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Chapter 878: Two Against Eight

“Never did I think he had returned and would even come with three other emissaries.” The Dare tribe patriarch could not help but become stern after seeing the four emissaries in the sky. Their appearance pressured him greatly.

“What bullsh*t emissaries? Acting so brazenly before me, the great Nubis, have you grown sick of living?” Nubis felt no fear. He rushed into the sky with his aura released, facing Yensen’s group along with Jian Chen a hundred meters in the sky.

Yensen stared coldly at the two of them and growled, “So you’re the two who injured the protector elders and the patriarch of my tribe?”

“So what if we did? Brat, do you want to take revenge for them? Too bad you might not be able to with your current strength.” Nubis crossed his arms and sneered at Yensen. His tone was scornful.

Yensen was a prodigy that rarely appeared even in a thousand years within the sea realm. He was raised in the palms of his seniors, maturing and being picked as an emissary of the hall. He had also taken an elder as his master. There were only a few people within the Serpent G.o.d Hall who could match his status so he was a prominent figure. Even ordinary 15th Star Seasoul Warriors needed to be courteous to him so how could he, such a highly-regarded prodigy, take Nubis’ scornful words? He immediately became enraged and a thick killing intent began to pour out from his heart.

“I don’t care which organization you belong to. I will be taking your life today. You need to learn the consequences of offending me. Do not challenge the dignity of a Serpent G.o.d Hall emissary.” A trident appeared in Yensen’s hand, which he directly used to stab at Nubis.

Immediately, the surrounding water-attributed energy condensed around the trident before forming a huge, trident-shaped figure. It stabbed toward Nubis with tremendous force.

Nubis turned into a blur and shot off into the distance with a slight movement. He said, “There are too many people here. I don’t want to injure innocent people so if you want to fight, come with me.”

Yensen’s trident pierced through the blur left behind by Nubis and caused that region of s.p.a.ce to tremble. The residual force shot off into the distance, disintegrating the mountain range over ten kilometers away.

Yensen pulled back the trident and immediately pursued Nubis. The three other emissaries followed closely behind him.

Jian Chen turned into a flash and followed Nubis. However, just as he did that, the s.p.a.ce around him began to shake. A silver-white spear the thickness of an arm shot toward him from behind.

The former patriarch of the Menghuang tribe had also struck in that moment against Jian Chen, hitting him silently with an amush. 

A cold light flashed in his eyes and Chaotic Force filled every inch of his body. Jian Chen pushed the Chaotic Body to its limits.

A faint, golden glow immediately appeared as the vast energies of the spear struck Jian Chen’s back. In this crucial moment, the golden silkmail had blocked the spear’s attack.

However, the former patriarch was a Saint Ruler of the Eighth Heavenly Layer—the silkmail was unable to block the power of his attack. Its defenses collapsed while the spear continued onward with a decrease in force and brutally struck Jian Chen in the back.

But what happened next caused the four experts of the Menghuang tribe to become wide-eyed and drowned in disbelief. The spear did not impale Jian Chen as expected when it struck him and instead came to a stop after it hit. It was unable to continue any further. It seemed like the spear had struck a steel board, not a human.

“H- how is that possible!?”

“His defense is so powerful! Is he part of the Turtle clan?”


The four experts all cried out. Not only was their opponent powerful, the toughness of his body was also anomalous. This exceeded all their expectations, immediately pressuring them greatly. This was because it would be extremely difficult for them to pose a threat to an opponent with such powerful defense with their strength.

“People of the Menghuang tribe, since you’ve decided to take the initiative and attack, you can’t really blame me.” Jian Chen pulled out the Dragon Slaying Sword coldly. He shot toward the four experts and began a grand battle with them in the sky.

Three of the four were all Saint Rulers below the Fifth Heavenly Layer. Only the former patriarch belonged to the Eighth but Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body could withstand attacks from the Seventh. Together with the golden silkmail, it was extremely difficult for the former patriarch to harm him.

On another side, Nubis and Yensen fought each other a hundred kilometers away. Yensen was an emissary, so he was much more powerful than ordinary Saint Rulers. Unfortunately, he was only of the Eighth Heavenly Layer and was not Nubis’ opponent at all. He had already fallen into a disadvantaged position as soon as they began fighting.

“It’s like an idiot’s dream for you to want to punish me with your strength.” Nubis laughed aloud. He detested Yensen’s arrogant, condescending att.i.tude so he did not hold back with the offensive language.

Nubis’ hands were surrounded by surging Saint Force. He used his left hand to grab the trident as he slapped Yensen’s face with his right.

Yensen wanted to dodge but the surrounding s.p.a.ce suddenly froze and trapped him tightly. Even though it only lasted momentarily, it was enough to shave away Yensen’s time to dodge or block.


With a crisp blow, Yensen took a solid slap to the face. It was very powerful, causing Yensen’s handsome face to swell and bulge. Even a few teeth were knocked out.

