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He snorted with laughter, “Obviously, you’ve done a thorough investigation about my family before you established the relationship with my son.”

The sarcastic words made Jingyou Jane’s eyes darkened, “One thing I have to clarify, the news is not new to us, considering that there are many kindly people willing to spread the news in the New Dersey College and your son is so good at attracting public attention and inviting trouble.”

“You are really a sharp-tongued girl, no wonder my son has made such a big mistake for you,” Ao Stuart was a bit aggressive, and fixedly stared at this little girl who was young and pretty with a proud face, “I can see you are a smart girl. In order to save time, I will not beat around the bush. How much do you want? Just give me a price.”

“What?” Jingyou Jane looked at the energetic middle-aged man in amus.e.m.e.nt, folding her arms over her chest, “If you want to save time, I suggest you talk with me like a human being.”

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Ao Stuart continued, with a sullen look on his handsome face, “You must know my purpose of coming here. Don’t pretend you don’t know it. I have sent people to investigate your family background. Your father - Dacheng Jane, a robber, got himself killed by police when trying to escape from the prison. Your mother died from illness when you were only 9 years old. You were brought up by your uncle but he now has given up your custody. Miss Jane, considering your present situation, even though you are a top student in academic achievement, you are still disqualified from being with the successor of Cosmos Group. Got it?”

Jane’s face became darker when she heard his straight speech; she kept her rage in the heart and sat down calmly in from of him, “It seems that Mr. Stuart come here today for warning me to keep Che Stuart at arm's length?”

“I like your quick mind,” Ao Stuart laughed with arrogance and self-conceit, “I am a straightforward man. I know the inferior like you are afraid to ask for too much money. I give you two million dollars. You leave America, and never appear again in my son’s life from today on.”

“Excuse me, why?” she clenched her fists in anger, staring at the arrogant man in front of her. She really wanted to beat him up, but her education demanded that she be a lady.

The conceited Ao Stuart, with contracted pupils, stared coldly at her. “How dare you ask me why!” he suddenly raised his voice. “That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Che beat the son from the Cage Group into a cripple, now he is facing an accusation for prison sentence. In order to save him, I gave 30 million dollars to the Cages, persuading them to give it up.”

Jingyou Jane was shocked, hearing what he just said, “Jesus! Che Stuart, What an idiot…”

“Miss Jane, I don’t want to learn the entanglement between you and my son. I know he made a stupid mistake that hurt you. He must have been wrong in the upper story at that moment to do such an absurd thing. Anyway, if you are a girl with a clear conscience, disappear from his life and never appear again.”

Jingyou Jane held her breath and looked coldly at him; but her mind was full of Stuart Che who beat Jon into a cripple just for the sake of her. Che Stuart didn’t even mention it after his family paid a large amount of money. Did he intentionally want to make her guilty?

30 million dollars! What did it mean?

“If you are with him, he may do something even crazier than that later, so…” Ao Stuart stood up and stared at her coldly. “Keep away from him right now and this is your only choice.” He took out a checkbook from his pocket, swiftly wrote a figure on a check, detached it from the checkbook, and threw it to Jingyou Jane.

“From today on, I don’t want to see you again in America.”

Jingyou Jane remained completely unmoved, looking at the check with a huge amount, and then gently pushed it aside with her right hand.

“Your son has his dignity. He is worth far more than two million dollars…”

“What do you mean?”

“You are smart and you can figure out my meaning someday,” Jingyou Jane stood up and walked straight towards the door of the apartment, paying no attention to him.

“What…” Ao Stuart looked at her slim back.

“I can’t stop you if you want to play tricks. But, I don’t mind telling you that my family will never accept a girl like you, and you’d better remember every single word I said today…”


The door opened and slammed. It was the first time that Ao Stuart was ignored by someone, who was still a teenage girl. Dame it! What kind of weirdo did his son fall in love with?

It was nearly 11:00 a.m. when Jingyou Jane arrived at the West Times Square. Looking at the people coming and going, she unexpectedly hoped to find Che Stuart. She laughed at herself for such a naive idea. But why did she come here?

At the moment when turning around, she caught sight of a handsome boy sitting on a bench nearby. He was anxiously looking all around. Jingyou Jane instinctively hid herself behind a stone column when he randomly shot a glance at this direction.

Was he really waiting for her? That bossy and proud boy!

Jingyou Jane who hid behind the stone column began to feel tight in the chest. What kind of boy was he? Stubborn, bossy, madcap, and conceited as he was, he put his whole heart into waiting for her at this moment.

Since the death of her parents, she was adopted by her uncle and lived under subjugation. Without a true family, she had no sense of attachment, and abandoned affections and desires at an early age. However, when he came into her life like a virus, she found herself nearly infected by him…

Looking at his sincere and handsome face, Jingyou Jane found that a corner of the shelter covering her heart had collapsed for him. But she wondered whether she could afford to be with a boy like him who was almost liked by all the girls in the university, and who had not only a charming look but also a profound family background.

Each word said by Ao Stuart, like poisonous snakes and wild beasts, attacked her soul, forcing her to remember that she was an abandoned orphan, an inferior living at the bottom of the society, with a messy family background……

She and the n.o.ble boy were boomed to be two parallel lines from birth.

Time just flew. People in groups were coming and going. New faces appeared and soon disappeared. But Che Stuart was numbly sitting on the bench all the time.

11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 17:00…

Hiding behind the stone column, Jingyou Jane, like a soulless body, was covertly peering at his handsome face which was becoming sullen because she didn’t show up.

When darkness fell, the proud and tall figure stood up, exhausted, and walked in the opposite direction slowly.

Instantly, two lines of hot tears gushed out of her eyes, and Jingyou Jane couldn’t believe that she cried for that boy.

Maybe her existence troubled him a lot. The proud boy indeed waited a whole day for a girl like her.

Maybe her departure was the only right choice for his life.

When the dark enveloped the earth, Jingyou Jane living in a foreign land suddenly felt a strong sense of loneliness. No family, no friends. No one would offer comfort when she wanted to have a good cry.

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