what do you want me to say. What can the boss and a subordinate talk about? Nothing more than business plans, statements and reports, the interest relationship between businesses...”

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