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Chapter 914: Attack of a Beast Horde

The hundred and sixty experts all gathered together within the Octoterra Divine Hall. They stood around in groups, observing the surroundings vigilantly. They all remained cautious of one another.

Jian Chen, Nubis, Xie w.a.n.g, and the four others gathered together. They stood in an inconspicuous corner and observed the people around them carefully. At the same time, they examined their surroundings through the corner of their eyes.

They currently stood in an extremely wide hall. It was circular in shape, while the surrounding tunnels lead off in all directions. There were a total of sixteen tunnels and every single one of them was over thirty meters tall. No one knew where they led off to.

“Mo Ji, do you have a map of this place on you?” Jian Chen sent a mental message to the four other people. The map fragments were only the key to the divine hall and did not possess a map of the hall itself. Additionally, the fragments had already disappeared after they had entered the place.

Mo Ji shook his head gently. “It’s said that the Octoterra Emperor remained alone throughout his life with very few friends. When he built this divine hall after becoming an emperor, no one apart from the emperor had entered it back then either. There was never a map of this place that has gone into circulation.”

“It’ll be a test of our luck in the upcoming part of the journey. I hope we can find the right path,” replied a black-robed young man. He was an expert from a large clan and his name was Da Xin. He was one of the four people who had joined Jian Chen.

Quite a few of the small groups in the surroundings began to move at this moment. They all chose one of the sixteen tunnels and went through with their choice.

Abruptly, m.u.f.fled sounds began to resound from the surroundings. It was densely packed, like the constant pitter-patter of rain. It occurred in all sixteen tunnels.

This sudden occurrence raised everyone’s vigilance to the maximum. They all made preparations for battle and even the people who were about to depart returned. They all gathered in the hall once again.

A series of densely-packed beast roars reverberated from all sixteen tunnels. Large beasts all flowed from the tunnels, each and every one of them charging at the people viciously.

There were many of these beasts and none of them were weak. They were all at least as strong as Heaven Saint Masters and many of them had already reached the level of Saint Rulers.

“These are all vicious beasts. G.o.d dammit, why’re there so many and why’re they all so strong…”

“The Octoterra Emperor actually raised a bunch of vicious beasts in his divine hall. It’ll be troublesome now. All of them have been affected by the hall; they may not possess intelligence but they’re much more powerful than ordinary vicious beasts. I hope we don’t come across overly powerful ones…”

“There are just too many. We need to work together to kill them all off…”

The peace of the hall was immediately broken and quite a few Saint Rulers called out grimly.

Jian Chen and Nubis both became stern. Nubis’ hands immediately became golden, completing his preparations for battle. He growled, “I can already feel the presence of several Cla.s.s 8 Magical Beasts. There’s actually Cla.s.s 8 ones in the horde.”

Strands of Chaotic Force poured out from Jian Chen’s chaotic neidan, boosting the defense of the Chaotic Body to the absolute maximum. Afterward, he drew his King Armament from his s.p.a.ce Ring. He fully expanded his presence but it suffered restrictions due to being in the divine hall. He could only expand it to several thousand meters away at maximum and it could not pa.s.s through any parts of the structure.

“There are a total of four Cla.s.s 8 Magical Beasts. Two of them are of the Second Heavenly Layer, the third one is of the Third Heavenly Layer, while the last one is of the Fifth Heavenly Layer,” Jian Chen said gruffly. He had already sensed the exact strength of the beasts up ahead through his presence. At the same time, he had discovered that the interior of the hall was humongous, nothing like the few thousand meters tall and long it had seemed from the outside. The size of the hall as seen from the outside was not its true size.

The beasts surged out from the sixteen tunnels like a flood, meeting the hundred and sixty Saint Rulers very quickly. An intense battle erupted between both sides and violent ripples of energy filled the entire s.p.a.ce. However, it failed to break anything.

Nubis was only an inch away from Saint King. Combined with the fact that he was a beast of antiquity, he was not any weaker than ordinary Saint Kings. He charged into the horde of beasts all by himself, constantly impaling them one by one with his hands. He ripped the huge bodies of the beasts to pieces and filled the air with blood and dyed the ground red.

Jian Chen also charged into the beast horde with his King Armament in hand. The sword transformed into a flurry of blurs as they filled the s.p.a.ce before him. He chopped through the beasts one by one. Countless heads of the beasts were flung high up into the air, dyeing the sky with blood.

Jian Chen collected monster cores as he killed, getting through several dozen beasts in just a short moment.

He had also collected several dozen Cla.s.s 6 and Cla.s.s 7 Monster Cores.

The other people all displayed their abilities as well, slaughtering the Cla.s.s 6 and Cla.s.s 7 vicious beasts. Countless corpses immediately blanketed the floor of the hall.

As the number of beasts reduced, the corpses on the floor increased. Meanwhile, all a hundred and sixty people came out unscathed and unharmed.

