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Chapter 790: Battling the Eight Clans (Three)

The two of them had become completely wrapped up in taking each others lives. It became extremely vicious, and they paid no attention to things that endangered their own lives.

The old man’s huge sword landed onto Jian Chen’s shoulder. The powerful force directly turned Jian Chen’s clothes to shreds, and even the fabric itself was annihilated. It revealed the golden silkmail made from the Primordial G.o.dsilk inside. In the end, the golden silkmail produced a vague golden light to block the blow. Jian Chen was completely unharmed.

At the same time, the Dragon Slaying Sword in Jian Chen’s hand pierced the old man’s chest, reappearing on the other side. The destructive Chaotic Force burst forth from the Dragon Slaying Sword, rushing about like a dragon and wreaking havoc inside the old man. The old man’s organs and bones were turned into smithereens wherever the Chaotic Force pa.s.sed by.

Spurt! The old man sprayed out a mouthful of blood and immediately paled. He glanced at Jian Chen in shock before immediately backpedaling without any hesitation. At the same time, he moved all the Saint Force in his body in an attempt to purge the Chaotic Force that was destroying everything.

But how could Chaotic Force be eliminated so easily? Even though there was not much, the single strand of Chaotic Force was not something the weak Saint Force in his body could deal with. Even after expending all he had the strand of Chaotic Force was only temporarily suppressed, unable to be eliminated in a short amount of time.

“This isn’t Saint Force, nor is it World Force. It’s not any of the six elements either. Wh- wha- what is this power? Why is it so powerful?” The old man was overwhelmed by shock and revealed a great amount of fear in his eyes. He devoted almost all of his energy into suppressing the Chaotic Force, and as such his current capacity for battle was pitiful.

Killing intent exploded in Jian Chen’s eyes. With his parent’s death flashing across his mind once again, the flames of pain and rage in his heart were converted to extremely dense killing intent. He stepped into the empty s.p.a.ce, and immediately a ripple appeared. Afterwards, he disappeared before appearing before the old man once again. He thrust the Dragon Slaying Sword.

The sword, combined with Spatial Force, was extremely fast. It arrived before the centre of the old man’s eyebrows instantly.

The old man’s pupils constricted abruptly. In the moment of life-or-death, he gave up suppressing the Chaotic Force in his body and used all of his energy to block Jian Chen’s sword. Using all he had, he placed the giant sword in front of his body it as fast as he could, using both his hands to support it to block his upper head.

As the Dragon Slaying Sword collided with the wide sword face, the powerful force knocked the old man flying. Meanwhile, the strand of Chaotic Force in his body was freed from the suppression and moved about wildly. It wreaked havoc in his body, violently devastating all the energy in the old man’s body.

As the old man flew backwards, he constantly spat out blood and his face became even paler. He had succeeded in blocking the life-threatening attack, but his injuries worsened in exchange.

Jian Chen remained expressionless. His eyes were cold while killing intent shot into the sky from him. With a step, he fused with the surrounding s.p.a.ce, pursuing the old man once again with lightning speed. He thrust the sword once again in a simple fashion. It did not carry any special tricks; it was simply fast, accurate and vicious.

This time, the old man no longer had any power to block the simple strike. In the end it entered the centre of his eyebrows under his horrified gaze.

The color in the old man’s eyes quickly dissipated and became lifeless. At that very moment, a white ball of light flew out from his head, flying into the distance with lightning speed. It was the old man’s origin soul. 

If the origin soul still remained, a Saint Ruler could not die!

Jian Chen was prepared for this long ago. In the very moment the origin soul flew out, the surrounding s.p.a.ce suddenly froze. It trapped the origin soul there, completely immobilising it.

Even though he was a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, he was extremely weak in the form of an origin soul without a physical body. He did not even have the power to struggle in the frozen s.p.a.ce.


There was a sound of piercing air in the very moment the s.p.a.ce froze. The Dragon Slaying Sword in Jian Chen’s hand shot out abruptly and a sharp sword Qi shot out from the very tip of the sword. It leapt across the s.p.a.ce, striking the old man’s origin soul.


With a slight sound, the old man’s origin soul was destroyed and vanished completely. He had been completely killed.

This was how a powerful Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler died.

The ancestors who spectated the fight were all stunned. His strength truly made them rather fearful, to be able to kill a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler in such a short amount of time.

However, they all knew very well that the reason why Jian Chen could do this was not just because he was strong, but because he had the additional Ruler Armament and the golden silkmail.

Jian Chen would definitely not be able to display the strength of the Fifth Heavenly Layer without the Ruler Armament, and if he didn’t have the piece of mail that could block Saint Ruler attacks he would not have been able to come out unscathed from the chop towards his shoulder. Even if his arm remained intact, he would be heavily injured.

“Y- Yang Yutian’s actually killed a Saint Ruler.” Witnessing this Yun Tian, hiding behind the president, was absolutely terrified. His face was sheet-white, without any trace of blood, while his whole body trembled gently.

