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Chapter 835: Reaching Cla.s.s 7

With the infusion of the second strand of origin energy, Jian Chen’s soul took another qualitative leap, becoming much stronger. The radius of his presence increased from one hundred kilometers to one hundred and fifty.

The bone-deep euphoria from refining the spirit almost cause Jian Chen to lose control and moan. The soul was the basis of a person; it was the origin of life. Without personally experiencing the refinement of the soul, it would be impossible for anyone to imagine just how great the euphoria was from deep within the soul.

The absorption of the second strand of origin energy was much faster than before. Soon enough, the second strand was also absorbed, completely infused into Jian Chen’s soul and causing his morphing soul to become even more powerful. The radius of his presence had also increased to a hundred and eighty kilometers. The speed at which his presence strengthened slowed down the more he absorbed.

Jian Chen immediately began absorbing a third strand of origin energy. Soon enough, it was completely infused into Jian Chen, who then moved onto a fourth, fifth, sixth…

As more and more origin energy of Radiant Saint Force was absorbed by Jian Chen, his soul strengthened at an unbelievable rate. His presence had already reached a radius of hundreds of kilometers, currently stretching towards the thousands.

The artifact spirit stood nearby, watching over Jian Chen. He was there to prevent any accidents from happening as Jian Chen absorbed the origin energy. He stared fixedly at Jian Chen and said softly, “Master, you need to absorb as much origin energy as you can. The origin energy right now is like building a foundation for master. It’s extremely important because this relates to master’s future achievements. The more origin energy you infuse, the greater your future achievements as a Radiant Saint Master.

The artifact spirit’s words were heard clearly by Jian Chen but he said nothing in reply; instead, his absorption speed increased distinctly. Jian Chen himself understood that before him was a great chance. He had three days to absorb as much origin energy as he wished but once this period pa.s.sed, he would need to wait fifty years before he could absorb origin energy so freely again.

This period of time was a little too long for Jian Chen. Currently, he had only lived for a little over two decades. He had not even lived for half of that time.

Meanwhile, as Jian Chen absorbed the origin energy comfortably in the artifact s.p.a.ce, the Radiant Saint Master Union on the distant Tian Yuan Continent instead announced some information that caused a very great commotion. The union had actually pushed back the date at which the top ten compet.i.tors could enter the artifact s.p.a.ce to break through to Cla.s.s 7 and no one was able to give a clear answer on how long the delay would last.

As soon as this was announced by the union, it spread through the entire city like wildfire. It then began to spread in all directions, causing a very great uproar between groups of Radiant Saint Masters.

This was because ever since the union was founded, the date for a chance to reach Cla.s.s 7 every fifty years had never changed. It had been maintained for countless years, yet now the union had suddenly pushed back that date. Many people fell into confusion immediately, especially those who were supposed to enter the artifact s.p.a.ce. They even felt resentful of the union, demanding a logical explanation.

The union only provided a vague explanation about it this time. They did not go into the details, hiding the fact that the saint artifact had been lost as much as they could.

Although there were also the eight clans of the City of G.o.d and the three great clans that controlled the Holy Empire, they did not leak any part of it, and also demanded all clan members who knew this to be quiet. This was because those in command in all three clans knew that the union would lose its unity among Radiant Saint Masters if the news was spread, and would collapse in a short amount of  time.

The union may not have been controlled by the three great clans but they were still a peak organization that belonged to the Holy Empire. Once the union dissolved, it would decrease the empire’s overall strength. This was not something the three clans wanted to see.

As a result, not only did the three clans withhold the information regarding the loss of the artifact, they even worked together with the union to deal with this.

Currently, the white-robed Quan Youcai lay lazily on a great soft bed in the huge castle of the headquarters. He stared blankly at the ceiling and muttered, “Just what the h.e.l.l is the union doing pushing back our time to enter the artifact to absorb origin energy? Sigh, I wonder when I can reach Cla.s.s 7.”

“And brother Yang Yutian. I’d never thought he’d be a Saint Ruler. Tsk tsk tsk, both a fighter and a Radiant Saint master. It’s never happened before on the Tian Yuan Continent. And that tiger cub by brother Yang Yutian’s side has an even more terrifying origin. It’s a Winged Tiger G.o.d.”

