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After finished speaking, Che Stuart got to his feet and walked slowly towards the door. The moment he opened the door, he suddenly looked back at Jingyou Jane.

“I am very interested in the promotion scheme that Miss Jane just put forward. Let’s expand on it in my office after fifteen minutes.”

“I'm sorry. I'm just the a.s.sistant manager of the Planning Department. Maybe Mr. Stuart needs to talk to our manager,” she ventured to protest.

Che Stuart stared at her impolitely for five seconds with his eagle-like sharp eyes, then he wore a mocking sneer, and said, "You'd better not disobey my orders if you don't want to see your so-called Manager of the Planning Department lose his job now.”

After saying this, he turned around and went off unpolitely, with several attendants tagging along him, leaving Jingyou Jane and the shocked staff in the meeting room looking at each other, blankly...

Despite her reluctance, Jingyou Jane still knocked on the door of the president's office. As the door opened, she found the handsome Che Stuart sitting at the office’s bar counter in cynicism, sipping the brown liquid in the goblet. When he saw her, he gracefully crossed his long legs and stared at her beautiful face.

“You dare not defy my order, do you?” he waggled the liquid in the goblet, and his deep eyes flickered with the liquid. “Rather than put on airs, why not be obedient and submit yourself to me?”

Jingyou Jane standing in the doorway felt a surge of anger rising in her chest. He was as arrogant and conceited as he was eight years ago. "No one in this company would deny that you are the King, so you don't have to worry about losing your status because of me.”

“Humph! You know very well how to displease the one you rely on for a living.”

“No. I dare not!” Jingyou Jane smiled with feigned modesty. "How can a small potato like me have the nerve to upset the big boss?”

Che Stuart stared at her false smile, and a sneer crossed his s.e.xy lips, "Well, you have learned to use a Philistine's face to get along with others. The tall guy got on to his feet and walked slowly towards her.”

He hadn’t expected that the comely little girl already became an exceedingly fascinating and gorgeous lady. A woman who was one hundred and seventy centimeters in height was good enough to be a model. Although she was dressed ordinarily, her elegant temperament had been enchanting him over eight years.

This woman had changed so much. The moment he saw her on the first floor of the company, he thought he might mistake her. But Jingyou Jane’s inherent quiet temperament had betrayed her ident.i.ty. He hadn’t seen her for years, not expecting that she had grown prettier than ever before.

But he just couldn't forgive her for leaving without saying goodbye. Eight years ago, he waited for her all day on Times Square in Los Angeles, which had broken the limits of his pride and patience. Unexpectedly, when he went to school next day, word came that Jingyou Jane had droped out inexplicably.

Such a result was beyond his expectation. He sent many private eyes to search almost all over America, but got nothing. Had it not been for an old Hong Kong client of Cosmos Group, who accidentally mentioned the name of Jingyou Jane at a dinner party, he would never have guessed that the woman returned to China eight years ago.

As he gradually approached her, Jingyou Jane drew back instinctively. When his tall body cornered her against the wall on her back, she finally raised her little face to fearlessly look at him.

"About the clothing promotion scheme I just mentioned..."

Smacking one of his hands on the wall behind her ears, Che Stuart lifted her delicate chin with his finger carelessly.

"Now I don't want to talk about the G.o.dd.a.m.n clothing promotion scheme. I just want to know, eight years ago, why did you disappear inexplicably from New Dersey College?”

In the face of his query, Jingyou Jane frowned with an expression of playing dumb, "What are you talking about on earth, Mr. Stuart?”

“Enough! Jingyou Jane!” he suddenly increased his pressure on her chin. "Stop playing such silly and childish games! I only want your answer now, and if you can't make up a reason to convince me, just imagine how terrible the consequences of your actions will be. I guess you also don't want to be unable to walk out of this door today.”

His words and furious face sent a chill through her. As she cast her eyes down, her eyelashes fluttered; then she plucked up the courage and shrugged, “No reason.”

“Do you mean to dismiss me with these two words?" he, in a violent rage, clenched her little face. “Jingyou Jane, if you want to come to no good end, tell me the truth.”

His fierce growl made her have to close her eyes tightly, and his heavy gasps were so towering that her eyelashes quivered and then she wore a fake smile, “Because I’m in a bad mood to see you!”

Hearing that, Che Stuart brutally pushed her down on the office table beside them, with his body pressing against hers rudely, “In a bad mood to see me? Uh-huh?”

“Take it easy~ In fact, I think violence can't solve any problem. If you are also in a bad mood when you see me, I can take the blame, then resign and disappear in front of you forever..."

The b.l.o.o.d.y woman! Che Stuart was so angry with her that he ruthlessly held her and pressed his lips on hers impolitely, leaving the sound of struggling and biting, as well as low cries.

Jingyou Jane beneath him was almost smothered by his violent kisses, and enchanted by his strong masculine smell. She nearly surrendered to him under his aggressiveness...


She slapped Che Stuart hard across his handsome face, and this sound also ended in time the mad and intimate atmosphere indoors. The hurt Che Stuart stared at Jingyou Jane beneath him unbelievably, while her hand was still raised in the air.

Stroking his tingly cheek by instinct, Che Stuart was so angry about her reaction that he clenched his fist, “You f.u.c.king woman, do you know what you are doing?”

Jingyou Jane, who had no idea that she had gotten into serious trouble, swung her hand which was also numb, which made him extremely annoyed. "There was a little fly on your face, and I just helped you knock it off." G.o.d knew whether she was innocent or not.

Che Stuart was almost faint due to fury after hearing her words. He was about to lose his temper when the cell phone on his table rang. Althouth he opened his mouth and wanted to say something, the phone kept ringing, so he had to grab the phone and pressed the answering b.u.t.ton with a cold look on his handsome face.

"Well, I know that. Yes..." he answered the phone in standard American English.

Jingyou Jane, free at last, dabbed her lips as if his smell was still there. Without knowing how long it took, Che Stuart hung up the phone and then suddenly caught her savagely.

"Today is your lucky day. I've got some urgent business to attend to, but Jingyou Jane, I hope you'd better be mentally prepared for next time. I would never let the matter drop until I know the real reason for your disappearance eight years ago.”

Then, he pushed her aside and walked to the office door alone. At the moment when opening the door, he suddenly turned around, and an expression of being not resigned to leaving at this point flickered across his cool face.

“No woman in the world dares to despise my feelings. But you did it. Jingyou Jane, I have to say, you are indeed a devil.”

With a murmur of resentment, this time, he really slammed the door and left.

Jingyou Jane remained indifferent in the office, but the shock in her chest almost stifled her…

"I washed all your clothes in the laundry basket and my own dirty clothes, and cleaned the floor of the three rooms at home. Besides, I have cleaned the toilet and watered those potted plants on the balcony one by one..."

A shrewd little boy of about seven or eight years old leafed through his notebook, "It only took me one day to get this week's work done, so Youyou, you need to pay me 395 yuan.”

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