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Chapter 954: Visiting the Serpent G.o.d Hall (One)

A Saint Ruler walked up at this moment and clasped his hands toward Jian Chen. “Ruler, I am the elder in charge of the law. The second and third elder have been working with outsiders and should suffer the punishment of treachery. They cannot be forgiven, and should be put to death on the spot.”   

“You’re right. The two elders have worked with outsiders in an attempt to commit detrimental actions to the clan. They have committed an unforgivable crime, and should be put to death on the spot.” Agreement immediately rang through the entire hall as several members of the Turtle clan added.

Although the two elders were well-respected figures in the clan, their actions had agitated everyone.

The faces of the two elders became extremely ugly. They looked at each other and knew that there was nothing they could do. They immediately leaped out of the hall in flight.

Jian Chen suddenly stood up from the throne and his Emperor Armament instantly appeared in his hand. He chopped out twice toward the two people. The sword Qi shot out like a streak of light, overcoming the limitations of s.p.a.ce and catching up with the two elders instantly. It pa.s.sed through their heads, wiping out their souls and killing them off entirely.

“Do you see? This is the outcome for traitors.” Jian Chen put his sword away and said coldly as he stood dead-straight. His sharp gaze swept past everyone below. All the people who met his eyes lowered their heads involuntarily.

“Tai Dou, once your injuries heal, immediately return and give out the news that the Taihong clan is now a part of the Turtle clan,” ordered Jian Chen.

“Yes, ruler!” Tai Dou replied with clasped hands.

A Saint Ruler of the Turtle clan stood up and clasped his hands courteously toward Jian Chen. “Ruler, many of the crystal mines that once belonged to our clan have been taken away by other organizations. We hope that the ruler can lead us as we take them back.”

Jian Chen nodded and then looked toward Tai Dou. “Tai Dou, after you deal with the matters at the Taihong clan, immediately lead the experts of the Turtle clan to take back all the crystal mines that were taken away from us. If you encounter anyone you cannot defeat, report back to me immediately.”

“Your wish is my command,” replied Tai Dou. He had already sworn a blood oath before to bow down to the Turtle clan, so he was completely loyal to Jian Chen now.

Jian Chen and Nubis both went into seclusion after dealing with all the matters of the Turtle clan. He pa.s.sed full authority to manage the clan to the other members of the upper echelon.

A golden tower currently floated inside a heavily-guarded room of the Turtle clan. Jian Chen and Nubis were currently combing through the s.p.a.ce Rings they had collected from the divine hall.

There were a lot of things in the s.p.a.ce Rings, and some s.p.a.ce Rings even hid more s.p.a.ce Rings. This led to the initial hundred-odd to increase to over four hundred rings.

Jian Chen and Nubis worked for more than ten days before sorting through everything in the rings. Not only did they receive a great amount of wealth, everything from the Octoterra Divine Hall ended up in their hands.

They gathered all the pieces of the Tian Level Saint Technique stone plate, as well as the Octoterra Emperor’s comprehensions on cultivation and his diary. They also a.s.sembled a cultivation method. 

Jian Chen and Nubis looked through the diary and comprehensions of the late Octoterra Emperor. Although it did not increase their strength, they still benefited greatly and broadened their horizons.

The diary of the Octoterra Emperor described the cultivation beyond Saint Emperor, as well as how to break through. However, it was filled with pity. 

“Emperors gather origin energy as power and use it to cultivate. In the current world, there is no more origin energy left. The only way is to convert it from absorbing vast amounts of energy of the world. Progress is slow, and it is completely impossible to breakthrough within the lifespan of an emperor. The four supreme experts of the ancient times will never be able to appear again.”

Jian Chen knew that there was no origin energy in the world, and it was all due to the Lunastron Pit on the Dragon Island. All of the origin energy had been sucked away by the Yinyang Saint Rock, leaving nothing behind. This was why there were so few Saint Emperors now.

Jian Chen could vaguely guess that the Saint Emperors now would absorb tremendous quant.i.ties of energy to slowly refine into origin energy, and hence strengthen themselves from what the Octoterra Emperor had written. However, the progress would be extremely slow, so it was impossible to reach the peak with the ten-thousand-year lifespan of Saint Emperors, making it impossible to break through.

Finally, the cultivation method they had a.s.sembled was the Octoterra Emperor’s cultivation method. However, Jian Chen and Nubis could not use the cultivation methods of the Sea race, so all they could do in the end was find Xie w.a.n.g, letting him take advantage of it for free.

Xie w.a.n.g was naturally ecstatic when he obtained the cultivation method. He immediately went off to cultivate once he obtained it. Although it could not guarantee his breakthrough to Saint King, it possessed a few secret techniques of the Sea race. His battle prowess would definitely increase drastically once he grasped them.

Jian Chen could not try to comprehend the Tian Level Saint Technique on the stone plate, because it was only suitable for members of the Sea race. They would need to transform into their original form to cast it, so it was unsuitable for Jian Chen.

However, Nubis began to comprehend it with great interest. As a magical beast, he had almost fulfilled the requirements to use it. He did not wish to master it, only to comprehend it and use it as a reference to modify it accordingly.

Other than those items, there were mountainous piles of crystal coins, large quant.i.ties of divine quality crystals, and high cla.s.s monster cores. It replenished all the supplies Jian Chen had consumed to break through to the third layer of the Chaotic Body, which put Jian Chen in a good mood for quite some time. If he refined all of it, it was enough to strengthen his chaotic neidan even though it was not enough for him to reach the fourth layer.

The few Cla.s.s 8 Magical Beasts living in the divine hall were not put to death by Jian Chen. He left them alive, planning to turn them into the guardian beasts of the divine hall. He divided up the divine hall to give them a region where they could live.

Jian Chen left the artifact s.p.a.ce by himself after dealing with all the matters. Nubis and Xie w.a.n.g stayed behind. One was comprehending a Tian Level Saint Technique, while the other was studying the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor.

When Jian Chen re-emerged in the Turtle clan, the Taihong clan had already formally become a part of them. Tai Dou had also gathered a group of experts from the two clans, beginning to take back the crystal mines that were once theirs.

Jian Chen did not stay at the clan for long. He handed over some matters before leaving, first visiting the grand elder’s grave then making his way directly for the Sea G.o.ddess Hall.

A humongous and majestic divine hall hung in the center of the Sea G.o.ddess Hall’s territory. It was where all the powers of the territory were concentrated, as well as where countless experts gathered.

Jian Chen entered the divine hall without any obstructions with his guest’s medallion. He found hall elder Hong, and began conversing with him, before reaching the main topic. “Elder Hong, I wish to see the hall master. I hope you can pa.s.s on the word.”

Elder Hong paused slightly, before he agreed and said, “Alright, allow me to notify her majesty.” He did not ask why. He slowly closed his eyes as he spoke.

Jian Chen sat at ease opposite of elder Hong. He was not surprised at all.

A while later, elder Hong slowly opened his eyes. He said, “Her majesty has agreed. Come with me, I’ll take you there.”

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