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Chapter 847: World of Forsaken Saints

Mo Tianyun’s expression was filled with melancholy. “That battle years ago was devastating. All ten divine artifacts were destroyed. Even the Azulet swords that were sect treasures of the Sword Sect of Amethyst Heavens, chief sect of the nine great sects, were destroyed due to the failure in the sword fusion. The swords were shattered and the sword spirits disappeared. I just never thought that I’d meet the Azulet sword spirits here today. Quite unexpected.”

“Sword spirits, you don’t need to ask me who I am. I may know about the matters from that age but I was not born in that age, so even if I say who I am, you probably won’t know.”

“Are you of that world?” Zi Ying asked with a deep voice.

The color of reminiscence dyed Mo Tianyun’s eyes, before he produced a long sigh at the sky. His expression became extremely mixed, containing both nostalgia and hatred, with a sliver of indescribable sorrow sandwiched between.

“Whatever, it’s all in the past, not worth mentioning,” Mo Tianyun said gently. His expression was filled with loneliness but he recovered very quickly, becoming serious once again. He said to the sword spirits, “The legends say that the Azulet swords were originally born from a sliver of energy from Yinyang Qi, before being obtained by the second sect master of the Sword Sect of Purple Heavens. Afterward, he collected many high-quality materials in the world with his exceptional ability and forged them into swords. Is that correct?” 

“Correct, all of it is true,” Zi Ying said.

Mo Tianyun continued, “Since the two of you were born from Yinyang Qi, you must be familiar with the object behind me.”

Zi Ying and Qing Suo looked toward the Yinyang Saint Rock behind Mo Tianyun at the same time. Zi Ying said, “This is the Yinyang Saint Rock condensed from Yinyang Qi. How did you obtain it?”

The color of recollection flooded Mo Tianyun’s eyes. “This Yinyang Saint Rock flew in from outer s.p.a.ce and landed on the island. Fortunately, my memories continued the records regarding this item. At that time, I did not dare to meddle with it carelessly after I identified what it was. I was worried that the Yinyang Qi hidden within would burst out and lead to an apocalyptic disaster. As a result, I set down the Eight Trigrams Disorientating Formation in the pit, connecting it to outer s.p.a.ce with the formation and creating a bridge that led to the stars. Through the bridge, I moved the Yinyang Saint Rock into outer s.p.a.ce with the utmost caution, far away from the dragon’s island.”

“This s.p.a.ce was the region where I stored the Yinyang Saint Rock. After so many years, the rock would occasionally leak out some Yinyang Qi, modifying the laws of the world and changing the things in its range. The original region of outer s.p.a.ce has already become its own independent s.p.a.ce, which is the place you currently see.”

Mo Tianyun’s words were an extremely powerful psychological blow to Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress. It seemed fict.i.tious to them; that was how unimaginable it was. The greatest human expert, Mo Tianyun, actually possessed the power to create a bridge into the stars through formations in outer s.p.a.ce. His abilities were just too great, so great that it was unbelievable.

Both of them subconsciously looked around the vast s.p.a.ce. They struggled to imagine that this s.p.a.ce was actually formed by the Yinyang Saint Rock.

Mo Tianyun became even more ethereal. He said, “There’s a strand of malevolence within the rock. Right now, the rock is still maturing. It’s as weak as a newly-born infant, so it can easily be affected by the evil intent. When I took the rock into the stars all those years ago, I wanted to sacrifice this strand of presence to completely destroy it before it could completely mature. However, the aftermath from the explosion of Yinyang Qi would be too severe, so after some thought, I did not proceed with it. Instead, I left a strand of presence to guard this place, hoping that the Yinyang Saint Rock could eliminate the evil intent. If the rock was defeated by the evil intent, then I could use this presence to destroy the balance of yin and yang within the rock without holding back at all, making it blow up.”

“Years ago, no matter what I imagined, I would never have expected to meet the Azulet spirits that are also born from Yinyang Qi. Since you’re here now, you’ll have an even better way to deal with the Yinyang Saint Rock. I can relax completely now.”

“My presence can only appear once. There’s not much time remaining. I’ll leave the rock to you two spirits to deal with.” Mo Tianyun became fainter and fainter. His presence had existed for too long. Before, it was always dormant. It could not last very long since the beginning anyway, and now that it had appeared, it used up much of its power, accelerating its dispersion.

“Senior Mo Tianyun, the barrier spirit of Mercenary City misses you very much. Also with these pieces of beast fur, does senior know the origins of them? Finally, how should we leave here?” Jian Chen pulled out a mysterious piece of beast fur from his s.p.a.ce Ring and asked three consecutive questions.

Mo Tianyun stared at the beast furs in Jian Chen’s hands for a while and said, “There’s a total of eighteen pieces. Once you collect all of them, you can rejoin them using the power of the soul. At that time, you will naturally understand the secrets hidden within it. However, only souls at the level of Saint Emperor are able to rejoin them.”

