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Prince was arrested

We left the restaurant where we had our meal.
"Why are we here?"
"Birthday reception!! is what's written"
We approached the establishment which had eerie music leaking from its entrance, 'Birthday reception!! There might be surprises!? Please make a reservation' is written on a blackboard.
She has good eyesight.

"A reservation? Yesterday… we haven't made a reservation, so is it hopeless…?"
With swimming eyes, Henry is not approaching.

A ghost resembling an Ultraman monster who we thought was an ornament talked to us.
Does this person always stand here wearing a costume…? Isn't it hot?
Henry and Armand were petrified in terror.

"You can still make it in time today. A reservation for four people, right"
"No, we'll not make a reservation!!"
Ignoring Henry's words, a monster-like ghost went down the stairs to the bas.e.m.e.nt.
"We made a reservation…"
Miriam herself seems to be surprised as she foolishly spoke.
"N, no way!! I'm not going!! Miriam, it's fine if you take others and go!!"
"It said four people though?"
"It… can't be…"
He's a somewhat miserable prince.
But in a sense it's good he's uke-like.

That's why we returned to the inn to extend our stay for a day and moved our baggage to the a.s.signed room.
Afterwards, we mindlessly spent some time in the general store, then it was the time.
Henry looked pale and was trembling the whole time.
In the City of Slumber, standard high ranking enemies such as shinigami or devils don't make an appearance.
Smiles are microbe-like lower cla.s.s creatures made by the dragon.
The dragon of this story, despite being an opponent than needs to be destroyed, is a sacred creature. However, it must be done as he strayed from the right path.
The reason is offering gems cannot be mined in this region, so artificial stones were submitted, causing impurities.
Although he hadn't noticed for 17 years, why now after all this time…?
And, humans were cursed for taking it lightly.
Which side is in the wrong, I don't know…

"Let's go"
We went to Prison of Demons, Miriam went down the stairs.
I and Armand pulled the afraid Henry and entered the restaurant downstairs.

"Are you turning yourself in?"
Shinigami-san asked.
"Do you smoke?"
"We don't"
"Then, to the Th.o.r.n.y Prison"
At the entrance, there was a rough plan of the interior.
There were many rooms that have prison in their names.
Th.o.r.n.y Prison was in the non-smoking area.

"Then, let me lead the way. This is…"
A female shinigami grasped Henry's hand.
"You!! What are you doing to me!!"
Henry is acting strangely.
"You turned yourself in, so I'm arresting you"
A handcuff was put on Henry's hand…
"No, nooooooo!! I, the fourth prince of Fraze Kingdom, was arrested!? It can't beeeeeee!?"
Shinigami-san laughed as if what Henry said was a joke…
Sushi without wasabi please!! I put in plenty wasabi, it's a big freebie, lad. Does he feel like this…?
"Henry, I will share your fate no matter where!!"
The foul knight was arrested in the same vein, please remain with the prince till death do you part!!
"You are under arrest!!"
"I was arrested"
I was arrested by the female shinigami-san as well, but Miri-chan is not glaring…?
"I'm a minor, so"
I wonder if it's okay to come here with a minor…?

"Is it someone's birthday?"
Armand raised Henry's hand.
After we sat down on our seats, everybody had their handcuffs removed.
I sat next to Miriam.
In the front seats, Armand was stroking the back of Henry who was sobbing convulsively.
Truly effeminate!!
And how shameful!!
Uke prince, it truly is good. It's too great!! Ufufu…

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