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L.A., America

“Oh, my money!” Jane Jingyou screamed.

A coin slipped out of her hand and rolled straight down the slope.

Not far away…

“Don’t hit me. I dare not do it again. Please…” a blonde boy fell to the ground and there was cowardliness and panic in his blue pupils.

He was surrounded by a group of boys following him. The boy standing in the front of the group lifted his long leg, put his foot on the chest of the boy being chased and forced him to lie on his back on the ground.

“From the day you provoked me, you should have found out who I, Situ Che, am,” he looked down from a commanding position at the boy who could not help shivering under his foot. There was an evil and cold smile at the corner of Situ Che’s s.e.xy mouth.

The boy named Situ Che was d.a.m.n handsome! At the age of eighteen or nineteen, he had thick straight jet-black hair, a few strands of which fell across his forehead, showing only two thirds of his face, with an aura of mysterious evil.

Jane Jingyou stood at the corner and was shocked unconsciously. She was just chasing after the coin, but seemed to witness an incident of school violence accidentally.

The boy covered with danger seemed like a person who should not be offended…

“Do you find it strange to see such a scene?” a magnetic voice which was cold and mocking spoke rang in Jane Jingyou’s ears. She could not help raising her head and saw the whole face of the cool boy.

The standard oriental face was stained with cold violence. In the sunset glow, he was enveloped in divine light and seemed to be inaccessible to the ordinary.

Jane Jingyou was in a daze, stood still and looked straight back at him.

“If you don’t want to be beaten, get the h.e.l.l out of here!” Situ Che warned with a bloodthirsty sneer, and his voice was husky, with the magnetism which could nearly hypnotize people.

“Could you please move your leg away for three seconds?” Jane Jingyou fearlessly looked at his handsome face. She pointed at his foot with her chin.

“Are you interceding with me for him?” His dashing eyebrows were slightly raised and there was a hint of amus.e.m.e.nt on his handsome face.

“Three seconds, OK?” she asked, raising her head, with no fear in her big eyes.

“That’s how you try to get my attention?” he did not mean to move his long leg and folded his arms leisurely. The evil in his handsome face hardly diminished.

“Whatever you think…” Jane Jingyou squatted on the ground and poked his black leather pants with her finger, “I only need three seconds, thanks.”

The atmosphere was stagnant.

“Well, it seems that you can’t understand human language,” Jane Jingyou drooped her head helplessly and her little hands made a slight effort to carry Situ Che’s long leg to one side.

Then she moved the blonde boy who cut a sorry figure aside, like moving a stone. Finally, the quarter under his a.s.s appeared.

Jane Jingyou picked the coin up and put them together with the other six dollars in her hand.

“OK, you can continue,” she stood up, nodded at people present gracefully and politely and then left.

When she brushed past Situ Che, her pretty image formed a strong idea in his mind.

Situ Che looked at her slender figure and a sudden flash of admiration that he could not understand ran across his evil face. It was the girl that he was interested in!

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