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Chapter 705: Hurrying to Qinhuang Kingdom

Jian Chen left as soon as he gifted Coiled Dragon Mountain to the Tianqin clan. He directly travelled towards the neighboring Dazhou Kingdom, as he wanted to use the s.p.a.ce Gate there to go to Qinhuang Kingdom. It would save him a lot of travelling time.

As for whether the Tianqin clan could maintain possession of the only spirit mountain in a radius of tens of thousand kilometers, it was not something Jian Chen needed to worry about. He knew that once the news of the Tianqin clan had the support of a Saint Ruler had spread, no one would attempt to obtain Coiled Dragon Mountain, unless they were organisations that did not fear Saint Rulers. However, even if a group like that existed, they would not become enemies with a Saint Ruler just for a mere spirit mountain.

Since the Tianqin clan now possessed the spirit mountain, their overall strength should increase without much time. After all, the energy of the world was twice as abundant on Coiled Dragon Mountain than other places, so cultivating there would become twice as easy.

Jian Chen used Spatial Force to quickly fly at an alt.i.tude of several dozen of kilometers. As for cat-sized white tiger, it was currently curled up tightly on Jian Chen’s shoulder, sleeping. It was still digesting the medicinal effects of the heavenly resources.

The Primordial G.o.dsilk appeared in Jian Chen’s hands again. He mumbled to himself, “Although it’s delayed me by two days with that trip to Coiled Dragon Mountain, the harvest is pretty big. I actually obtained a treasure like this Primordial G.o.dsilk. But just what is the calamity that comes with it?” Jian Chen did not become overjoyed from obtaining the Primordial G.o.dsilk. Instead, he was filled with worry. The psychological burden brought on by the idea of a future, apocalyptic calamity just did not allow him to become happy.

This was because he understood that since it was called an apocalyptic calamity, and that the laws of the world had even gone to the extent to give birth to a Primordial G.o.d Silkworm to leave behind a divine time, the catastrophe definitely would be extremely great and dangerous. If he did not handle it properly, perhaps the world would be destroyed.

Jian Chen travelled towards Dazhou Kingdom with a heavy heart. At the same time, a burly, middle-aged man stood gloomily at the edge of the Cross Mountains. His complexion was rather pale and the haggardness of his face was difficult to conceal. He was the king from the Gilligan clan that had attempted to kill Jian Chen and obtain the Winged Tiger G.o.d, but was secretly repelled by Houston.

“d.a.m.n it, so unlucky. Who would’ve thought I’d meet a great expert so easily in the human world. Jian Chen, you were luck last time, but we must obtain the Winged Tiger G.o.d. Even if there are great human experts stepping in, you can’t save the situation.” The king gnashed his teeth. When he thought about the situation a few days ago, he would feel a lingering fear. Even in the end, he did not know who the great expert who had fought against him secretly was, but there was no doubt that the person was strong. With his strength of a Second Heavenly Layer Saint King, he was beat up to a point where he could not even fight back, forcing him to use a secret technique to escape in the end. For that, he had paid a heavy price, causing his strength to fall back to the First Heavenly Layer, wiping out his many years of hard work in just a day.

At this moment, several figures flickered in the distance. They quickly flew towards the magical beast’s position, arriving before him in the blink of an eye. The figures just happen to stop on the edge of the outer perimeter of the Cross Mountains. Neither the magical beast nor the people crossed the border.

There were a total of five people who had come and all of them were elderly men. Other than two who were still ruddy-looking, the other three were covered in wrinkles and seemed extremely old.

“King, I wonder why you have asked us to come?” One of the elderly men clasped his hands and the member of the Gilligan clan five meters away. He was extremely respectful.

The king stood with his arms crossed and stared at the five people indifferently. He said, “I indeed have something important that needs to be done for calling the five of you here this time.”

“Please tell us!” One of the old men clasped his hands respectfully.

A golden light flashed across the Gilligan clan king’s eyes. The energy of the world before him began to ripple greatly and very soon, an image appeared out of nowhere. The image was formed from the energy of the world, according to the Gilligan clan king’s memory.

“This person’s Jian Chen, a person from a small kingdom called Gesun Kingdom. He carries a snow-white, winged tiger cub. Your task is to take the tiger cub from Jian Chen and bring it to me.” The Gilligan clan king said coldly.

The five elderly men all examined the image of Jian Chen closely, deeply engraving it into their minds. Afterwards, one of the people said, “King, I wonder what the remuneration for this is?”

The Gilligan clan king raised his hand and five glittering, fist-sized monster cores appeared. With the appearance of the monster cores, the surrounding energy of the world seem to become violent. In the surroundings of the monster cores, there even seemed to be a flowing stream of the energy of the world.

Seeing the five glittering monster cores, the five elderly men revealed unconcealed expressions of greed and l.u.s.t.

The Gilligan clan king sneered slightly and said, “Here are five Cla.s.s 7 Monster Cores, as a deposit. After you’re done with the task, I’ll give every one of you another two Cla.s.s 7 Monster Cores.”

Gleams of light flashed brightly in the five elderly men’s eyes. They were overjoyed. With that, it meant that they could obtain three extremely precious Cla.s.s 7 Monster Cores from finishing the mission. If they successfully absorbed the energy of the three magical cores, their strength would rise to another level.

“Go, do it quick and come back quick. I’ll be waiting for your good news.” The Gilligan clan king vanished, only leaving behind five glittering monster cores floating mid-air.

The five people stared covetously at the five monster cores. Afterwards, each of them took one before hurrying away.

Meanwhile in Longevity Valley, uncle Xiu squatted in the fields bare-footed, clearing away all the weeds. Suddenly a gleam of light flashed across his eyes and he said, “Xiu Mi, come over.”

Not far away, Xiu Mi who was also clearing away the weeds stood up and immediately walked to uncle Xiu. He asked doubtfully, “Father, what is it?”

Uncle Xiu produced a blood-red arrow banner and said, “We humans have five Saint Rulers who are working with the Gilligan clan king to do things that are detrimental to our race. Take my arrow banner and quickly go to the Bloodsword Sect. Get the four protectors to personally move out to kill the five traitors.”

“Father, didn’t you once swear that you would no longer interfere with the matters of the Tian Yuan Continent? Why have you…” Xiu Mi asked in suspicion.

Uncle Xiu sighed softly. He said, “This involves a lot of things. I’m unable to do anything personally because that would attract too much attention. Also, this involves Jian Chen’s safety, so I can’t just stand and watch. Jian Chen’s strength may have greatly increased, but he can’t fend off all five of them.”

Hearing how it involved Jian Chen’s safety, Xiu Mi’s expression immediately became serious. He said, “I understand. Father, I’ll go to the Bloodsword Sect and get the four protectors to move out. But just who are these five traitors?”

“Just tell the four protectors to head to Gesun Kingdom. Once they’re there, they will naturally be able to tell who the five are.” Uncle Xiu said.

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