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Chapter 54: Claire Playing With A Gun

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Claire ignored him, took off her jacket and threw it aside. Then, she slightly bent down, getting into position for the start of the race.

With the sound of the gunshot, she rushed out like an arrow and instantly left others behind.

Hunter smiled contemptuously at Gallon. “You can go rest on the side. You're not needed here.”

Gallon curled his lips. “Humph…”

Claire quickly ran three laps without even panting, and even the timing teacher was stunned by her speed.

Is this running? No, this is flying!

Claire walked to the rest area and drank a few mouthfuls of mineral water. Then she found that Hunter and Gallon were still running the first lap.

The two of them were competing secretly, both sporting sullen looks.

Although Claire got first place, it was useless. When the total time that the three of them spent was added up, they lost to others.

After the first game, Claire walked up to the two of them. “Hey, you two, can you not partic.i.p.ate? You're holding me back.”

Gallon gasped in exhaustion. “I haven't worked out in a long time… sorry…”

Hunter squinted at him and sneered. “Did you hear her? Don't hold us back.”

Hearing this, Gallon was furious. “How do you have the nerve to scold me? You were running as slow as a turtle!”

Hunter raised his eyebrows, his expression cold and arrogant. “At least I'm faster than you.”

“You…” Gallon rolled his eyes. “Forget it… I won't quarrel with a moron!”

Hunter's face darkened, and his eyes were cold. “Say it again?”

Claire didn't want to waste her time on these two idiots. She turned around and left.

The second game was shooting.

This game was relatively more difficult. No one had learned it before. As amateurs, they just needed to hit the target.

Claire put on the headset and goggles and picked up a gun from the table.

She stood upright and swirled the gun twice in her palm.

Then, she lowered her shoulders, and raised her slender arm. She narrowed her eyes slightly, and pulled the trigger.

With a bang, the bullet shot out and hit the bull's-eye.

Claire retracted the gun neatly and pulled the bolt to reload the bullets. She pressed her lips slightly. Her eyes were calm, her expression was as cold as a killer, and she fired a few more shots, all hitting the bull's-eye.

The accuracy was 100%.

The playground was boiling at once.

“Ahhh, she is so cool!”

“No shot missed. I can't believe my eyes!”

“I suddenly adore her!”

Claire put down the gun and looked sideways.

Gallon had never touched a gun before. Holding a gun, he looked nervous.

On the other side, Hunter was selecting a gun.

He picked up each gun and played with it.

He was checking the guns carefully, including the gun sight.

Then he loaded bullets into a gun and put it next to his ear, listening to the sound of the warhead rubbing in the barrel.

Claire frowned.

Others might not understand what he was doing, but Claire did.

Hunter's movements were very professional and skilled. He seemed to be adept at using guns.

After a while, Hunter finally chose a gun. His face was cold, his eyes were unfathomable, and he didn't even need time to aim before he pulled the trigger.

With a bang, the bullet hit the bull's-eye.

The gun swirled between his fingers and then was retracted.

Claire's heart did a flip.

In every respect, his shot was far more perfect than hers, and his shooting speed was unbelievably fast.

If the target on the opposite side was a person, he might have been dead.

On the other side, Mr. Hopkins exited the shooting range, picked up his cell phone and pressed it to his ear.

“Young Master is accompanying Miss Claire in her school sports meet. He touched a gun just now and seemed to give himself away a little.”

On the other side of the line, a middle-aged man's voice came.

“Keep an eye on him, and try not to let him go out. I will return home soon.”


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