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Chapter 980: Clash of the Powerful

“Jian Chen, hand over the Winged Tiger G.o.d.” Kaiser’s face darkened. He took a single step and arrived before Jian Chen instantly.

“Jian Chen, you avoided our pursuit by hiding in the sea realm all those years ago. I’d like to see where you run now that you’re on the Tian Yuan Continent.” Lankyros also stepped out and arrived before Jian Chen. He glared at Jian Chen as he radiated with a powerful aura. He was like a huge mountain that stood before Jian Chen, making Jian Chen feel like his body was sinking. Jian Chen immediately began to circulate his Chaotic Force, pushing the Chaotic Body to the utmost limit to resist Lankyros’ pressure.

A gleam of light immediately flickered through Lankyros’ eyes when he saw how Jian Chen was able to resist his pressure without even flinching. He said coldly, “Your strength is much greater that rumored, but killing you is still as easy as cake. Jian Chen, hand over the Winged Tiger G.o.d and I’ll spare your life. If you don’t, there can only be death.”

“I’d like to see who’ll harm him.” Rui Jin arrived before Jian Chen with a flash after returning to his human form. He glared at Lankyros and Kaiser as he wielded the Sacred Dragon’s Spear.

Hei Yu had also arrived beside Rui Jin. He faced the two Saint Emperors without showing any weakness.

Lankyros’ face began to sank. He growled, “Are you sick of living? Daring to block what I am doing?”

“The Winged Tiger G.o.d is the G.o.d of the magical beasts. Since when did you have the right to interfere with its freedom? Unless the Winged Tiger G.o.d is willing itself, no one has the right to make it do what it doesn’t like,” growled Rui Jin.

“It’s exactly because its the G.o.d of us magical beasts that we need to bring the Winged Tiger G.o.d back, so we can provide even greater s.p.a.ce and conditions for its growth. The Winged Tiger G.o.d should be living on our Beast G.o.d Continent. It should not be in the hands of you humans. Moreover, the Winged Tiger G.o.d is still growing. It’s simple-minded. If it gets raised wrongly by you humans, it would be a loss for us magical beasts,” said Lankyros.

“The Winged Tiger G.o.d may be young, but it’s still a beast G.o.d after all. How can it be led off in the wrong direction so easily? Anyway, don’t you dare take it from Jian Chen today,” Rui Jin did not let up as he pushed back at Lankyros with words. He protected Jian Chen.

Jian Chen immediately became filled with doubt upon seeing how Rui Jin and Hei Yi were actually willing to offend two Saint Emperors to protect him. Their relationship did not seem to be anywhere near this level.

Lankyros and Kaiser’s expression became ugly after they heard Rui Jin’s words. Killing intent immediately appeared in Kaiser’s eyes as he stared coldly at Rui Jin, “Golden Divine Dragon, do you really think that I’m afraid of killing you since you’re a king of the Dragon clan? Don’t blame me for not treating you as a clansmen if you don’t move.”

Rui Jin immediately became furious when he was threatened by a mutant earthwyrm. He called out, “I have the sacred artifact of the Dragon clan, the Sacred Dragon’s Armor, protecting me. Do you really think that you, a mere earthwyrm, can harm me?”

Kaiser looked at Rui Jin’s armor as his eyes flickered in thought. He then said, “Tiger emperor, keep the two of them busy. I’ll take Jian Chen.”

The tiger emperor sneered, “Don’t worry, leave the two of them to me.” After that, he charged toward Rui Jin and Hei Yu, embroiling in a great battle with the two of them. He kept them busy.

Kaiser no longer hesitated now that Rui Jin and Hei Yu no longer blocked him. He directly extended a hand toward Jian Chen.

“This palm strike is the Palm of Joy!”

At this moment, a gentle voice rang out. The path lord of carnal desires suddenly lashed out, directly striking Kaiser with an attack.

Kaiser’s eyes turned icy and he immediately stopped his movements toward Jian Chen. He punched out madly and collided with the path lord’s palm strike in mid-air.


The collision between the two attacks directly caused the surrounding s.p.a.ce to collapse, shattering it into countless pieces. Terrifying residual energy swept out wildly, catapulting the helpless Jian Chen far, far away. Immediately, a violent agony filled his head. His Chaotic Body had almost been injured.

The path lord of carnal desires shot back quickly, stopping several kilometers away. He did not pale, but he was grim. Kaiser stood like a mountain unmoved, though his presence became rather unstable. His face twitched constantly, as if he wanted to smile, but he forcefully kept it in.

Kaiser returned to normal very quickly as he stared coldly at the path lord. He growled, “You sure are worthy of your name, the path lord of carnal desires who created the path of emotions and desires. You really do have some strength. It may be able to affect me a little, but that’s all it can do.”

