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Che Stuart, who was respectfully invited to the seat of honor, put his elbow on the edge of the table and elegantly crossed his long legs, with a hint of dangerous and fierce l.u.s.ter shining in his eyes.

“Now, my colleagues, I want to announce something to you,” the prodigal second-born of Boya’s founder stood beside Stuart like a lackey. “Due to my bad management, the company has been in crisis. After many negotiations, our Boya Group has now been formally taken over by Cosmos Group, the U.S.. The gentleman sitting in front of you is Che Stuart, the successor to Cosmos Group. From now on, he will become your new boss. I hope you will cooperate with Mr. Stuart well.”

Then, he nodded to the stone-faced Stuart, “Mr. Stuart, you are in charge now. If there's anything else, I'll ask my lawyer to get in touch with you.”

Che Stuart nodded slightly and then the black sheep of Boya turned and left the meeting room. Stuart did not speak directly in his seat. His glance flicked around the people present, and came to rest on the face of Jingyou Jane sitting far away from him for a few seconds, then he continued to observe the other subordinates.


After a long silence, Stuart spoke Chinese with a thick American accent, “I don't like to talk nonsense. Boya Group fell in such a plight because of poor leadership and the low morale of employees. If you want to keep your current job, you should keep your spirits high. Otherwise, I'm not sure who will be eliminated in this business war."

A cold and heartless declaration frightened everyone. The future boss was not a good-natured person, and even his face was ice-cold. No one saw him show a smile since he came in. Several straight-faced men in black stood behind him respectfully, highlighting Che Stuart’s unapproachable att.i.tude.

As he leaned gracefully forward, Che Stuart's eagle-like sharp eyes swept around the clerks in front of him. Suddenly, he pointed, with his slender right index finger, to a male clerk not far away.

“Lee Shaojie, Head of Financial Department.”

“Yes?” All employees, including the male one mentioned, got into a panic in a moment.

“I'd like to ask you to say something about Boya's financial situation in the past year.”

“Well…this..." the head of Financial Department who was mentioned by name in public was sweaty with fear. “Mr. Stuart, I haven't summed up the accounts of the Financial Department yet.”

“Why?” slightly raising his eyebrows, Che Stuart showed an inquiring look.

“The financial power of the company has always been under the control of our former boss, and a lot of his expenditures are directly drawn, without going through the Financial Department, so... So...”

“So as Head of Financial Department, in order to keep your position, you just turned a blind eye to your superior’s misconduct, regardless of the benefits of other employees in the company, and even indifferently watched Boya go to extinction. Am I right?”

A few ironic understatements made Lee Shaojie blush with shame and the others deplore with sighs.

“Just because there are people like you who only care about their own fame and fortune but don't care about the benefits of the group, this company finally goes bankrupt.”

He turned his fierce eyes elsewhere and then severely reprimanded several other staff members. The new boss scared everyone, who hardly dared to breathe. Jingyou Jane sitting far away from him quietly drooped her head. The man looked at her twice with a kind of odd look in his eyes. Had he recognized her? Or he only felt her face seemed familiar?

27-year-old Che Stuart had completely become an attractive handsome man. Even though his character was still arrogant and conceited, his amazing achievements in business could not be denied.

"Miss Jane!"

Just when Jane was lost in her memories, she heard Che Stuart calling her in his uniquely masculine and magnetic voice. She was instinctively shocked and raised her head. Even though they were far apart, she could still feel the provocation on his face.

“I learn that you are the a.s.sistant manager of the Planning Department,” slowly resting his long upper body on the back of the chair, Che Stuart gracefully crossed his fingers.

“Yes, Mr. Stuart,” Jingyou Jane answered.

“Boya has always been in charge of the promotion of HK Tyron's Clothing. At present, I hear that their clothing exhibition has not been successful, and the warehouse has a large stock of goods. Miss Jane, as a member of the Planning Department, do you have any solutions?”

“I am just an a.s.sistant to the manager. I'm not in charge of these things...”

“Napoleon once said ‘Every French soldier carries a marshal's baton in his knapsack’. Miss Jane, You have worked in Boya for three years, and you are still a little a.s.sistant today. Have you never thought of being promoted by your ability?"

“I am incompetent,” looking at his aggressive face, Jane replied, without changing countenance. This man had a kind of irresistible momentum. If he wanted to deliberately make things difficult for her, she would surely be unable to hold her own.

“Incompetent?” Che Stuart grinned coldly and cracked his crossed fingers. His pupils slightly shrank with awful ferocity. “It seems that Boya is indeed the base of fools. There is no way to find a competent man…”

“So, I'm also curious whether Mr. Stuart had no way to deal with your superfluous wealth, so you spent a lot of money on the acquisition of this idiot group. Your decision is really puzzling,” Jingyou Jane wore a charming smile. She looked at Stuart's handsome face which turned sullener because of her sarcasm in an instant. Then she said, “Is Mr. Stuart also a fool?”

Her bold words caused uproar in all the clerks in the conference room.

Sitting calmly in the seat of honor, Stuart, with his pupils shrinking, sneered, “Do all Boya's employees win customers by talking glibly?” suddenly he banged the table and leaned forward with a cold expression.

“Miss Jane, if you want others to think highly of you, show your real skills please. It shouldn't be good for you to contradict your future superior.”

Jingyou Jane, who had been reprimanded in public, stood up and put her hands on the table after fixing her eyes on Stuart’s cold and handsome face for a long time.

“I'm sorry that Mr. Stuart’s self-esteem was hurt by my outspoken words. Maybe you have a strong hobby of insulting subordinates. Our company's employees are all generous and tolerant. Even if they are satirized, they will ignore those unfair censures, of course...”

Just as he was about to lose his temper, a cynical smile appeared on Jingyou Jane’s beautiful face. “I don't think Mr. Stuart will be furious at it, will you?”

There was a deafening silence in the room. Jingyou Jane looked at the people in the room, folding her arms over her chest, “Regarding the clothing promotion project just mentioned by Mr. Stuart, I think that there are many economical ways for effective propaganda. We can launch some promotional activities, or arrange fashion shows in holidays. We can find some models of different stature to attract those who cannot wear clothes in standard sizes. In this way, more people will be interested in our promotion..."

As soon as she stopped, many people began to discuss about her proposal in a low voice. Even Che Stuart, who was seated at the head of the table, was rendered speechless after hearing her words, beating on the table with his slender fingers, with a trace of appreciation on his cold face. Then Che Stuart calmly looked at the employees siting on both sides of the table, “If you want to survive in this world, you need to use your brain more. In addition, Boya Group will disappear completely in the world and it will be replaced by Hong Kong Branch of Cosmos Group. I hope you can be prepared psychologically.”

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