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Chapter 808: Peace

The pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion said, “Your worries are unnecessary. Your Changyang clan is a branch of the ten protector clans that even gave birth to Changyang Xiangtianan, an unprecedented genius. The protector Changyang clan will protect you all no matter what. One of the descendents of your clan is even the holy maiden of the Arctic Ice G.o.d Hall. With that connection, even if the ten protector clans wanted to do anything bad to your Changyang clan they’d need to plan prudently. Though the only problem would be the missing Changyang Xiangtian with the Winged Tiger G.o.d. If you wanted to protect him, there would only be one way: getting him to hand it over.”

Changyang Hu nodded, “Alright, I will join your Pure Heart Pavilion and become a disciple of the pavilion.”

“I am the pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion, Wu Chen. Your name should be Changyang Hu. Changyang Hu, although you’ve comprehended the state of Great Liberation, you’re only at the first realm. If you want to reach Great Perfection, you will need to sever everything, including the connections of family, friendship, and all of your concerns.” The pavilion master said sternly.

“Sever everything, including the connections of family, friendship and all concerns.” Changyang Hu slowly closed his eyes as he murmured. He seemed to understand something.

“No, Ah’Hu, you can’t join the Pure Heart Pavilion. I’m your mother. You can’t forget your mother. And your second aunt, your third aunt, your sister Changyang Mingyue, your brother Changyang Ke and Changyang Xiangtian. They’re all your family. How can you forget them?” Hearing how Changyang Hu wanted to sever all feelings he had, Ling Long immediately became frantic. She spoke urgently, while her voice carried a weird horror. She had even temporarily forgotten about Changyang Hu’s healed limbs.

Although Ling Long had thought about Changyang Hu being healed many times, if complete recovery came with a price of severing all connections of family, Ling Long was willing to have Changyang Hu remain as he was before. This was because she knew very well that once Changyang Hu severed all feelings and connections to family, she would lose him as a son. Her son would also no longer recognise her as a mother. This was an extremely painful matter. No mother ever wished for their son to turn out like this.

Changyang Hu slowly opened his eyes. They were terrifyingly calm, without any ripple of emotion. “Mother, don’t worry, no matter what I turn into, you will always be my mother. And father, Uncle Chang, second aunt, third aunt, fourth aunt, sister, younger brother, youngest brother; I won’t forget any of you.”

“Ah’Hu, are- are you really abandoning your mother?” Ling Long’s complexion was miserable. She sobbed painfully, as if they were being separated from life. Two streaks of painful tears rolled from her eyes.

She had already lost her husband. She did not want to lose her son as well, as her son was her only mental support.

Ling Long’s grief finally caused some reaction in Changyang Hu’s immovable mental state; his eyes, which had always been calm, finally showed a sliver of emotion. He arrived before Ling Long, and used his thick arms to tightly grab Ling Long’s hands, “Mother, I will not abandon you. I am only going to the Pure Heart Pavilion to find the path I should take. Mother, I will come back to see you oftenly.”

Seeing that, the pavilion master sighed secretly, “If you don’t completely sever your fixations and concerns, how are you going to reach Great Perfection? Looks like Changyang Hu still has a long way to go in the future.”

Reaching there, the pavilion master knew that if she left Changyang Hu like that for any longer, his fixations would perhaps grow stronger and stronger. With a wave of her hand World Force gently wrapped around Changyang Hu, taking him away. Afterwards, she left through a s.p.a.ce Gate along with everyone else from the Pure Heart Pavilion. Only an emotionless voice lingered in the air, “Mother of Changyang Hu, if you want your child to become an expert who stands on the apex of the continent, don’t stop him. Otherwise, you’ll only destroy his potential.”

Changyang Hu and the people from the Pure Heart Pavilion all disappeared. They had already departed. Ling Long stared blankly at the region in the sky where they had vanished, while tears gushed from her eyes like a fountain.

“Ah’Hu, Ah’Hu, you need to come back. Mother will always wait for you here, until you return. You can’t forget your mother.” Ling Long murmured softly as if she had lost her wits; she was heartbroken. She treated it like if Changyang Hu left, he would never return again.

This was because she knew that the next time she saw her son, he would probably no longer recognise her.

“Sister, don’t be so sad anymore. You don’t need to worry. Ah’Hu is so filial. He definitely won’t forget you. I am confident that he will come and visit you again very soon.” Yu Fengyan hurried to comfort her.

The people from the protector clans saw everything as they floated silently in the sky. None of them were able to stay calm, and many people looked towards Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Yeyun with unconcealable envy.

This branch of the Changyang clan was extremely outstanding. It actually gave birth to three unequalled prodigies and instantly formed a deep connection with the Arctic Ice G.o.d Hall and the Pure Heart Pavilion of the ten protector clans. In particular, with how importantly the pavilion master viewed Changyang Hu, some of them had even believed that he would definitely become the future pavilion master. With that, the Changyang clan and the Pure Heart Pavilion would be drawn very closely. They could even believe that the Changyang clan had gained control over the Pure Heart Pavilion.

