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When Jingyou Jane turned around, she felt dizzy, exhausted and almost unable to move. A wave of nausea swept over her and her stomach was seriously uncomfortable. d.a.m.n it! This bad feeling seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. She bent, retching constantly. After the philter incident, it seemed that she hadn't menstruated for over a month.

Oh, G.o.d! Maybe she was pregnant?

Eight years later.

Boya Group, a large company in Hong Kong, mainly engaged in import and export trade. It also engaged in advertising planning, clothing promotion and various e-commerce operation projects.

The company's owner was a 60-year-old man who had two good-for-nothing sons. The two guys fought for company’s inheritance right in spite of their father's heart disease and the crisis in the company.

As a result, their father died from heart attack out of anger. The eldest son was arrested and jailed for bribery by the Commercial Crime Bureau. The second-born who had been fighting for power and profit knew nothing about operating. Boya Group was on the brink of extinction because of bad management after he took over Boya in less than three months.

Early in the morning, just stepping into the company’s hall, Jingyou Jane saw several colleagues gathering to talk about something in a low voice. As she suddenly left the United States eight years ago, she flew back to her parents' hometown, Hong Kong, to study in a third-cla.s.s university. After graduation, she successfully entered the Boya Group. She did not expect that Boya where she had worked for nearly three years would go bankrupt so soon.

Seeing Jingyou Jane approach, Song Ming’er, a nosy parker in Planning Department, came over and grabbed Jingyou Jane’s arm enthusiastically.

“Have you heard about it, Jane? Our company seems to have been acquired by a large foreign group.”

“Really?" Jane raised her arched eyebrows slightly.

“It’s real...” another woman in a blue business suit nodded hard. “I heard that the boss of our company auctioned Boya at a low price to get enough money to settle in Australia with his mistress...”

“Sure enough, the beauty is more important than power and career for our boss.”

Jane was not interested in the personal life of her superiors, but there were always gossips who liked to collect affairs like this in every company. She received news just for fun.

“I've heard that our company's new owner is an American businessman, and he has an astonishing powerful background…”

“…the Cosmos Group which has shocked the whole Wall Street?” someone cut in suddenly. “Che Stuart, the heir to Cosmos Group, has been the cover figure of the six consecutive issues of the Financial Magazine.”

“Che Stuart?” when the girls heard the name, they couldn't help screaming together.

“Oh, my G.o.d! The heir to Cosmos Group will take over our company...”

“Will that man who is more handsome than a Hollywood superstar be our future boss...”

“I will go crazy. Che Stuart is my super idol...”

A lively conversation went on with everybody joining in. They completely immersed themselves in excitement, and hadn’t noticed that Jingyou Jane who had worn an elegant smile was shocked after hearing the name of Che Stuart. Was it the Che Stuart she knew, the Stuart who influenced her life and occupied her mind when she was lying in bed alone at night?

If it was him, how would she deal with that dangerous man?

While several women were talking and screaming, an uproar burst at the front door of Boya Group suddenly. A tall and handsome young man surrounded by a group of tough men in black suits came in through the front door. The black sheep of Boya Group, with an obsequious face, followed him and constantly said something.

The young man, who was surrounded by people, was 185 centimeters tall. His hair was well trimmed and quite stylish and a few strands of hair fell across his forehead. He had dark and thick eyebrows, and deep and unfathomable eyes. His nose was as n.o.ble as Apollo's in Greek mythology, and his lips were s.e.xy, boasting a perfect contour.

He wore a stiff silver-gray suit of the famous VERSACE brand. There was no smile on his handsome young face. With a kind of overwhelming momentum, he impressed others with his suffocating handsome at first glance. But when you looked carefully at him, you would find that he was a man full of danger. Everyone was overwhelmed by the indifference and forcefulness that he unconsciously revealed. The man was unapproachable undoubtedly.

Several female staff members in conversation were openmouthed. Obviously, the shock this handsome man brought to them was quite big.

Jane looked at him and fell into a trance. She didn’t expect that eight years had transformed him from an arrogant and conceited boy into an unfathomable star in the business world. Seeing this somehow strange and familiar face, she felt her heart in an instant irrepressibly frenzied.

That was him! Che Stuart! Even after the baptism of years of time, she still recognized the man who had transformed her life!

She watched him walk into the first-floor lobby of Boya Group. He fixed his deep eagle eye on her face for nearly half a minute, but his cool face still showed no any emotion.

Jane instinctively saw the provocation in his eyes when he brushed past her. He ignored her and walked ahead proudly like a highly respected prince.

This made Jane feel a little lost at the bottom of her heart. And the shocked female clerks shut their opened mouths until Che Stuart and his attendants stepped into the private elevator.

“My... G.o.d... Is that man excessively handsome?” Song Ming’er wiped her chin foolishly as if she had drooled.

“He's the heir to the Cosmos Group,” a shrill voice arose in Jingyou Jane’s ear.

“Che Stuart? So, he will be our future boss...”

Their conversations brought the atmosphere to the highest point. Only Jane kept her silence. Perhaps in Che Stuart’s heart, she had become a n.o.body in his s.e.xual history. Within eight years, many things changed.

She walked up to the staff-dedicated elevator with the noisy crowd. Soon after, the announcement that the head of the company was going to hold an emergency meeting for all the staff came from the company's loudspeaker.

Jane didn’t know what would happen, but she felt instinctively that the reappearance of Che Stuart would bring unpredictable things to her quiet life.

Could she bear the fate that was about to happen to her?

Half an hour later, all employees at the managerial and a.s.sistant levels within the company were notified that an emergency meeting would be held in a large conference room on the sixteenth floor.

Jingyou Jane, who gave up the scholarship of New Dersey College and returned to Hong Kong, was bright. But she did not bother to show her intelligence in society. Even she had worked with Boya for three years, her position remained as a.s.sistant manager of the Planning Department.

She followed the crowd to the large conference room where leaders from all departments gathered. They talked in a low voice about the upcoming coup. Several female employees who had learned that the future boss was a very handsome man rushed to find a good seat near the boss’s seat. Jingyou Jane shook her head helplessly and slowly sat at the end of the long conference table.

When all the staff was anxious to wait for the arrival of the big shot, the door of the conference room was pushed open by several fierce men in black. Several leaders respectfully invited the legendary heir to Cosmos Group - Che Stuart in. While the second-born of Boya's founder wore an ingratiating smile.

“Mr. Stuart, please sit here,” he directly led Che Stuart to the position of president. All staff in discussion immediately held their breath, which made noisy conference room became quiet in an instant.

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