“As for Xiao Ling, a few unexpected accidents occurred when I used an ability to give her self-consciousness and intelligence. It prevented her spirit from forming completely. Afterward, she ended up completely safe and unharmed with some effort but it also left an irreparable consequence on her. Her mind will always remain as that of a five or six year old child. She will not have the chance to grow, no matter how much she goes through. She will never mature.”

“Xiao Ling is an eternal child who will never grow up. I hope you can treat her well in the future. Back then, I bestowed a cultivation method on her when I left. If she works hard on her cultivation, she’ll recover her freedom after she completes her duty.”

“Since the sword spirits follow you willingly, your future accomplishments will definitely be extraordinary. I can already feel the presence of Chaotic Force within you. Although it’s extremely weak and impure, if you cultivate hard, you will definitely obtain the true Chaotic Body in the future. And since it’s like that, I can disclose some secrets regarding the Tian Yuan Continent to you.”

Neither of them said anything and just quietly listened to Mo Tianyun’s words. From what he said, the two of them were about to learned many absolute secrets. These secrets did not even appear in the ancient record of Mercenary City or the ten protector clans.

Mo Tianyun continued, “There’s a spatial crack that no one knows hidden beneath the Tian Yuan Continent. That spatial crack connects with another s.p.a.ce and the people who live in that s.p.a.ce are extremely powerful. They call themselves the Forsaken Saint Race, while the world they live in is called the Forsaken Saint World.”

“When I first found the Forsaken Saint World, I entered it to take a deeper look by myself. Afterward, my true ident.i.ty was discovered by the experts of that world. We became embroiled in a great fight; I did not want to kill, so I heavily injured them without taking their lives. However, not long afterward, the experts from that world discovered the Tian Yuan Continent through the crack. They began to call together people, planning to invade the Tian Yuan Continent.

“The Forsaken Saint World is extremely powerful. At that time, even if Tian Yuan Continent, Beast G.o.d Continent and the  Sea race worked together, they would have still failed to match up to them. As a result, I ventured into the Forsaken Saint World all by myself, fighting many experts. In that battle, I slaughtered all the peak experts of that world, weakening its forces greatly. After that, I sealed up the spatial crack before I left. I used the power of the earth to create Mercenary City which suppressed and sealed it, before accidentally discovering a spirit of the earth. I bestowed self-consciousness to it and then got it to protect Mercenary City.”

“Senior, is that spirit the spirit of the earth, Xiao Ling?” Jian Chen asked.

“Correct. Many people believe that Xiao Ling exists due to the protective barrier I cast down all those years ago. That’s not actually the case. Xiao Ling is not some spirit of the barrier but a ball of energy of the world born from the essence of the earth. She’s just able to control the barrier I cast down years ago as she wishes,” Mo Tianyun said.

“Looks like the seal mentioned by Xiao Ling last time is the seal on the entrance to the Forsaken Saint World.” Jian Chen thought. Many of his queries were resolved with what Mo Tianyun had said.

“Back then, the seal I cast down on the Forsaken Saint World is very strong but there will be a time where all of its energy becomes expended. And with so many years gone by, I wonder if the Forsaken Saint World has regained their strength? Perhaps the current peak experts are constantly bombarding my seal with attacks, which will only make it wear out faster. In the future, if the seal becomes undone, only you can fend off the invasion of the Forsaken Saint World,” said Mo Tianyun.

The Heavenly Enchantress sucked in a deep breath, slowly calming herself down. She looked respectfully towards Mo Tianyun. “Esteemed senior Mo Tianyun, I wonder just what strength the Forsaken Saint World possesses? Compared to our Tian Yuan Continent, just how much more powerful are they?”

After some silence, Mo Tianyun said, “I should tell you about this too and let you have a rough understanding of them, so you can prepare in the future. Mo Tianyun paused before continuing, “When I first ventured into that world, just the number of people who surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor had reached over twenty. There were also three people who were even beyond that.”

What Mo Tianyun had said was shocking. It immediately astounded both Jian Chen and Heavenly Enchantress, raising great waves of emotions in their hearts. They struggled to calm down even after a very long time.

Just the number of people who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor was already over twenty. When they heard that number, it was like a thunderclap that rumbled through their heads and stopped their thoughts.

Other than this, there were another three people who had reached an even greater level. Didn’t that mean they were beyond the level above Saint Emperors? Both Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress struggled to accept this.

They had originally thought that surpa.s.sing Saint Emperor would make someone the most powerful. Never did they think that there were even more powerful existences beyond that.

Moreover, Mo Tianyun’s own strength had far exceeded the understandings of the people from the Tian Yuan Continent. Back then, he entered the Forsaken Saint World all by himself and wiped out all the peak experts all by himself. This included the twenty-odd people who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor and the three who were even beyond that. Jian Chen could not help but gain a new understanding of the greatest expert of mankind.

Mo Tianyun’s strength had greatly surpa.s.sed the understandings of the Tian Yuan Continent. It had reached an unfathomable level.

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