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Chapter 985: Yi Yangzi’s Ambush

Changyang Zu Yunxiao naturally became delighted when he saw how Hei Yu treated Jian Chen. As his own great grandson and a descendant of the Changyang clan, he obviously hoped that Jian Chen could be as close to Rui Jin and Hei Yu as possible. That way, the Changyang clan could benefit from them as well.

Jian Chen’s heart warmed from Hei Yu’s concern. He said to the two of them, “Seniors, my Changyang clan eagerly welcomes the two of you as guests. If you like it here, why don’t you stay for a few more days?”

Hei Yu looked at Rui Jin after hearing that, before smiling at Jian Chen once again. “We really did consider that. We just don’t happen to have a place to stay on the Tian Yuan Continent, so we might as well just settle down in your Changyang clan. We do hope that it won’t be troublesome for you.”

Jian Chen was completely delighted with that. The Changyang clan could be considered as impregnable now that the two of them had settled down here. Even if the protector clans came personally, they would fail to gain any advantages over the clan.

“Don’t say that! It is my honor that the two seniors are willing to settle down in my humble abode. I can’t welcome you two enough, so how can it be troublesome?” Jian Chen said hurriedly. He was extremely happy inside.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao also became delighted. He quickly added some polite words. Only Changyang Zu Yeyun who did not know Rui Jin and Hei Yu’s strength remained doubtful. However, she could guess that the two of them were definitely not simple seeing how her husband treated the pair.

Afterward, Jian Chen quickly ordered the mercenaries in the clan to organize the best courtyard for Rui Jin and Hei Yu, allowing the two of them to settle down.

However, Jian Chen still felt suspicious throughout this entire time. He was not very close with Rui Jin or Hei Yu; he could barely even describe them as chance acquaintances, so he had no idea why Rui Jin and Hei Yu would continue to help him regardless of the consequences. Not only did they become enemies of the path lord of carnal desires and the Saint Emperors of the Beast G.o.d Continent, the two of them actually waited outside when he spoke with Changyang Zu Yunxiao just earlier. Jian Chen was very surprised by this.

Even when ignoring their great strength, just Rui Jin’s status as a dragon king made him countless times more prestigious than Jian Chen.

“Is it because of the Winged Tiger G.o.d that Rui Jin and Hei Yu are extremely willing to help me and even protect me? Do they only want to protect the Winged Tiger G.o.d?” Jian Chen thought. He felt like this was more and more possible, so he relieved himself of his doubt afterward.

In the morning of the next day, many unfamiliar guests had gathered outside the Changyang clan of Lore City. They all walked to the main entrance of the clan with invaluable gifts, before politely communicating with the guards outside. They were only let in after a very long time.

They all came from ancient clans. A Saint King ancestor would personally lead the important people of their clan to visit the small Changyang clan in Lore City. Over a dozen clans came, and the numbers kept increasing. Each clan would bring at least a dozen people.

Their arrival immediately made the Changyang clan lively, alarming all the members of the upper echelon of the Changyang clan. Changyang Zu Yunkong personally received them, and even Jian Chen made an appearance.

The people of the ancient clans all possessed great statuses, but they behaved extremely amiably when they came to the Changyang clan today. They did not act arrogantly at all, and some people even seemed a little unnatural.

The ancestors of the ancient clans all gathered around Jian Chen when he appeared. They constantly congratulated him as they smiled kindly, trying to curry some favor.

The ancestors had all personally witnessed Jian Chen fending off the protector clans and knew that this unprecedented genius of the continent had matured at an unstoppable rate. He had already become an existence that they needed to be wary of despite being less than fifty years old. He was so powerful that even the protector clans could do nothing to him.

All the ancestors of ancient clans were extremely sharp. They could see Jian Chen’s terrifying talent and immeasurable achievements, and they all expected Jian Chen to become something no less than a Saint Emperor. As a result, they all came to visit him at this moment, to form a friendly tie with him before he had reached Saint Emperor.

“Brother Jian Chen, I never thought you would be an awe-inspiring expert now, making our clan’s ancestor personally pay a visit. You really do make me envious.” At this moment, an enchanting voice rang out from nearby. Jian Chen heard it clearly.

Turning toward the sound, Jian Chen saw a lady in a pink dress standing with an elderly couple. She stared unblinkingly at Jian Chen with mixed emotions.

