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Chapter 862: Ten Million Grand Quality Crystal Coins

Jian Chen and Nubis were both in deep thought as the words from the illusionary lady echoed through their heads. However, they were even more curious about her ident.i.ty.

But they both knew that since the lady dared to boldly say that she could help them block the experts from the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast G.o.d Continent, her strength would definitely be extremely great. Moreover, she most likely possessed an extraordinary status among the Sea race.

“Jian Chen, do you think that the words from that woman who hides are reliable or not? Do the two Water Spirit’s Pearls that she gifted really pose no harm to us?” Nubis turned to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen stared at the two pearls for a while. “It doesn’t matter whether that mysterious woman’s words are true or false. Since she needs my help, she shouldn’t harm us. Let’s ingest the pearls and see if they really do have the wondrous effect she described before.” With that, Jian Chen grabbed the pearl floating before him and swallowed it.

As the Water Spirit’s Pearl slid down his throat, Jian Chen only felt a cool sensation spread through every corner of his body. He did not find it uncomfortable at all.

Jian Chen closed his eyes and inspected the conditions of his body. Only when he found that nothing was wrong did he slowly opened his eyes. He said to Nubis, “It should be safe.”

Nubis stared at Jian Chen in surprise and exclaimed, “Jian Chen, I feel like your presence has undergone some changes. It’s actually become exactly the same as the presence from a member of the Sea race. Looks like that mysterious woman hasn’t tricked us. The Water Spirit’s Pearls really can change the presence of us foreigners.” Nubis immediately grabbed the pearl floating before him and gulped it down without any hesitation.

As the pearl entered his stomach, Jian Chen could also feel clearly that Nubis’s presence changing quickly. His presence as a magical beast became masked and was replaced by a presence that was exactly the same as a member of the Sea race.

Jian Chen could not help but curl his lips into a happy smile after seeing this. “Nubis, your presence has changed too. I can’t sense the magical beast’s presence from you with my current strength. It’s great now. Our worries from before have been completely eliminated. We’ll finally be able to move about among the Sea race without worrying about troubles that much.”

“Yeah, from now on, I can swagger when I walk among the Sea race. Oh yeah Jian Chen, don’t you need a lot of crystal coins? We can help the Dare tribe repel the Menghuang tribe’s invasion. Since the Dare tribe possesses a spiritual vein that produces crystal coins, they must be extremely wealthy. We need to take advantage of them viciously and rake it all in,” said Nubis.

As soon as they reached the topic of proper business, Jian Chen’s smile gradually disappeared. He lowered his head in thought and said, “I’ve overheard some pa.s.sersby and learned that the Menghuang tribe has three 13th Star Seasoul Warriors and one 14th Star Seasoul Warrior. According to how power is divided on the Tian Yuan Continent, 13th Star Seasoul Warriors should be Saint Rulers below the Fifth Heavenly Layer, while 14th Star Seasoul Warriors should be Saint Rulers above the Fifth Heavenly Layer. If the Menghuang tribe really only has that much power, we should be able to handle it easily.”

“We might as well investigate the Menghuang tribe’s strength some more and see if they have any Saint Kings. As long as there aren’t any Saint Kings on their side, it won’t be a problem,” said Nubis.

“Fair enough. Ja.s.s City is a large city, so there should be places where information is brokered. Let’s go look into the Menghuang tribe’s full strength first,” said Jian Chen, before leaving the inn with Nubis.

Jian Chen and Nubis traveled through the streets and after some investigation, they finally found a place that brokered confidential information.

It was a small pavilion by the name of ‘World’s Connection’. The pavilion was built from stone and was covered by marks left behind by time. Obviously, It had existed for a very long time.

It was extremely cold and cheerless within the pavilion, with extremely simple decor. There was no one else other than Jian Chen and Nubis. 

“Warriors, you must have come for information regarding the auction this time. Please be patient, there has been quite a few people who have come for information regarding the auction in the past few days. Right now, those in charge are receiving some guests upstairs. They’ll be done very quickly.” A voice sounded from the reception desk nearby. 

Jian Chen and Nubis looked over and saw a shrewd young man sitting behind the counter, looking at the two of them. This young man was extremely small, only a meter tall.

Jian Chen walked over to the reception and said to the young man, “Apparently you know about everything here. Is that true?”

“Warriors, it seems like you do not have too great of an understanding of the ability of our World’s Connection. We have many members who are virtually scattered throughout the ocean. Although we’re not necessarily the most powerful, no one dares to challenge us in terms of the information we know in the realm of the sea.” guaranteed the young man. He was extremely confident.

“Alright. I want to know the exact strength that the Menghuang tribe possesses,” said Jian Chen.

The shrewd young man could not help but closely study Jian Chen and Nubis. He immediately became courteous and said unhurriedly, “Esteemed warriors, you must want to help the Dare tribe. This one just happens to know all about the Menghuang tribe, so I’ll be the one informing the two warriors. However, according to the rules, you would need to pay ten high quality crystal coins as a price.”

