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Sulky Miriam

There's still quite some distance to the bottom, dragon's floor.
There are plenty places to warm up, but I'm aiming for a room where a female warrior who was also a mage lived.
Because, it's the closest lodging that's not outside!!

That room is two floors below.
The event of Illegitimate child of Larice happened almost immediately after leaving the town, so that room is still a long way off.
With the map I obtained in Clair (I remember roughly from the game, but that's the way of dungeon) we went towards that room.
There, you can obtain weapons and armor for the final battle.
Light armor for women and a light shield.

Finally, she'll sport mannish look.
But Miriam? I can't expect much from this flimsy kid.
If it suits her, I'll revise that statement.
But, I want to wear it!!

Still, despite heading for one floor below, Coalescing Smiles are annoying!!
They coalesce one after another, my mana is too low for Vivid Dynamite.
(Even so, I still have enough to invoke other magic a few times)

Afterwards, I only had to have Henry and Armand defeat them with physical attacks.
Or so I thought.
Henry let out a scream that seemed to fit an uke.
Rocca Smile bit him.
Somehow, the bro-ish Smile is not letting up his bite.
"Ah, Henry!!"
Armand slashed the perverted microorganism, that attacked the precious prince, from behind to support the bitten prince.

Miriam, who's crying and screaming, is for now useless.
As expected, once a single Rocca Smile is completed, another Rocca Smile won't complete on this floor in front of us.
It might be because I chose beginner mode at the start of the game.
Machan, who was playing at hard mode, found it hard to beat Rocca Smiles.

"Release Henry!!"
Ferociously groaning, the Rocca Smile doesn't let Henry go.
You are my wife!! I won't let you go!!
Armand is in a pinch!!
His position as a seme is unsteady!!

Alright, here I go.
I dropkicked it. Of course, I aimed for Rocca Smile's weak point, its core.
Henry also seems to have been hit by my kick, but why should I care.
It's effective against Rocca Smiles.
Alright, once more.

The Rocca Smile released Henry and ran away, leaving behind some coins.
Henry, who fell on his b.u.t.tocks, is crouching holding them.
"How cruel!! Even though I haven't yet married… I could be bruised…"
Henry covered his face with his hands and broke down crying.
"Ooh!! Great!! It's great like that"
Armand is impressed…
"I'd get fractures if you seriously kicked!!"
Henry is glowering at Armand with teary eyes.

Miriam is looking at me with resentful eyes.
Eh? What?
"You only helped Henry, how cruel!! Help me too!!"
"Eh…? Eh?"
"I'll be caught next!!"
I wonder if otome game players want to see a villainess kicking a heroine…
"Children mustn't have such vulgar thoughts!!"
I clearly declared like an older sister, but Miriam silently pouted.
Is Miri-chan, a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t…!?
"Because I'll be caught, Alice-chan will help me!! It's decided!!"

Suddenly the stairs to the floor below appeared.
If we descend them and walk for a while we'll reach the room mentioned earlier.
But, when we go down the stairs, a plant-based tentacle creature will appear as an enemy.
In the City of Slumber, the battle scene wasn't clearly shown but, it's a disgusting thing that restrains its enemies with tentacles…
How will it feel seeing it in reality?
And what should I do with Miriam who is br.i.m.m.i.n.g with motivation to get caught…

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