“Brother Yang Yutian is extraordinary. Not only is he an unprecedented genius himself, even the Winged Tiger G.o.d follows him. I expect that his future accomplishments will be immeasurable.”

“But right now, he doesn’t seem to be in a great situation. Almost the entire continent is searching for him and apparently some protector clans have appeared. Sigh, with so many people searching for him, I wonder if he is still safe.”

In a secret underground bas.e.m.e.nt in the union, the president, grand elder and over twenty elders gathered. They sat around in a mysterious fashion, vaguely creating a formation. At the center of it was the fifth elder.

Currently, over twenty of them, all Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Masters, were working together to cast a secret technique to search the continent. They were attempting to find Jian Chen and the saint artifact’s whereabouts.

After a long while, all the elders on the ground slowly opened their eyes. Heavy fatigue appeared on their faces.

Sitting in the centre of the formation, the fifth elder’s exhausted face was disappointed. He sighed deeply and shook his head. He was disheartened. “I still haven’t found the whereabouts of Yang Yutian and the saint artifact. Not only are they missing from the continent, they’re not even in the surrounding seas. Additionally, I can’t feel the seal that I originally planted in Yang Yutian’s mind at all. I really have no idea where he’s hiding for him to be so difficult to find.”

“Right now, the ten protector clans and the ancient clans are still scouring the entire continent in search of Yang Yutian. They cast secret techniques often to search the entire continent but they still haven’t found him. Looks like Yang Yutian’s received support from someone great. He’s hiding in a s.p.a.ce where even the ten clans can’t find,” the president said gloomily.

 “Yang Yutian’s sister seems to be the holy maiden of the Arctic Ice G.o.d Hall. Do you think Yang Yutian’s hiding in the Ice G.o.d Hall?” An elder proposed.

 With that, all the elders furrowed their eyebrows. After a period of silence, the grand elder spoke out gruffly, “If Yang Yutian’s really hiding at the Ice G.o.d Hall, then even the ten protector clans can’t do anything, much less us.”

 “Today’s the day which the seal on the origin energy is released. Yang Yutian is probably comfortably absorbing origin energy right now. When we find him, we can’t let him off so easily,” an elder said rather angrily.

 An elder immediately rebuked him with a cold smile after hearing this. “So what if we find Yang Yutian? Other than discussing with him politely to convince him to return the saint artifact of the union, what else is there? Do you perhaps want to use force on him? Hmph, you probably don’t know his background then. Not only is he a descendant of the protector clan of Changyang, he currently received the high regard of several great elders. Also, his eldest brother has become a disciple of the Pure Heart Pavilion. Other than all that, his sister Changyang Mingyue is the holy maiden of the Arctic Ice G.o.d Hall. Do you really think our union has the power to take on all three organizations?”

 “You’re right. Yang Yutian’s background is something else. We, the union, cannot be too forceful when we confront him. Otherwise, we’ll be in for a loss instead of regaining anything.” An elder agreed.

 The president stood up and said with some exhaustion, “Alright, let’s not discuss this anymore, everyone. Right now, we still haven’t gotten Yang Yutian back, so whatever we say is pointless. Let’s all go rest first. We’ll cast the secret technique once again after some time and see if we can find where Yang Yutian is.”


 In the artifact s.p.a.ce among the Fantasy Star Ocean, the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force that floated from the seal was constantly absorbed by Jian Chen. Hi’s soul was like a bottomless hole; even after infusing countless strands of origin energy, it showed no signs of being satisfied. It had never stopped absorbing origin energy.

 Currently, it was already the third day Jian Chen had spent absorbing origin energy. His presence had already become extremely powerful. If his presence three days ago was compared with right now, it would be like an ant compared to an elephant. Jian Chen’s presence could only cover a radius of twenty kilometers three days ago; now, it could easily spread beyond a thousand kilometers.

 The artifact spirit remained standing not too far from Jian Chen, watching over him. He murmured, “Master’s talent as a Radiant Saint Master is extremely great. The amount of origin energy he’s absorbed has exceeded any Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Master in all of history. Even the current president would not be able to absorb so much. However, the president’s already reached his limit in the absorption of origin energy. He can’t infuse anymore, so he won’t be able to break through to Cla.s.s 8 no matter what for the rest of his life. Though, where is master’s limit?”

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