“Is that so?” The path lord of carnal desires smiled evilly, “The tiger emperor was heavily injured by my seven palms of emotions back then. I’ll make you try them today. Let’s see if the most powerful person from the Beast G.o.d Continent can come out unscathed. This is the second palm strike, the Palm of Rage!”

Clashing a second time, the path lord’s palm strike made his expression change once again. The ruler of the Beast G.o.d Continent was extremely easily enraged. As such, not only did the attack easily trigger the fury hidden within Kaiser, it quickly expanded to the point where it almost lost control.

However, Kaiser was still a Saint Emperor in the end. He forcefully repressed his emotions very quickly and returned to his previous state. On the other hand, the path lord retreated several kilometers once again.

“The third palm strike…”

“The fourth palm strike…”

The path lord of carnal desires struck out seven times. Each palm strike contained different emotions, triggering all seven emotions within Kaiser. Although it failed to injure him, he ended up in a horrible shape from the mental shock.

The path lord retreated several dozen kilometers after the seven palm strikes. He was stern.

“Path lord, I have already experienced your seven palms of emotions. However, I wonder if you can endure a few punches from me?” Kaiser yelled out. His presence had become even messier now as all of his emotions had been set off. Although they were forcefully suppressed, they still created a mess in his mind, especially when directly opposite emotions appeared at the same time. It made him feel like his mind was going to break.

“Fusion of the seven emotions, Palm of Severance!” said the path lord of carnal desires softly, before pushing out gently.

“Watch as I break your Palm of Severance! Beast King Punch!” Kaiser roared angrily and a punch that contained indescribable laws of the world went up to meet the Palm of Severance.

Kaiser’s punch was much more powerful this time than before. The path lord of carnal desires was thrown back several dozen kilometers before finally coming to a stop. A sliver of paleness immediately appeared on his face.

As the path lord shot backward, Kaiser’s expression changed greatly as well. He produced a painful grunt. He was not injured by the force of the palm strike, but was instead affected by the Palm of Severance.

The Palm of Severance was different from the attacks of the seven emotions before. The seven palm strikes earlier would intensify the seven emotions of a person, while the Palm of Severance would sever the emotions.

Struck by the attack, Kaiser felt like something extremely important had been forcefully yanked from his soul. His soul felt empty, and also experienced a sharp pain at the same time.

The emotions rampant in Kaiser due tothe seven attacks from the path lord had been forcefully severed by the Palm of Severance. It was like forcefully digging out all the organs in Kaiser’s body, only leaving behind a sh.e.l.l.

The seven palm strikes earlier had magnified the seven emotions endlessly, essentially planting the seven emotions as seeds in the Kaiser’s mind. Then, it germinated, taking up all of his thoughts. Afterward, the path lord used the Palm of Severance to sever the emotions, succeeding in injuring his opponent’s soul.

The Palm of Severance was not truly severing the emotions of the opponent, but a special way to injure the opponent’s soul.

The Palm of Severance could be used on its own, but if it the seven attacks were used beforehand and triggered the emotions of the opponent, its strength would be multiplied by forcefully removing those emotions.

Kaiser was truly worthy of being a Saint Emperor as he recovered very quickly. However, he was unable to mend the damage to his soul. He stared at the path lord with a sunken face. “Your Palm of Severance really has broadened my horizons, but it has failed to injure me heavily. My soul has only sustained light injuries, while my Beast King Punch has made you suddenly suffer quite heavy internal injuries. You’re not my opponent.”

“I still have the Palm of Desireless after the Palm of Severance, and then the Palm of Desireless Severance. It’s still too early to discuss who wins,” said the path lord.

The light in Kaiser’s eyes flickered as he growled, “Looks like the Tian Yuan Continent insists on keeping the Winged Tiger G.o.d. Are you not afraid of a full-blown war between the two continents?”

“I only do what I want to do. Go discuss the safety of the continent with the ten protector clans and Mercenary City. However, you intruded on my Tian Yuan Continent today. I don’t really care about the safety of the continent, but I am still a human Saint Emperor. How can I just watch you foreigners act as you wish on the territory of humans? Now, please leave the continent immediately,” said the path lord of carnal desires. He also understood that if he wanted the Winged Tiger G.o.d, he needed to keep it on the Tian Yuan Continent first. He would have no chance at all once it ended up on the Beast G.o.d Continent.

Kaiser sneered, “Path lord, you are indeed capable of keeping me busy temporarily, but don’t forget that my Beast G.o.d Continent has three Saint Emperors.” Kaiser then looked toward Cangqiong and said, “Peng emperor, keep the human Saint Emperor busy. I’ll go rescue the Winged Tiger G.o.d. It cannot remain in the hands of the humans no matter what.”

Cangqiong looked back at Kaiser and said, “I only came with intentions for the origin energy. Unless the Winged Tiger G.o.d is willing himself, I will definitely not be taking it back forcefully, because this is an offence of disrespect toward the beast G.o.d.”

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