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Chapter 686: The Dragon Slaying Sword

“Is that so? I thought Saint Rulers were the same as Heaven Saint Masters; as long as their heads were smashed, their soul would also be extinguished.” Jian Chen spoke with surprise. However, he also felt some doubt. Why did he not feel the origin soul Huang Tianba was talking about inside him?

“Perhaps it’s because the sword spirits have combined with my presence, causing my soul to mutate, which is why I haven’t refined an origin soul?” Jian Chen questioned himself secretly.

Huang Tianba chuckled, “The origin souls of Saint Rulers are extremely hard to deal with. They’re not as weak as Heaven Saint Masters. If only the head is destroyed, it’s not enough to wipe out the origin soul and would require additional work. This time if we let Jin Tian’s origin soul escape, he would return to how he was before without much time.”

Hearing that, a sliver of surprise flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes, “Are Saint Rulers able to rebuild their bodies with just the origin soul?”

“That’s not necessarily true. Although Saint Rulers are powerful, they don’t have such a terrifying power.” Huang Tianba shook his head and explained, “It’s because the origin souls of Saint Rulers have the ability to possess, to forcefully take over other people’s bodies and survive in another form.”

“Possess? I never thought that Saint Rulers would actually have such an ability.” Hearing what Huang Tianba had said, Jian Chen gained a better understanding of the powers of Saint Rulers.

Huang Tianba looked at the Ruler Armament in Jian Chen’s hands, “This is one of the two Ruler Armaments of the Hongfu Clan, the Dragon Slaying Sword. The legends say that the original owner of the Saint Weapon had killed a peak Cla.s.s 7 Black Dragon, dyeing it with the blood of the Black Dragon. As a result, the sword was called the Dragon Slaying Sword by the first owner. Brother Jian Chen, do you feel that the sword is suitable?”

Jian Chen’s gaze immediately landed on the Ruler Armament he had just obtained. Perhaps it was because of the loss of Saint Force, the light given off by the Dragon Slaying Sword was not as blinding as before. It was just that the sword was covered by a hazy layer of glittering light, so it seemed very out of the ordinary.

Looking through the hazy layer, Jian Chen could vaguely see that the Dragon Slaying Sword was two fingers wide and there was an image of a seemingly-living dragon on it. He did not know how it appeared on it.

Grasping the Dragon Slaying Sword, Jian Chen could not help but reveal a deep sense of happiness. It immediately caused his bearing to change, from that of an ordinary-looking person to something similar to a drawn, treasured sword, showing off its abilities.

In that moment, Jian Chen completely changed. It was as if he had turned into a Deity Sword, a peerless Deity Sword planted between the heavens and the earth. 

Huang Tianba’s gaze turned solemn. He could feel the soaring sword Qi from Jian Chen’s aura. The sword Qi was so abrupt that it had even caused him to feel fearful.

Hum! Suddenly, Jian Chen’s arm shook. The Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand immediately gave off a low resonance, sounding just like a Black Dragon roaring in anguish and lament. Afterwards, Jian Chen swung his hand at great speed, striking out at an unbelievable speed. The Dragon Slaying Sword turned into several afterimages, enveloping all the s.p.a.ce in front of him. The afterimages were so cl.u.s.tered that it was hard to tell what was real or fake.

“What a fast strike. I’ve never seen such an exquisite swordplay. Brother Jian Chen really does hide his abilities. Who would’ve thought his swordplay is actually so great.” Huang Tianba could not help but sigh.

Only after using it to his heart’s content did Jian Chen slowly stop. He looked at the sword with joy. At that moment, the excitement inside him had already reached the maximum. Not only did the Ruler Armament make up for his awkwardness of being unarmed, it actually could also withstand Chaotic Force. This finally allowed him to be able to use his excelling areas in an exceptional way.

Although Chaotic Force, together with the Chaotic Body, gave him great fighting strength, he was still a swordsman, a powerful sword-user. Only with a sword could he feel at ease.

Just at this moment, a series of loud sounds echoed from over five kilometers away. They only saw that in the distance, several mountain peaks had collapsed simultaneously and a large amount of loose rock shot into the sky. Also, a powerful energy rippled turned into a violent whirlwind, which wreaked havoc everywhere it travelled. It had even caused Jian Chen and Huang Tianba’s clothes to flutter about wildly, even though it originated from five kilometers away.

“Brother Jian Chen, you rest for a while. I’ll go help Nubis to kill Jin Feng.” Huang Tianba called out to Jian Chen and then flew over with his longbow.

In the distance, Nubis and Jin Feng were still stuck in an intense battle. Although they were at a similar level in cultivation, Nubis was an ancient magical beast. His battle ability could be compared to a powerful Saint Ruler of the Sixth Heavenly Layer. Even with a Ruler Armament, Jin Feng definitely was not Nubis’s opponent, so it was an uphill battle for him. Also, he had already been poisoned by the venom of the Silver Striped Golden Snake. It was currently spreading in his body, so at this very moment, Jin Feng’s complexion had already turned to a bluish-black.

“Old man, even if you have a Ruler Armament, in front of me, the great Nubis, it’s useless. Prepare to die.” Nubis laughed aloud. He completely looked down on Jin Feng.

“The great Nubis, I, Huang Tianba, have come to help you.” Huang Tianba hurried to him from behind.

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