An hour later, Jian Chen and Nubis departed the pavilion. They had already gained a detailed understanding of the Menghuang tribe from World’s Connection. In the end, it was roughly just as the pa.s.sersby had said except for some minute differences.

The Menghuang tribe had a total of three Saint Rulers below the Fifth Heavenly Layer and one above; they were not what Jian Chen focused on. Instead, the person who Jian Chen and Nubis really cared about was the talented member of the tribe who was an emissary of the Serpent G.o.d Hall. He had even been accepted as a disciple by an elder of the organization and had some status among the hall.

The Dare tribe was rather close to Ja.s.s City. They were only around ten thousand kilometers away. He headed toward it with Nubis after learning its exact location in Ja.s.s City.

The Dare tribe was a medium-sized tribe that reached into the ten thousands in terms of people. It was located on a flat plain and many small building made of stone stood in the surroundings. In the very center was a castle-like structure that took up several thousand square meters.

Jian Chen and Nubis flew there from Ja.s.s City. They did not enter through the main entrance and instead directly flew to the center of the tribe, stopping before the castle-like structure.

“Who are they!?”

“Take guard!”

Two people with great flags immediately alerted the entire tribe. At once, many people with the strength of Heaven Saint Masters flew over from all directions, surrounding these two unknown and uninvited guests along with a few Earth Saint Masters.

“Warriors, who are you? State your intentions,” growled an old Heaven Saint Master. He was grim, as if he was facing great enemies.

The other people were all filled with vigilance too. They glared at the two of them but did not do anything extreme.

Nubis crossed his arms and sneered as he studied the surrounding people. His face was filled with great disdain.

Jian Chen remained as usual. He looked around at the people and said calmly, “Is this the Dare tribe?”

“Correct, this indeed is the Dare tribe. Warriors, may I ask who you are?” The speaker was still the old man from before but now he seemed to realize that the two of them were not enemies. As such, he could not help but ease up on his voice.

“We’ve come to help you repel the Menghuang tribe. Is this how you welcome people who have come to help you?” Jian Chen stared right at the old man and said casually.

With that, the old man rejoiced. His att.i.tude immediately took a great turn and he said with smiles, “So the warriors are the valued guests of my Dare tribe? Please come in, warriors, please come in. Before, we thought you were people from the Menghuang tribe. If we have offended you in any way, please forgive us.”

The old man did not raise the matter of Jian Chen and Nubis intruding on the Dare tribe, courteously escorting them into the castle.

Within the grand castle, Jian Chen and Nubis met the grand elder of the Dare tribe. He too was a Heaven Saint Master, at the peak of the Sixth Cycle. He was only an inch away from becoming a Saint Ruler. In the Dare tribe, his status was only second to the patriarch.

“I am the grand elder of the Dare tribe, Lorjesque. I welcome the warriors for coming to a.s.sist our Dare tribe against the Menghuang tribe. I wonder how may I refer to the two warriors?” The grand elder smiled at Jian Chen and Nubis. However, his eyes glimmered with interest, constantly studying the two of them as if he wanted to learn them inside out.

“I am Yang Yutian. The one beside me is my good friend Nubis. Grand elder, I wonder how much is your Dare tribe willing to offer as remuneration for helping you repel the Menghuang tribe? If it’s not enough…” Jian Chen got straight to the point without any other superfluous words.

The grand elder paid no heed to Jian Chen’s straightforwardness. He smiled. “Don’t worry warriors. In order to protect our tribe so we are not be swallowed up by the Menghuang tribe, my tribe will be paying quite the price. As long as you are able to fend off the Menghuang tribe’s attack and heavily injure them, my tribe is willing to offer up all of its crystal coins.”

“I hope the grand elder can give us an exact number,” said Jian Chen with a smile.

The grand elder chuckled and replied, “Right now, my tribe can take out a total of ten million grand quality crystal coins. These ten million coins will be paid according to the strength and deeds of the warriors who help my Dare clan. The stronger they are, the more coins they’ll receive.

Jian Chen and Nubis looked at each other. They were internally stunned by the Dare tribe’s wealth. Although they had only just arrived in the Sea race’s territory, they had an extremely great understanding of the value of the crystal coins.

A single grand quality crystal coin was worth a hundred high quality crystal coins, ten thousand medium quality crystal coins, and a million low quality crystal coins.

Meanwhile, an organization as large as the Dare tribe could be considered as wealthy if they could pull out five million grand quality crystal coins in one go, yet the Dare tribe had taken out ten million. They could not help but call the Dare tribe very wealthy.

Ten million grand quality crystal coins was a great sum among the Sea race. It was comparable to the wealth of some large tribes.

“Grand elder, we’ll be taking all ten million of your Dare tribe’s grand quality crystal coins,” Nubis said boldly.

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