The president and the grand elder changed in complexion too as their gazes towards Jian Chen experienced a large change.

The remaining four old men all had extremely darkened faces. They were entangled with the protectors and unable to reach out to help their companion. They could only watch on helplessly as he was slaughtered.

After killing a person, Jian Chen’s hatred did not decrease at all. With the Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand he continued to the second Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King, working together with a protector of the Bloodsword sect to deal with him.

It was impossible for the old man to do something like overcoming the strong as the weak. Becoming entangled with two opponents with similar strength, his pressure increased instantly while his attempts to fend them off became more and more difficult. He was steadily losing ground.

Boom! With a powerful rumble, Jian Chen’s three sword thrusts collided with the old man’s Ruler Armament. The violent energy from the clashes sent the old man flying backwards.

At this very moment, a red light flashed from behind him. It directly pierced through his chest, landing in the hands of the protector. It was a blood-red awl.

The old man groaned and spat out a mouthful of blood. He immediately began to pale while the flesh around where he was injured began to rot.

“Baleful Yin Force!” The old man cried out. His expression was ugly. The Baleful Yin Force of the Bloodsword sect was renowned throughout the continent. Not only could it erode the souls of people and kill without notice, it was extremely corrosive. If it was not immediately cleansed the moment it entered a wound, it would constantly eat away at the person’s flesh.

The old man had two opponents. Even when he gave it his all he was in a disadvantageous position; there was no way he would have time to cleanse the Baleful Yin Force. He had lost interest in battle with his wounds and did not plan on staying any longer. Turning away, he flew off into the distance, wanting to escape.

“You killed my parents! I will slaughter you all today in vengeance!” Jian Chen suddenly appeared in front of the old man, blocking his way, and his sword was directly thrust towards the centre of the old man’s eyebrows.

The old man was grim. He used the Saint Weapon in his hand to block the Dragon Slaying Sword before fleeing in a different direction, not getting carried away with the fight at all.

Jian Chen’s empty left hand suddenly formed a fist. The vast amounts of Chaotic Force in the fist began to condense before being swung out with lightning speed.

The first combined Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body with Chaotic Force. It was extremely powerful, such that the vicious strike shook up the s.p.a.ce and caused the s.p.a.ce ahead to become compressed.

Bang! The fist landed heavily on the old man’s waist and a crack followed. His bones around the waist were directly shattered by Jian Chen’s punch, while the powerful force knocked the old man flying towards the direction of where the protector was.

The protector remained expressionless. The long awl in his hand turned into a red ball of light, stabbing towards the back of the old man’s head with lightning speed.

Thump! The awl entered the back of the old man’s head, piercing through his brain and appearing from between the eyebrows.

The old man’s origin soul flew out from the head and traveled into the distance in panic. However, it did not get very far before its surrounding s.p.a.ce froze up. A sharp sword Qi with destructive intent shot out, dispersing the origin soul. It killed off the old man completely.

Another Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler had died.

The deaths of the two companions dealt an extremely heavy mental blow to the remaining three old men. They all became extremely ugly.

“Retreat!” Old man Mateng bellowed. They no longer cared about completing the tiger king’s mission, taking advantage of the moment to flee into the distance.

The four protectors had no intentions of letting them go. They all turned into streaks of red light to pursue, blocking the three people once more. They all became embroiled in a great fight once again.

Two of the protectors dealt with old man Situ and Mateng, the two Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers. As for the other two protectors, they worked with Jian Chen to slaughter the final Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler together.

Their battle was extremely intense tens of thousand meters above the City of G.o.d. The two protectors and Jian Chen working together killed the old man very quickly; in the blink of an eye, only two people remained from the original group of five.

Both old man Situ and Mateng became extremely grim. With gritted teeth, old man Mateng called out, “We can’t do anything more! If we don’t leave now, it’ll be too late! Blood Escape!” Old man Mateng sprayed out a mouthful of essence blood that turned into a cloud of red mist, enveloping him. Afterwards, he shot off into the distance with an unbelievable speed, disappearing instantly. It was much faster than the Spatial Force Saint Rulers used.

Old man Situ did not hesitate either. He too cast the same secret technique, fleeing in a red streak of light. He disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“They’ve cast a secret technique that cannibalizes on their own strength. They can’t last very long! Pursue!” A protector said coldly before turning into a red light to chase in the direction the two old men fled off to.

Afterwards, the three other protectors also ran off in that direction without any hesitation.

Killing intent permeated Jian Chen’s eyes. He fused with the surrounding s.p.a.ce, using Spatial Force to travel. He too went off to pursue the two old men.

At that very moment, three great sword flashes suddenly appeared in front of him, directly chopping down at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s complexion darkened and his Ruler Armament immediately jabbed out, destroying the three sword flashes. However, with that obstruction Jian Chen was forced to come to a stop. Three ancestors of the eight clans floated right in front of him, blocking his path.

“Yang Yutian, you should stay behind.” An old voice spoke from behind. The dozen or so ancestors had gathered around him at the same time, trapping Jian Chen inside like an invisible net.

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