Jian Chen could not help but think back to when he took part in the Gathering of Mercenaries at Mercenary City where he first saw the woman. He immediately became melancholy, but he did not show it. He smiled toward the lady, “Miss Tianmu Ling, I didn’t know you had come as well.”

This lady was Tianmu Ling from the ancient Tianmu clan. Ten years had pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye, yet her appearance was no different from before. She did not seem old at all, and the only change was that she seemed much more mature than before.

“My my, brother Jian Chen. We haven’t met in so many years yet you still recognize me. You sure make me so emotional,” said Tianmu Ling with a giggle. She smiled seductively, as beautiful as the blooming of flowers. She paid no attention to the weird gazes that the ancestors from the other ancient clans looked at her with.

Probably only Tianmu Ling would dare to speak so brazenly to Jian Chen out of all the people that had come today.

However, Tianmu Ling was nowhere near as calm as she seemed on the surface. Her heart had already begun to churn long ago. She was definitely not calm.

Back then, she was still someone who had the same level of cultivation as Jian Chen, also taking part in the Gathering of Mercenaries. She was part of the five experts. There was a slight difference between their strength, but it was nothing that could not be made up for. Yet now, Jian Chen had become a supreme expert, standing as an equal to the ancestor of her clan. Many Saint King ancestors from other ancient clans had also personally come to visit, treating him extremely politely and courteously. It was glorious for him.

On the other hand, she was still an Earth Saint Master. She had improved greatly throughout the years as well, but the difference between her and Jian Chen was now at a dumbfounding level. The difference could be a.n.a.logized as the sky and the earth.

Tianmu Ling experienced extremely mixed emotions currently. She felt indescribably envious of Jian Chen’s current achievements, but she also felt a sliver of admiration.

“Sigh, back then, he was on the same level as me, yet now he has become something that I can only look up to but never match,” Tianmu Ling sighed inside.

“Hahaha, I never thought my friend Jian Chen here would know my great granddaughter. It really is her honor,” the Saint King ancestor from the Tianmu clan immediately began to laugh from the bottom of his heart as he saw how close Tianmu Ling was with Jian Chen.


The next day, the guests from the ancient clans all left. Afterward, even more ancestors from hermit clans paid a visit with valuable gifts. Jian Chen allowed Changyang Zu Yunkong and Bi Hai to receive them, while he himself did not make an appearance. Instead, he left the clan all by himself and traveled toward Mercenary City.

At the same time, the remaining members of the Flame Mercenaries left Lore City under the lead of the high-ranking members, forming a huge group that they traveled toward Flame City.

Jian Chen left the Gesun Kingdom all by himself as he made his way toward Mercenary City. He was happy but also felt some mixed emotions. He was now a Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Master, so he could revive the dead. He could bring back his parents.

Jian Chen became uncontrollably excited when he thought about how his parents would be soon revived. He had waited for this day for far too long.

Something suddenly happened as Jian Chen was thinking about his parents. The s.p.a.ce around him froze up in that instant, immobilizing him tightly.

Jian Chen was surprised by the sudden occurrence and the random thoughts in his head disappeared in that instant. He looked forward and produced a shocking glare. 

A ruddy old man had appeared at some point in time in the direction of Jian Chen’s sight. He floated fifty meters before Jian Chen, staring at him coldly.

“It’s actually you, Yi Yangzi of the Yiyuan sect,” called out Jian Chen. Killing intent and anger immediately began to skyrocket inside him, burning like a scorching flame.

“Jian Chen, my Yiyuan sect is a mighty protector clan. It is not something that you, a little brat, can insult. You even heavily injured the great elder Ling Yuanzi, reducing him to just his soul. My Yiyuan sect will be taking revenge for this no matter what. There has never been anyone in the past who has come out unharmed after offending my protector clan. This applies even if you have the Changyang clan supporting you,” Yi Yangzi said coldly. Afterward, he pointed toward Jian Chen and spat out the words, “Secret Laws of Yuan-returnance, Index Finger of the Mountainous Five Fingers.”

Invisible World Force began to condense in that instant as Yi Yangzi pointed out. A three-inch-long finger immediately shot toward Jian Chen.

The finger exceeded the constraints of time and s.p.a.ce, arriving before Jian Chen in the next moment. It traveled directly toward the center of Jian Chen’s eyebrows.

Yi Yangzi clearly wanted to kill Jian Chen. His attack toward the center of Jian Chen’s eyebrows was an attempt to wipe out his soul.

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