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Chapter 931: The Octoterra Emperor (One)

Mo Ji’s group looked at Jian Chen behind them and their eyes bulged immediately. They were overwhelmed with disbelief.

“Jian Chen, you’ve escaped! How is that possible…”

“You charged out from the formation?! Did you break through it…”

“Impossible, the gap from the Emperor Armament had completely closed up! How could you have come out…”

All three of them exclaimed in surprise as their complexions became extremely ugly.

Jian Chen sat awe-inspiringly on the white tiger’s back with his King Armament in hand. He stared coldly at the trio as intense killing intent poured from him without restraint.

“Although I knew you would do this sooner or later, I never expected you to be a.s.sa.s.sins sent by the Serpent G.o.d Hall,” Jian Chen said coldly. He missed none of the words the three of them had said earlier.

Before in the Sea G.o.ddess Hall, the trio had purposefully wanted to enter the Octoterra Divine Hall with Jian Chen because they had planned this long ago. Their intentions were to approach Jian Chen and then complete the mission given by Serpent G.o.d Hall. They were going to eliminate Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie w.a.n.g when the perfect opportunity arose. 

For the three of them to eliminate Jian Chen’s group, the experts of the Serpent G.o.d Hall were even willing to pay a great price to fill them up with Saint King’s power. They had hidden the 16th Star Saint King’s power very well, only revealing it in the moment before.

As for the fourth person who had joined Jian Chen’s group, he had joined purely out of chance. However, he had already died.

Although Jian Chen surprised the trio greatly by breaking out of the formation, they calmed down very quickly as they were still Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings after all. Their faces were immediately filled with killing intent as one of them sneered, “Jian Chen, you sure are lucky to survive even after falling into such a powerful formation. Since the formation hasn’t killed you, let the three of us do the deed instead. You must die today.”

Tremendous Saint King’s power rushed from the three of them and immediately condensed into the shapes of sea beasts. They charged at Jian Chen as they roared furiously.

This time, they had clearly used more Saint King’s power than before. A stupendous pressure immediately descended on Jian Chen as the three beasts shot through the air. Even Jian Chen found it suffocating.

Jian Chen was grim. This was not the first time he faced up against the attacks from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King, so he was extremely familiar with the power they used. Additionally, he could tell from the attacks that the person who had given them the power had definitely surpa.s.sed the Fifth Heavenly Layer. Although they were not on the level of hall elders, they were not far off.

Jian Chen did not dare to face such powerful attacks head-on. Patting the tiger’s back gently with his left hand, it actually leaped into the blood-red cover to its side as if it had received some instructions. They had entered the formation once again.

The Saint King’s power pa.s.sed through the location where Jian Chen previously stood, colliding heavily with the wall behind.


The entire hall trembled slightly. Their attacks could shake the hall, so it could be inferred that these attacks were roughly just as powerful as the ownerless Emperor Armament.

A white figure appeared behind the trio. Jian Chen had left the formation once again with the help of the white tiger, arriving soundlessly behind the three of them.

Jian Chen leaped off the white tiger’s back without any hesitation and rushed at Mo Ji’s group. He stabbed out three times with his King Armament that shone with a dark light from the Chaotic Force.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Before they could react, the three stabs struck the back of their heads accurately. However, they were covered in a layer of condensed armor and their heads were not an exception to its protection. Jian Chen’s strike had failed to harm them.

The force from the weapon caused them to stumble a few steps forward, while a tiny crack had already appeared on the back of their condensed helmets.

Jian Chen failed to break through the protection with a single strike but he managed to damage it quite heavily.

Jian Chen did not stop. His arm jolted violently and he continued to stab out. The King Armament became a flurry of blurs, enveloping the three of them.

With a series of closely-packed sounds, Jian Chen struck the three of them over a dozen times in in an instant with his rain-like attacks. Web-like cracks appeared on their armors and quickly spread.

The expressions of the trio changed. Saint King’s power surged from within them immediately. They wanted to use it to face up against Jian Chen again.

Jian Chen knew just how terrifying this power was, so he did not fight back at all. With a gesture of his hand, the ten-meter-tall saint artifact immediately flew up from behind to block the three attacks.

Their strikes that could even shake the palace slammed into the artifact but it did not even tremble. It resisted the attacks without the slightest effort.

“I’d like to see just how much power you have left,” Jian Chen said coldly. Afterward, he continued his wild flurry of attacks with the saint artifact occasionally shielding him.

The power within the three of them quickly disappeared under their rapid consumption. They had lost their ability to contend against Jian Chen without the Saint King’s power, so they were felled very quickly. All of their souls were wiped out by Jian Chen.

With their deaths, the blood within them was quickly sucked away by the hall. They soon became shriveled corpses.

Jian Chen removed their s.p.a.ce Rings, while the saint artifact also shrank and flew into his hand. Jian Chen arrived before the white tiger and gently petted its snow-white fur. He said, “Xiao Bai, it’s too dangerous here. You should return to the artifact s.p.a.ce and work hard on powering up.”

In this recent period of time, the white tiger had always been consuming heavenly resources, so its strength had increased extremely quickly. It was already a Cla.s.s 6 Magical Beast, as strong as a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. It grew at a startling speed.

After all, only a few years had pa.s.sed since it was born.

The white tiger did not resist, returning to the artifact s.p.a.ce after a deep growl.

Jian Chen arrived before Nubis and asked with concern as he stared at his rather-pale face, “You fine?”

Nubis stared darkly at the corpses and gnashed his teeth. “I never thought they’d be a.s.sa.s.sins sent by the Serpent G.o.d Hall. Jian Chen, it’s fortunate that you made it on time. Otherwise, I, the great Nubis, would have been skinned alive.”

Jian Chen chuckled when he heard that. He looked around, before locking onto a door nearby. A meter-wide hole was present in it.

“The Emperor Armament should have left through there. That should be the way to the Octoterra Emperor’s legacy as well. Let’s go,” said Jian Chen, before making his way there with Nubis.

Jian Chen did not let Xie w.a.n.g out. With his current strength, he was only useful when they had first entered the divine hall. Now that they had reached the end, the dangers were far greater than before. Not only would Xie w.a.n.g be of absolutely no help, he could even drag them down or even end up dying.

Jian Chen and Nubis made their way through the broken door and arrived in a long pa.s.sageway.

The pa.s.sageway was dark, curvy, and narrow. Jian Chen and Nubis walked through it cautiously and silently. The pa.s.sageway then opened up after they were several kilometers in.

Before them was a beautifully-decorated hall. It was extremely s.p.a.cious, several hundred meters in both length and width. It was a total mess and fragments of various ornaments were littered carelessly in the surroundings. They all showed the marks of time. A huge battle seemed to have erupted there very long ago.

Jian Chen looked around, before coming to a stop very quickly. Five figures stood a hundred meters in front of the pair.

“How did they get here so fast?” Nubis also discovered them. He was astounded.

These five were from the two other groups. To no surprise, Thysnich was one of them. He had actually arrived before Jian Chen.

The five of them had also discovered Jian Chen, all glancing over and staring fixedly at the two of them.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, you’ve come a little slow,” Thysnich said emotionlessly to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen and Nubis made their way over the countless fragments to the others and said, “I thought we had come here first but it looks like we’re actually the last ones now.” They stopped twenty meters away as they constantly glanced and observed the each other. 

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, I originally thought that only the two of us would be able to reach here. But I have miscalculated. There’s not just the two of us. There are some friends who had always concealed their strength,” Thysnich said coldly as he stared at the four other people.

There were two old men, one old woman, and a middle-aged man. They all seemed extremely ordinary, unable to catch anyone’s attention.

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