“Looks like it’s not very possible for us to threaten Jian Chen by controlling this side branch of the Changyang clan. Whatever, whatever.” Many people of the protector clans sighed secretly. Afterwards, they bid farewell to the people of the Ice G.o.d Hall courteously before slashing open a s.p.a.ce Gate and leaving with their own clansmen.

Very soon, all the people had left, except for the Changyang clan.

“Let’s go too!” The Radiant Saint Master Union president, who watched on from afar, gave out a gentle sigh. His mood became extremely heavy. Yang Yutian’s background was much more powerful than he had imagined. They had a total of four siblings. The eldest brother had become a disciple of the Pure Heart Pavilion, while the sister Changyang Mingyue had become the holy maiden of the Arctic Ice G.o.d Hall. They even had the protector Changyang clan supporting from behind. Their Radiant Saint Master Union could not take on any of the three.

The president had already realised that it was impossible to get the saint artifact back, unless Yang Yutian handed it over willingly.

All the people of the union dispiritedly returned to the headquarters in the City of G.o.d through a s.p.a.ce Gate. Soon afterwards, Yun Tian departed from the huge castle on a white cloud, all by himself, while his gaze was extremely icy.

“Yang Yutian, I never thought you’d actually have such a big background, but no matter how significant your background is, I, Yun Tian, will not let you have it easy. I wonder what the experts of the Beast G.o.d Continent will do when they learn that the Winged Tiger G.o.d is with you.


The Changyang clan of Lore City.

Tian Jian stared deeply at the white-haired Changyang Mingyue, before saying quietly, “Let’s go as well.” With that, Tian Jian directly split open the s.p.a.ce and formed a s.p.a.ce Gate.

“Please wait, grand elder.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao’s voice suddenly rang out.

Tian Jian paused as he was about to enter the gaze. He turned around and looked towards the people from the Changyang clan with a gaze of mixed emotions.

After a slight deliberation, Changyang Zu Yunxiao clasped his hands at Tian Jian, “Senior Tian Jian, do you perhaps know the whereabouts of Kong’er’s descendent, Changyang Xiangtian?”

“If you want to find whereabouts of a descendent from your own clan, your Changyang clan has your own methods. Why ask me? Perhaps you can’t even find a clansman as a protector clan?” Tian Jian replied coldly before directly disappearing into the s.p.a.ce Gate with the elders behind him.

Right after Tian Jian departed, an extremely powerful presence quickly and mightily spread out in the distance. It formed a ripple, constantly expanding into the surroundings, and very quickly covered the entire continent.

Only a few supreme experts could sense the powerful presence. A sliver of light immediately flashed across the eyes of the seven great elders from the Changyang clan. They narrowed their eyes at the distant horizon.

‘The eight other clans have already begun working together to cast the secret technique to search the entire continent. Looks like they’ve left us, the Changyang clan, out.” Changyang Qing Yun growled.

“So what if they’ve left us out? The Winged Tiger G.o.d’s with a descendent of our clan. We need to quickly find him. Leaving the Winged Tiger G.o.d with him is unsafe.” Another great elder said gruffly.

Hearing that, Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Xiao furrowed their eyebrows before relaxing. They said nothing.

Changyang Qing Yun looked towards the people from the Ice G.o.d Hall, and said, “Let’s go talk with the people from the Ice G.o.d Hall. The holy maiden is from our Changyang clan. In other words, they’re one of us as well.”

Changyang Qing Yun conversed with old man Zhou from the Ice G.o.d Hall a little before soon reaching the topic of the Beast G.o.d Continent.

“It’s not like you protector clans don’t know about the rules of my Ice G.o.d Hall. Although the holy maiden has some connections with your Changyang clan, the rules of the Ice G.o.d Hall must be withheld. Any battles on the Tian Yuan Continent has nothing to do with the Ice G.o.d Hall. We, the Ice G.o.d Hall, will not be helping you repel the Beast G.o.d Continent, even if it’s just a single person.” Old man Zhou said coldly without showing any respect for Changyang Qing Yun

Changyang Qing Yun smiled awkwardly. He was not angered. He could not help but think about the rules set down in his clan since the ancient times.

The first rule was to protect the Tian Yuan Continent and repel invasions of outsiders.

The second was to never provoke the Arctic Ice G.o.d Hall.

Changyang Mingyue only stayed at the manor for half a day. During that time, the huge divine hall hung thousands of meters above the manor, causing the radius of hundred thousand kilometers to freeze over and snow. A thick layer of snow had already formed.

After that period of time, Changyang Mingyue bid farewell to her mother, Yu Fengyan, unwillingly. Afterwards, she was taken into the hall by old man Zhou, and the huge divine hall above the Changyang Manor also began to levitate up slowly before finally disappearing.

The disappearance of the divine hall caused the powerful snowing to stop. The scorching sun began to shine once again, illuminating the lands and slowly melting away the frost and snow.

With the departure of the Arctic Ice G.o.d Hall, the protector Changyang clan also left. Only Changyang Zu Yeyun and Changyang Zu Yunxiao stayed behind in Lore City, protecting the clan.

This was a clan founded by their son, Changyang Zu Yunkong. This was a mark their son had left behind in the past. The couple had decided to wait there until their son returned.

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