Roar! At this moment, several deafening roars rang out. The four Cla.s.s 8 Magical Beasts all attacked, charging directly at the people as blurs.

Over ten Saint Rulers were immediately sent flying by the brutal attacks of the four beasts. They all paled, clearly now quite injured.

“They’re 15th Star vicious beasts! Let’s strike together, everyone!” A loud voice erupted from the crowd and over twenty Saint Rulers immediately took the initiative to charge at one of the Second Heavenly Layer Cla.s.s 8 Magical Beast, surrounding it and raining it with attacks.

In that moment, everyone devoted themselves to battle. The powerful beasts needed to all be killed off while most of them remained. Otherwise, it would be almost certain death if they came across the beasts all by themselves. This was why all hundred and sixty Saint Rulers worked extremely well together despite coming from different regions.

Jian Chen, Xie w.a.n.g, and their four other members of the group kept a Third Heavenly Layer Cla.s.s 8 beast busy, while Nubis fought the Fifth Heavenly Layer vicious beast with thirty-odd experts on his side. The battle was extremely fierce.

With the King Armament, Jian Chen was as strong as a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King. His sword impaled the neck of the beast with lightning speed, causing it to howl out in pain.

The other people who fought the beast with him all struck out as hard as they could and powerful attacks rained down on it. It caused the beast to become littered with wounds.

However, the beast’s defense was extraordinary. The attacks only scathed its skin and failed to injure the beast by a lot.

Jian Chen’s eyes became cold and a towering sword intent immediately began to radiate from him. He seemed to have become an imposing divine sword in that moment. He levitated in mid-air as he quickly began to spin. The King Armament embedded in the beast’s neck began to spin at a great speed following the motions of Jian Chen’s body, constantly expanding the beast’s wound like a meat grinder. In the end, Jian Chen directly pa.s.sed through the wound along with his sword.

The beast howled out powerlessly. A thirty-centimeter hole had already appeared in its not-very-thick neck, leaving only a quarter of its neck still attached to its head.

At this moment, another ray from a blade flashed by. A Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler chopped at the remaining quarter with a machete, severing the head completely and causing it to fly into the air as it sprayed with blood.

Immediately, powerful energies shot from the hands of over ten Saint Rulers, striking the head in the air and causing it to explode with a boom. The head was blasted apart while a b.l.o.o.d.y monster core flew out.

Several Saint Rulers immediately tried to take it for themselves but a figure arrived before it with even greater speed. He directly grabbed it; the figure was Jian Chen.

A cold light flashed through the eyes of several Saint Rulers immediately but when they saw that it was Jian Chen, they shut up immediately. The ruler of the Turtle clan was someone who had robbed Qing Yixuan of the eight great human experts and he had even succeeded. No ordinary person could match his courage or strength; they did not want to offend Jian Chen just because of a mere Cla.s.s 8 Monster Core.

A Third Heavenly Layer Cla.s.s 8 vicious beast had just died like that in the hands of a few Saint Ruler. Yet, the person who benefited the most from it was Jian Chen, obtaining a Cla.s.s 8 Monster Core that was rarely seen on the Tian Yuan Continent.  

With the death of the beast, the three other Cla.s.s 8 vicious beasts remained locked in combat with everyone else. The two Second Heavenly Layer beasts were already covered in blood as wounds crisscrossed all over them. They were not going to be lasting much longer.

The final Fifth Heavenly Layer beast remained as tough as ever. There were very few wounds on its body as the ordinary attacks from the Saint Rulers struggled to break through its skin; only Nubis was able to cause relatively deeper wounds.

Bang! Bang! Bang… 

With consecutive sounds, several Saint Rulers were knocked into the air by that vicious beast. They all vomited blood, now very heavily injured. It took them quite some time to rise up after being knocked down. They immediately pulled out medicines from their s.p.a.ce Rings to treat their injuries and did not continue the battle.

Bang! With another m.u.f.fled sound, Nubis was knocked flying by a kick from the beast. He immediately became rather pale.

Jian Chen used the Illusory flash and shooting toward Nubis as a blur. He caught Nubis mid-air and asked in concern, “Are you fine?”

Several of Nubis’ ribs were broken; he was quite injured. He endured the agonizing pain as he stood up and said, “That beast is too powerful. Not only is its skin so tough that it’s difficult to deal with, it’s strength is extremely great too. Jian Chen, you got any more Radiant Spirit Pills? Give me a few.”

Jian Chen pulled out a small wooden box and pa.s.sed it to Nubis without any hesitation. “I have no need for these, so you should keep them. If I’m not with you, use them to treat your wounds.”

Nubis directly put the wooden box into his s.p.a.ce Ring without holding back.

“Treat your wounds here fist. I’ll go deal with those two slightly-weaker beasts. I need their monster cores very much.” Jian Chen directly charged at the two Second Heavenly Layer beasts after throwing that down.

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