Yensen became stunned by this slap. He seemed to reject the reality of things. He had displayed a prodigious talent ever since he was young and had grown up in the protection and care of his seniors. Even after he joined the Serpent G.o.d Hall, he was raised as a genius. Even most of the other emissaries treated him politely, unwilling to provoke or anger him. This gradually groomed a certain arrogance within him, while Nubis’ slap directly knocked the light out of him. He had never been so insulted in his entire life.

The three emissaries who watched on the side also became stunned as Yensen took the slap. A light of disbelief flooded from their eyes. Yensen was an emissary, as well as the disciple of a hall elder. His status was grand, yet there was actually someone who ignored the pride of the Serpent G.o.d Hall by slapping Yensen in the face. This was inconceivable. 

This was due to the fact that in the territory of the Serpent G.o.d Hall, even Saint Kings of peak clans did not dare to treat emissaries as such. The emissaries were equivalent to the spokespeople of the Serpent G.o.d Hall—slapping them was that same as slapping the Serpent G.o.d Hall.

Yensen returned to his senses very quickly. He immediately fell into a rage as he felt the scorching pain on his face. This rage engulfed his mind and almost drove him mad.

“Argh! I will kill you! I will kill you!” roared Yensen. His eyes became bloodshot—as a person blessed with talent, he could not withstand this humiliation. He immediately began to thrust the trident wildly at Nubis.

Nubis causally dodged the attacks and sn.i.g.g.e.red, “You’re dreaming if you want to kill me with your puny strength.” As he said that, Nubis threw a fist at Yensen’s chest, knocking him flying as he vomited blood. His chest caved in and quite a few ribs broke.

Yensen stabilized himself very quickly and swallowed a recovery pill from his s.p.a.ce Ring. Afterward, he roared at the other three people nearby, “All of you get him together! The dignity of the Serpent G.o.d Hall cannot be tainted!”

The three other emissaries hesitated slightly, before finally all pulling out their own weapons and beginning their fight with Nubis. The three of them were not weak—two of them were of the Eighth Heavenly Layer, while the burly, cold-faced emissary was of the Ninth. He possessed an equal level of cultivation to Nubis.

Meanwhile, Jian Chen battled the four experts from the Menghuang tribe several kilometers away. The intensity of the battle attracted the attention of all the tribesmen below, each and every one of them was observing with interest. Such a high-level battle between experts was extremely rare for these weak tribesmen. They gained quite a lot out of it as they watched from below.

Three of the four experts had not fully recovered from their injuries. Only the former patriarch possessed his peak strength, so even though they fought Jian Chen with numbers, they still failed to match him evenly. As soon as the battle began, they fell into a disadvantaged position where they were suppressed.


With the Ruler Armament, Jian Chen possessed the strength of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler in battle. He flicked the former patriarch’s spear away with his sword, before jolting his arm. He stabbed out three times instantaneously, each strike with unbelievable speed. He seemed to have cut through time, breaking through the restrictions of s.p.a.ce and the stabbing three of them mercilessly through the chest before they could even react. 

Fresh blood unceasingly from their wounds—when the sword had impaled them, it left behind a small residue of Chaotic Force which wreaked havoc in their bodies.


The three experts all cried out in pain. Chaotic Force rampaged in them, bringing on an unendurable agony. They immediately lost the ability to battle and all fell to the ground before crossing their legs. They circulated all the energy within them to obliterate the strand of Chaotic Force.

Although there was very little of it, the Chaotic Force was undoubtedly powerful. All they could do was forcefully suppress the Chaotic Force from tearing through their bodies with their full strength below the Fifth Heavenly Layer. They were unable to purge it immediately.

An ear-piercing boom appeared from behind. The former patriarch formed walls of blurs as he wielded his spear which surrounded Jian Chen. The sharp tip stabbed toward Jian Chen with powerful ripples of energy in an attempt to harm him.

The corner of Jian Chen’s mouth curled up into a scornful smile. His sword was famed for its speed yet the former patriarch wanted to compete with him in this aspect. This undoubtedly was dooming himself.

This was because once speed reached a certain level, the body and arms would also have to withstand a great pressure. Without a powerful body as a support, it could not be increased any further. Jian Chen’s powerful body guaranteed him to be the victor in speed.

Jian Chen’s right arm jolted abruptly. His sword stabbed out with an unbelievable speed as his arm drove it and stabbed out thousands of times in just a short moment. The flashes of the sword packed together densely, layering on top of one another and blotting out the sky. It completely filled up the s.p.a.ce before him.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding… 

The flashes of swords and spears constantly collided mid-air and produced a series of screeches which completely fused together. Every time they collided, a powerful force would burst out and cause the surrounding s.p.a.ce to tremble. Meanwhile, the ground below was also struck by the residue energy, splitting and forming spider-web cracks.

In just a few seconds, the sky full of sword and spear flashes disappeared, revealing Jian Chen and the former patriarch.

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